Monday, November 17, 2008

2 week visit

Today we had our two week visit. All is well with the babies! Hudson is up to 6 lbs 7 oz and Hattie is up to 6 lbs 3 oz. Dr. Gordon is comfortable enough with their weight and doesn't need to see us until the two month appt.. GREAT NEWS! She has referred Hudson for a pt appt. When he fractured his clavicle, he picked up this positioning of his neck to the left side. When he gets in that position, he freezes and screams. You can tell it is very painful. Dr Gordon said the therapist could give us some exercises to do to prevent it from getting worse.

The bad news for the day is I have another mastitis. I had one during the first couple of weeks with Wyatt too.. It is very painful and I am running a fever of 103. I started last night to get the fever and can get it to come down with the 800 milligram of ibprofen. The problem is, I can only take it every 8 hours. I called my doctor today and they never called me back.. I called the hospital tonight and started crying when they told me that I needed to go to urgent care. I just want someone to call me in some medicine! Anyway, I have started taking Tylenol too and my fever is down to 101. It has been a rough day for me.. I was trying to take care of the babies the best I could and slept right with them when they slept!!

I promise to add some pictures soon. My days fly by and everything I mean to happen doesn't.. and now my fever really slowed me down.. Hattie and Hudson are SO DIFFERENT. They look different, eat different, act different.. Hattie is mellow and doesn't cry much. She eats very slow, burps good and has a tendency to spit up. She looks a lot like her momma.. Hudson eats fast and makes a complete mess, but is less likely to spit up. He has a temper and does not like diaper changes! I love them so much! I am proud of them!!!!

Wyatt is adjusting okay. He loves the babies and kisses them constantly. Problem is, he wakes them up and is too in their face.. He has been in trouble a lot with Ben and I.. He is definitely seeing what he can get away with.. we are constantly disciplining which is no fun! I am hoping it is over soon.. doesn't help that he is 3!

First Days at Home

As I said, we were released to come home on Wednesday. We were both exhausted and ready to just unwind some. I was trying to nurse, but having trouble with my milk coming in and on getting both of them to latch.

Thursday, the following day, we had our followup appt with Dr. Gordon. At that appt, Hattie weighed 5.45 and Hudson weighed 5.9. They were both showing signs of jaundice so we had to go to the lab. Their levels were 10 for Hattie and 13 for Hudson. Dr. Gordon wanted to make sure they were both eating every 2-3 hours and to supplement formula if I had to. That night was long and I did have to give each of them a little formula, due to problems with them latching on.

Friday we had to go back to the doctor for a weight check. At this appt, Hudson weighed 5.11 and Hattie weighed 5.5. It was at least a gain instead of a loss and Dr. Gordon was happy with that. Hudson had to have additional blood work. His biliruben level was at 15 and Dr. Gordon prescribed the billi blanket for the weekend. We had to take him to Capital Region on Saturday for additional blood work. His level had decreased to 12 something, so that was the improvement they were looking for. Their stools were also looking good..

The weekend was full with lots of visitors. Lesli and Sarah came on Saturday morning, followed by the daycare owners, then Marcus, Kim, Jen and the boys and Tricia and Brook. Wyatt was not feeling the best and found himself in lots of trouble. I tried to nurse both babies all day. I felt like I was constantly feeding one of them. Sunday Grandma Graham, Debbie, Sandy, Sheila, Isabelle, Mema, Missy and Dalton came to visit.

Monday we had to go back to the doctor for weight check, jaundice check. Hudson looked much better, losing his yellow color. Hudson weighed his birth weight of 6.2 and Hattie weighed 5.65. All else looked good!

Grandma Bonnie has spent lots of nights with us. That helps Mommy alot, b/c I was trying to let Ben get as much sleep as possible since he went back to work. We figured out that he would sleep good if he slept on your chest, so we took turns sleeping in the recliner.

