Wednesday, October 29, 2008

37 weeks!

Yesterday marked the end of week 37. I have very quickly went downhill, and cannot wait until Monday gets here.. I have now added indigestion to my list of complaints including swelling, arthritis in my knee, hand, elbow, tight/miserable stomach stretched beyond belief.. and that is not all of them but I doubt anyone wants to hear about the rest.. I feel 90.. at the youngest..

Today is my last day of work. Bright and early tomorrow morning we are taking Wyatt in for surgery. He is getting a second set of tubes in his ear and then getting his adenoids removed. Not the best timing, but he is having trouble with ear infections again, like magic after his last set fell out. Tomorrow afternoon I have an appt, so mom is taking me while Ben stays home with Wyatt. Friday Ben and I are both off, and will probably take Wyatt in to his Halloween party at school. Friday night we are staying home welcoming any visitors trick or treating.. Ben is planning on taking Wyatt around in the neighborhood.. I hope he feels up to it. I have heard a wide range on the recovery time for adenoids removed, up to 2 weeks... yuck.

A couple of recent stories on Wyatt... He was in the bath one night the week before last when he said "ah, look" and held his thumb down by his "dukus". "Their TWINS! You have twins in your belly, and my dukus and thumb are twins!" Nice.. I wasn't sure how to react!!! Wyatt also has told several people that he just wants to keep Hudson, not Hattie... oh well, I am sure next week he will love her just the same as Hudson.. he constantly kisses my belly and wants to feel them kick. He asked me the other day if they were going to "pop out" at home or in the car! I explained that I hoped neither and that the doctor would need to help them... come out of my belly button of course!!

So, if nothing happens before Monday, we will be there at 6:30 to get this show on the road.... anxious to meet the babies and know that they are here safely. I will update tomorrow after my appt.


Steph said...

Colten had his adenoids AND tonsils out and it took about 2 weeks for him to get back to normal, but the first week was the worst. Getting him to take his medicine was the hardest part of the battle at first since he didn't want to swallow anything. Once we got him drinking he did much better. So hopefully the adenoids won't be so bad, especially with two babies on the way!!

Good luck girl!

Steph said...

By the way, we need a updated picture .... of you!!! I am sure you are looking fabulous!!