Wednesday, September 24, 2008

8-19-08 visit, 3D ultrasound

okay, yes! I have been terrible about putting anything in here... going to play a litte catch up with some old news...

8-19-08 The babies are doing great! Hudson Brooks weighs 2 lbs 5 oz, Hattie Lynn weighs 2lbs even.. Hattie is still Baby A (down further) and is head down.. Hudson has flipped and considered breech... but, he still has time to flip again.. Dr. Floyd says as long as the first baby, whoever is considered A, is head down, vaginal delivery is still possible.. Both babies are actually ahead on size then their actual age.. both were moving like crazy.... not cooperative for many pictures!!!! Still very sure of sex... Ben was happy to see that Hattie was keeping her legs closed for the most part... Hudson was happy to show his stuff off still...

I have now surpassed my weight and belly size of the day I had Wyatt... I begged/pleaded with the doctor to tell me he would induce at 36 weeks.. not happening... at all... he says I will be just fine and will surprise myself... whatever.. I will be stretched beyond repair..... I obviously don't want them too early, but I don't want them to be born at 40 weeks either (which he claims I could..) He feels they will each be 6 and 1/2 lbs when they are born... He asked me if I was a lawyer with all of the negotiating I was doing... He said, after I asked 100 times, that at 36 weeks, if I am still pregnant, I could pick up my activity and see if I can induce myself...

contractions every once in a while/swelling issues are all okay..just make sure I rest and leave the housecleaning for Ben..

My uterus measured 34 cm, meaning it is the size of single baby uterus at 34 weeks. I am 27 weeks now.. I have gained 32 lbs by my home scales.

The ultrasound was so cool.... we got the same tech as we have had before.. she is so nice, shows us anything I want to see.. She even did the 3D ultrasound.. I am going to scan some of them in tonight so I can share them.. They are awesome.. not as good as seeing on the screen of course, but still pretty clear... THEY BOTH LOOK LIKE WYATT!! It was so strange.. we could see them opening/closing their eyes, Hudson sucking his thumb, Hudson's foot right in Hattie's face.. They both have my turned up nose too... I feel like I know them already now!

I start going every two weeks for the next month, then will probably start weekly. no ultrasound/blood work at my next visit.

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