This past weekend was deer season. Ben went all weekend, but no deer.. Grandma Janice stayed with us on Friday night and Grandma Bonnie stayed on Saturday night. Traci and Deann came over on Sunday and watched the babies for a few hours while I ran Wyatt to town to meet Ben to go to deer camp and I went to Wal-mart. Betsy came over for a visit when I returned, as did Heather, Mitch and the boys.

Delivery Day and Hospital Stay

Wow.. Has it really been two weeks??? I have no idea where they have went!!! I am going to back track and start on delivery day...

Ben and I were rushing around and actually arrived at the hopsital a little late. I had to do a bunch of blood work when I first got there and then changed into my gown. They gave me my iv, which royally sucked.. I was still dilated to 4 and 90 effaced. As soon as my epidural was done at shortly after 10:00 they broke Hattie's water. I quickly progressed to 5, so they held off on the potosin and gave my body time to progress on its own. At 11:00 I hadn't progressed so they started a low dose of potosin. My contractions picked up quickly and they then increased the dose of potosin. I had a room full of people - my parents, my sister, Ben's dad and step mom, Ben's mom and Ben's sister. I had a couple spells of low blood pressure where I felt like I was going to throw up and then faint. They had to give me something to counteract that. They checked me again around 1:00 and said I was ready to go! I dilated very quick! Hattie's head was at a 1 meaning she was ready to come out! I had 3 different people check me in a 5 minute period making sure I was fully dilated b/c they were surprised at the quickness of it. Ben was dressed and we were taken into the operating room..

Due to twins, delivery always occurs in the operating room, in case of the need of emergency csection. The room was crazy, with 10 -11 people in there besides Ben and I. There were many doctors in there. There had been much discussion about Hudson being breach. The doctors said that the hospital does not deliver breach babies anymore vaginally, but that policy did not apply with twins.

I pushed forever with Hattie.. felt like it anyway.. actually 26 minutes. I really couldn't feel anything and felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Some pushes were successful, others a complete waste. I blamed Dr. Floyd for my weakness for being on bedrest.

At 1:16, Hattie Lynn was born.. she looked so healthy to me, the second I got to see her. They let Ben cut the cord. Her right ear was folded over in half! She was then taken away and attention was focused on Hudson. The ultrasound machine was hooked up the entire time so they could see his position.. He was still breach.. The doctor reached up and grabbed and felt his hand. She found his feet and started to direct him out. I had to push a few times and they continued to guide him out. When they got to his arms I had to stop and they got them positioned. It was very quiet in the room, it seemed to be very tense. Everything was out but his head. Dr. Floyd was telling everyone was to do and some kind of forceps were used to go in and help pull his head out. At 1:19, Hudson Brooks was born. He came out looking so small.. They cut his cord and he was taken away. Ben and I both noticed his arm looked weird and Ben asked if that was normal. We were assured it was. I told Ben to go be with the babies as they were finishing things with me.

I could hear Ben asking lots of questions, questioning why they were doing the things they were. The babies were both given iv's - apparently just to be safe. They were given some liquids to perk them up? Hattie still has bruises on both hands as her veins were blown. The nurses came over and assured me everything was okay.

I was then taken to my room again to recover, as they prepared me for a csection just in case so there had to be some additional monitoring. They brought the babies in. I held both of them, but was so weak that I didn't want to hold them long. I was afraid I would drop them. Hattie stared right back at me when I held her. Hudson was quiet and had his eyes shut more. They were then taken away to get weighed and cleaned up. I ordered lunch and tried to build up my strength. Everyone, including the medical staff, was completely surprised to hear the weights. Hudson weighed 6.2 and Hattie weighed 5.15. Hattie looked much bigger to us! She measured 19 inches and Hudson measured 20 inches.

Ed immediately went and bought the babies the cutest little MU hats and Wyatt a big brother shirt. To be honest, things are really foggy after that for a while. I was exhausted, and so glad that delivery was behind us and they were both here and healthy.

