Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10-1-08 Update

Just an update... I have been having lots of contractions over the past 24 hours... I wasn't watching the clock as close as I probably should have been yesterday, but today they are about every 15 minutes.. but, they very in intensity, none of them painful, more of just tightening and uncomfortable. I have called the doctor, at the urging of my own personal doctor, Ben, and he feels I am fine until my appt tomorrow, unless my contractions get closer or start hurting..

Thanks to all my visitors over the past several days!!! Heather and Sheri brought pizza last week, Saturday brought Lesli, Deann and Kim (and their groups) over, mom, dad and Ed came Sunday, then Monday Sheri and Tricia came over for a play date!!! Lots of fun! Last night mimi spent the night, Wyatt always enjoys that and so do we!

I have a lot of very important people (Mom, Dad, Jen and Traci) out of town this weekend.. these babies have to stay where they are for a while!!!! The doctor said before he didn't want them coming at least before 34 weeks! I was 33 yesterday....

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Steph said...

Hang in there Jeni!