Patty went and picked up Wyatt from daycare. They went to El Jimador and then came to meet the babies. Wyatt was great with the babies. The babies got him Diego stuff which he of course loved. He had one of his big brother shirts on. Everything was good until he had to leave.. he had a complete meltdown. It was hard for Ben and I to handle that..

We had lots of great visitors... of course our parents and sisters.. also Jen, Scott, Kelly, Kara, Adam, Karen, Tricia, Cory, Brooklyn, Traci, Mike, Michael, Teresa, Deann, Jason, Kathryn, Jim, Kyla, Buffy, Nina, Missy, Brad, Mema, Nick, Jessica, Aisha, Maurice, and Eddie.. I am sure I am missing some..

I was in the hospital for two nights. Both nights were sleepless, as Hudson cried a lot. We eventually called in the nurse both nights and asked for suggestions... We had great nurses.. our favorites were Carrie and Kari. Carrie was our night nurse, and she wrapped Hudson up tight and propped him on his side a little. We thought he was gassy. We got him a bink. Hattie was quiet and slept pretty good. Hudson was circumsized on Tueday. Wednesday when they were doing the babies exit exams they discovered that Hudson's right clavicle was fractured. They don't do anything for fractures on babies, but told us to not to move the arm and dress that arm first and take the arm out last of outfits. They told us that it would callus in about 2 weeks and that there were no long term complications. The fracture apparently happened in delivery. He said that due to how quick he was delivered, Hudson's body may not have had positioned correctly. We were sad about the fracture, but relieved they found it and found an answer to the crying. We felt terrible b/c we had moved his arm alot, having no idea of the fracture.. He was very hoarse by the time we left the hospital.... also, Hudson had a click in his hip. This can happen when babies are breach in the womb, as they don't move the leg as they would if head down. We have an appt at the University in December, at 6 weeks, to see if the click fixed itself or if something will need to be done, possibly a brace for a month or two. Obviously, the hope is that it will fix itself before the visit. We were ready to get home.. Wyatt stayed home the day we came home.. he and Patty had made dinner and cookies.. and had made a welcome home Hattie and Hudson sign...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Night Before The BIG DAY

It is now Sunday evening and I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to remember what I am forgetting.. It will be something obvious like a toothbrush, which I did remember..

Our weekend has been nice, pretty uneventful, which is a good thing for one more day.. Wyatt seems to have completely recovered from Thursday and was able to scrape in plenty of candy for Halloween.. Problem is, he is one of VERY FEW 3 year olds that hates chocolate, which he inherited from Ben.. so, guess who is eating LOTS of chocolate? The house is clean, and I had time to post one more picture of me being pregnant.

We are excited and nervous about tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting both Hudson and Hattie and I, admitting to be selfish, I just want to feel good again... by my scales I gained 48 lbs during this pregnacy. I am ready to say goodbye to maternity clothes and the one pair of flip flops that fit and hello to sleeping on my stomach and peeing maybe one time at night, if that, instead of the 4 to 6 times I have become accustomed to.

Ben and I will have our cells Monday.. you are welcome to call for an update.. I would post our phone numbers, but that probably isn't the best idea, so I hope you know one of them!

Friday, October 31, 2008

10-30-08 Appt

My appt went fine.. nothing new which was disappointing.. I am still dilated to 4 and 90% effaced. Dr. Floyd hugged me two different times, I guess proud that I made it this far. He asked what these babies are waiting for? I said I have no idea, but I am ready for them to start listening to me.. He said they were waiting on him.. in that case, this weekend will probably be pretty uneventful and they will come on Monday... I have to be there at 6:30, but he says he is betting the babies won't be here until 2:00, definitely not before noon... but he says as soon as he said that, they will probably prove him wrong! The good news is, he says since I have already progressed so much I can have the epidural right away. I wonder if the epidural will take away all of my other complaints... :( I got a flu shot.. babies heart rates were in 140's - Hudson's was higher. Hudson was still, Hattie was going crazy.

I didn't sleep well at all.. last night I was up 3 straight hours, from 1-4, then up again at 5:30 for a little bit, then up at 6:57 when Wyatt woke me.. wanting to know if it was a stay-home day.

Wyatt's update - his surgery went very well. We had to be there at 8:15. We let him sleep until 7:50, so there was little time to want anything to drink or eat. He was very well behaved. Actually asked several times when they were going to take him back so he could blow up the balloon that they promised. The surgery took an hour. Dr. McDonald said that he had a sinus infection and that his adenoids were very large. His left ear has some side effects from having so much fluid for so long, something has been pushed really far back, but the good thing is - it was pushed back in a good way and not a damaging way. His adenoids were removed, or shaven, and the tubes were put in. He said we need these tubes to stay in a while so lets hope for the best. We went back there and he was crying, very out of it. He would roll his eyes and fall back to sleep, did that several times. He had an iv in, which as a parent is hard to see.. luckily he was back asleep when they took it out. We left there at 11:30 and stopped at Schulte's for jello. He slept until we got home and watched Diego. After Diego he wanted some jello and apple juice. Then chicken and chips.. two helpings... (so much for the liquid and soft food diet). He slept for several hours after eating and then woke up wanting El Jimador. We took advantage of it b/c once the babies come we won't be going for a while... On the way there Wyatt told Ben to drive faster b/c he was so hungry and said that his throat hurt b/c he didn't have his chicken taco in his mouth. Needless to say, he is back to normal today and watching Mickey Mouse while I type this. We are going to his Halloween party and then going to McDonalds with papa Dennis.

I will get one more belly shot update. I have gained almost 50 POUNDS. I am a hog.

So... I will have my computer Monday and my cell phone. I will update when I can. 3 more nights of miserable sleep, then just sleepless nights which will be a lot more rewarding...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

37 weeks!

Yesterday marked the end of week 37. I have very quickly went downhill, and cannot wait until Monday gets here.. I have now added indigestion to my list of complaints including swelling, arthritis in my knee, hand, elbow, tight/miserable stomach stretched beyond belief.. and that is not all of them but I doubt anyone wants to hear about the rest.. I feel 90.. at the youngest..

Today is my last day of work. Bright and early tomorrow morning we are taking Wyatt in for surgery. He is getting a second set of tubes in his ear and then getting his adenoids removed. Not the best timing, but he is having trouble with ear infections again, like magic after his last set fell out. Tomorrow afternoon I have an appt, so mom is taking me while Ben stays home with Wyatt. Friday Ben and I are both off, and will probably take Wyatt in to his Halloween party at school. Friday night we are staying home welcoming any visitors trick or treating.. Ben is planning on taking Wyatt around in the neighborhood.. I hope he feels up to it. I have heard a wide range on the recovery time for adenoids removed, up to 2 weeks... yuck.

A couple of recent stories on Wyatt... He was in the bath one night the week before last when he said "ah, look" and held his thumb down by his "dukus". "Their TWINS! You have twins in your belly, and my dukus and thumb are twins!" Nice.. I wasn't sure how to react!!! Wyatt also has told several people that he just wants to keep Hudson, not Hattie... oh well, I am sure next week he will love her just the same as Hudson.. he constantly kisses my belly and wants to feel them kick. He asked me the other day if they were going to "pop out" at home or in the car! I explained that I hoped neither and that the doctor would need to help them... come out of my belly button of course!!

So, if nothing happens before Monday, we will be there at 6:30 to get this show on the road.... anxious to meet the babies and know that they are here safely. I will update tomorrow after my appt.

Friday, October 24, 2008

10-23-08 Appt

Well, bummer.... I am back at home... swelling is pretty bad, especially in my right foot, leg, knee, even into my thigh. left side isn't much better... so, Dr. Floyd says no more work. The good news is, I am not on bedrest, he just doesn't want me sitting all day, says I need to lay down with my feet high some...

The babies looked great! Hattie's heart rate was 128, Hudson's was 138. For a change, Hattie was very cooperative, actually a little too still.. Hudson was all over the place. He was in a ball, with his feet extending to Hattie's side of the stomach. Hattie's head is still low, with her feet right under my ribs, so she seems to be stretched out! Hudson is still breech and it is obviously unlikely he will change. the ultrasound tech said she wouldn't put it past him yesterday, since he was being so onery. He was kicking constantly. Same when monitoring their heart rates during the stress test, Hattie was good, Hudson acted up.

I am dilated to 4 and 90% effaced. Could be any day! Or, could be all the way til November 3rd! I have gotten him to agree to induce at 6:30 a.m. on November 3rd! Still over a week away, but something to count down to! If I made it that far, I would be 38 weeks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

10-16-08 appt

Just a quick note to say my appt went great! I will update it more completely this afternoon... this morning I am getting a haircut and running an errand or two... dr. floyd was sick and wasn't able to give me any instructions.... so I am releasing myself from bed rest!!!! no phone calls today to change my mind.. The babies looked awesome!!!! hattie weighed 5 lbs 14 oz and hudson weighed 5 lbs 13 oz!!! Much bigger than I expected!!!! the only bad news, Hudson's head is freakin huge.. measured like two weeks bigger than the rest of him/hattie.... GREAT.. he is still breech. my contactractions were 5 1/2 minutes a part there. I am out of contraction medicine. they were going to send dr. floyd a message to see if I needed a renewal... I can't imagine him extending it!!!!! I am 35 1/2 weeks now!!! both had hair, Hattie more than Hudson, which is good since his head is so darn big.. not sure I will deliver him breech, with a huge head... little concerned about that...........

Thursday, October 9, 2008

10-9-08 Appt

I left the appt today with lots of photos, but nothing new.. thought I would share a picture from Saturday.. Wyatt painted the babies and we both painted his face...sorry if you are not into bare belly shots!

34 1/2 weeks down... who knows what to go! The appt today went very well.. the babies were both active, the nurse said it appeared they were having an argument.. If so, Hudson won.. he was kicking poor Hattie in the face! Hudson was actually probably the more active one today. His heartrate was 140, hers was 152 (I think that is right..) Hattie is still VERY head down, Hudson is still breech. They were looking more comfortable today, neither one too scrunched..

Next to monitoring.. they actually cooperated!!!! It was amazing! Actually this was a very entertaining part of the appt. The girl next to me, 21 years old, was pregnant with twins as well, but had 8 month old twins and a 4 year old at home.. And I think she was single. Can't imagine, don't want to... I knew I was having lots of contractions, but wasn't timing them...

On to Dr. Floyd.. he poked his head in and said I need to check your cervix, I asked why and he said my contractions were three minutes apart! didn't feel like they were that close.. anyway.. I am dilated to a 2-3 and 75% to 80% effaced. Based on this.. still on the procardia for another week to two weeks. he refilled it for 1 week for now, but made the comment that he doubted he would be refilling it again, saying he thinks I will go before then... he tells me to not watch my contractions b/c they will confuse me at this point, since I am having so many. He wants me to concentrate on the pressure I feel, or for fluid leaking, or for blood. I am supposed to come right away if any of those signs show up. He said Hattie's head is very, very low... says he is surprised I don't feel like her head is going to come out! NICE!

He still says I can go to someone else's house to rest for the next week, but doesn't want me up and about and doesn't want me driving b/c it could happen at any time..

so... here I am... freaking out about a couple things work related, house work, and preparing my hospital bag.. of course I could easily hold out for a few more weeks, I was dilated to a 2 and 100% effaced for 3 weeks I think with Wyatt. If I am still pregnant next Thursday, they will measure the babies again to find out their size. I will keep you posted!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

10-2-08 Appt

Another good appt! My sister-in-law took me to my appt yesterday afternoon. As usual, we first had our ultrasound. The babies looked great!!!! And at risk to sound like I am repeating myself weekly, Hattie was a wild child, with her head very low. Hudson is still breach, and was active as well! Hattie was more stretched out, with her legs crossed. Hudson is folded in half, with his head and feet by each other - doesn't look at all comfortable! Hattie did have the higher heartrate for once.. Neither of them stopped long enough for good pictures...

Next was the stress test. Hattie was just a tad more cooperative than last week. They used that noisy thing again on both of them to get their heart rates to increase.. Dr. Floyd tells me this is nothing to worry about, but that is easier said than done. Hudson seems so much more laid back... if he comes out and is the higher maintenance baby, I will be completely surprised. Hattie kept pushing against the monitor, hard enough that it was difficult to hold it in place..

Lastly, we met with Dr. Floyd. He is very happy with where we are at... He asked about my contractions I was having and I said I had a couple while they were monitoring me. He said a couple? Looks like they were non stop! He left the room to get the measurements of my cervix, I think worried about what it was. But, it was 2.5 cm which he was thrilled with. He measured my uterus again, it was 41. He said that these babies have progressed beautifully throughout my pregnancy and he is not worried.. He thinks they weigh about 4 1/2 lbs a piece right now.

Yep, I am still negotiating with him. Tuesday is the big 34 week mark!!! BIG DEAL!!! I can start going to other houses and resting there, and can go out to eat once a week!!! Then at 36 weeks, he said I can do what I want!!! I asked if that includes going back to work, he was like "why?". I told him I am not one meant to be home.. I need to get back to my routine until the babies come.. He said if I really want to, I can!!! So, if I am still pregnant at 36 weeks, you will see me everywhere.. so many errands I would love to run. He did say again that next week I will come off the procardia, which is supposedly slowing the contractions. Heather asked if he thought I would make it to 36 weeks. He said if I keep going the way I am going I could make it.. but, things could change once I stop the medicine. He is fine with the a babies coming after 34 weeks.. He said they may need to stay a little longer in the hospital just to make sure they have good weight and breathing well, but more as a precaution.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10-1-08 Update

Just an update... I have been having lots of contractions over the past 24 hours... I wasn't watching the clock as close as I probably should have been yesterday, but today they are about every 15 minutes.. but, they very in intensity, none of them painful, more of just tightening and uncomfortable. I have called the doctor, at the urging of my own personal doctor, Ben, and he feels I am fine until my appt tomorrow, unless my contractions get closer or start hurting..

Thanks to all my visitors over the past several days!!! Heather and Sheri brought pizza last week, Saturday brought Lesli, Deann and Kim (and their groups) over, mom, dad and Ed came Sunday, then Monday Sheri and Tricia came over for a play date!!! Lots of fun! Last night mimi spent the night, Wyatt always enjoys that and so do we!

I have a lot of very important people (Mom, Dad, Jen and Traci) out of town this weekend.. these babies have to stay where they are for a while!!!! The doctor said before he didn't want them coming at least before 34 weeks! I was 33 yesterday....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, 9-29-08

Just checking in.. Yep, still in bed, watching Bonnie Hunt show and keeping up with work stuff. Ben and I are working on getting a couple more things done/organized before the babies come. He built some much-needed shelves in the garage for clothes storage this weekend and I wiped down the car seats and got the breast pump stuff organized. (yes, all while sitting down, no lectures!!!!)

I have spent the weekend getting used to lots of hip/pelvis/back pain.. feeling about 3 times my age.. I am still having contractions, much like I was in the month before I went to the hospital. I am taking my procardia and keeping the fluids down.

Couple of cute stories of Wyatt.. he got a new shirt from "aunt Cole" (Nicole) and it says only child which is scratched through, then has Big Brother under that. He wore it to bed the night she gave it to him and tried to wear it to school today.. He says that he will wear it when Daddy, Mommy and he goes to the hospital and wait for the babies to "pop" out... but he is sure to tell you that they will give me medicine. The other night the babies were very active as Wyatt was feeling my belly.. He said I think they are kicking me b/c they like me! I said that is definitely why they are kicking you!!!!

When you come to our house and look at the ultrsound book, Wyatt will be sure to show you the picture of the "dukus" - Hudson's boy part... he says that he will hold the brother, anyone else can hold the sister... and... he will get the diapers but he will not change the babies, b/c they will poop and it will stink and that will be gross....

9-25-08 appt - 32 1/2 weeks

My appt went good!!! No measurements of the babies.. I was sad to hear that they only do that once a month. The ultrasounds are getting harder to read for us, b/c the babies are getting bigger and not so easy to pick out the body parts! The picture here is of Hudson sitting on Hattie's head.. You can see his leg profile and under his cheek you can see the white circle.. yep, that is Hattie.. They were both active... their fluid looked great around them. My cervix has changed, now measures approx 2.7. Dr. Floyd says that is fine, even though it was 3.7 last week. He said anything above a 2 is good. Next we went for the stress test. As usual, Hattie was SUPER wild. They could not get monitor to stay on her, actually had to hold the deal on her for the test.. she is going to need lots of spankings I think... she is lacking cooperation!!! She is still head down, actually really down.. Hudson still breach. I had lots of contractions while I was there.. he asked me questions about those.. stressing to come in if they get close and consistent.. I think Hattie was making me have them though.. b/c she would go crazy, then I would have one.. he said worst case scenario, if babies came that night, they would be fine.. no long term trouble.. wouldn't be able to come home right away, but they would be okay.. that was good to hear. Dr. Floyd did say that I need to take procardia for 15 more days, then I could stop.. so, that means at 34 1/2 weeks I won't have to take them. One more thing, he said at 34 weeks, I could go to a restaurant once a week for a nice dinner.. I was telling him I was really craving a good restaurant meal, so that is what he told me back. I am always negotiating...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Babies' Room - Half pink, half blue (ish) accents

Bedrest - Not as Bad as I thought..

I have been able to work from home, which is really helping my days fly by.. I really feel like I am at work... Keeping my computer in front of me keeps me in bed. I would have a much greater tendency to break the rules if I couldn't continue working... I am doing my best to stay down.. you all know me and know how hard that is!!!!

And I have had lots of visitors as well!!!! Of course both of our families have came by, but also some of the bunko girls (Tricia, Roselyn, Christina, Kelly and Terri), Christina and Marcus came over and brought dinner, Deann brought magazines and chocolate, Traci, Mike and the girls came over and brought magazines, chocolate and other goodies... and Lesli, Deann, Kim and Jen came over last Saturday evening... I am so lucky to have you all... Thanks for being there...

I am looking forward to my visit tomorrow and will update when I return... I am having one of my coworkers pick me up so I can attend a meeting before my appt.. We are going by McDonalds first... I NEED some GREASY FRIES. Hot fudge sunday won't hurt either....

9-16-08 appt - 31 weeks

The first ultrasound was done while I was admitted to the hospital on 9-12. It shows Hudson's boy parts, right in poor Hattie's face! Second picture was taken on 9-16 and you can see Hattie's face in the background on the right side. the lower left is Hudson's body.

9-16-08 I had another appt today. Everything was great!!! Hattie is still baby a and head down.. Hudson is still b and breech. The crazy thing is the doctor says that does not matter, as long as Hattie is first and head down... once she is out he will reach in and get Hudson, and he will come out whichever way he is, possibly feet first.. he does not suspect that I will have a c section! that is, unless Hattie decides to flip.. the ultrasound tech said her head is really down there.. They are growing fast! Hudson weighs approx 3 lbs 13 oz, Hattie weighs 3 lb 9 oz. Big!!! They are both right on track, measuring right at or a little over 31 weeks, which is what I am officially today..

If you haven't heard, I am on bed rest and will remain there for quite some time, possibly the whole time. I was admitted to the hospital last Thursday with contractions 3 to 7 minutes apart and released on Saturday. Contractions have slowed, I am only having one or so every hour, which he feels is fine. I am on a medicine to stop the contractions. My cervix has not shortened (a good thing he says) although at the hospital I was 70% effaced and dilated just a little, no more than a 1. He said for the next 3 weeks there will be no changes. I am to be home in bed besides to go to the bathroom or fix a sandwich, not to lift over 5 lbs, and no driving.. at 34 weeks, I can travel to someone else's house and lay down, not sure about driving then.... At 36 weeks, I may be able to negotiate small errands, but no work.. I don't know why, but he stressed that to me several times.. Oh well, I will see what else I can talk him into at my next appt! Yes, I will do whatever is best for the babies!!!!!

They did a stress test again and everything seemed to be okay. Hattie is always a little shy and doesn't perform as they want her to. But, then they use this noisy vibrating thing and that makes her kick.. that is what they want to see.. they are both "practice breathing", Hudson more than Hattie today. They need to have this down pat so they are ready when they do come out. I did get the steroid shots in the hospital to help develop their lungs, just in case we can't keep them in there as long as they are supposed to.

9-2-08 appointment

9-2-08 The appt went well! I measured 40 cm, or full term with one baby... with 11 weeks to go!!! Ouch! I start going weekly on the 16th for stress tests and ultrasounds. I gained 5 lbs in two weeks... man, do I like to eat! I had a contraction as he was measuring me. he is not concerned about them, as long as they don't get close AND consistent. he approved me going to st louis for training on the 30 for the 3 days, at least for now... and thinks I will be just fine.

both babies are moving like crazy right now.. must be having a big BATTLE. Hattie seems to move/kick a lot more than Hudson. I think she has had enough of his foot being in her face!

8-19-08 visit, 3D ultrasound

okay, yes! I have been terrible about putting anything in here... going to play a litte catch up with some old news...

8-19-08 The babies are doing great! Hudson Brooks weighs 2 lbs 5 oz, Hattie Lynn weighs 2lbs even.. Hattie is still Baby A (down further) and is head down.. Hudson has flipped and considered breech... but, he still has time to flip again.. Dr. Floyd says as long as the first baby, whoever is considered A, is head down, vaginal delivery is still possible.. Both babies are actually ahead on size then their actual age.. both were moving like crazy.... not cooperative for many pictures!!!! Still very sure of sex... Ben was happy to see that Hattie was keeping her legs closed for the most part... Hudson was happy to show his stuff off still...

I have now surpassed my weight and belly size of the day I had Wyatt... I begged/pleaded with the doctor to tell me he would induce at 36 weeks.. not happening... at all... he says I will be just fine and will surprise myself... whatever.. I will be stretched beyond repair..... I obviously don't want them too early, but I don't want them to be born at 40 weeks either (which he claims I could..) He feels they will each be 6 and 1/2 lbs when they are born... He asked me if I was a lawyer with all of the negotiating I was doing... He said, after I asked 100 times, that at 36 weeks, if I am still pregnant, I could pick up my activity and see if I can induce myself...

contractions every once in a while/swelling issues are all okay..just make sure I rest and leave the housecleaning for Ben..

My uterus measured 34 cm, meaning it is the size of single baby uterus at 34 weeks. I am 27 weeks now.. I have gained 32 lbs by my home scales.

The ultrasound was so cool.... we got the same tech as we have had before.. she is so nice, shows us anything I want to see.. She even did the 3D ultrasound.. I am going to scan some of them in tonight so I can share them.. They are awesome.. not as good as seeing on the screen of course, but still pretty clear... THEY BOTH LOOK LIKE WYATT!! It was so strange.. we could see them opening/closing their eyes, Hudson sucking his thumb, Hudson's foot right in Hattie's face.. They both have my turned up nose too... I feel like I know them already now!

I start going every two weeks for the next month, then will probably start weekly. no ultrasound/blood work at my next visit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Starting..

My friend Angie's blog has convinced me that I should be doing the same, as a way to document the day to day chaos we experience now and will be experiencing even more in the next several months! It is a great way for me to share any news and photos and I will do my best to keep up with it!!!!