Monday, November 17, 2008

Delivery Day and Hospital Stay

Wow.. Has it really been two weeks??? I have no idea where they have went!!! I am going to back track and start on delivery day...

Ben and I were rushing around and actually arrived at the hopsital a little late. I had to do a bunch of blood work when I first got there and then changed into my gown. They gave me my iv, which royally sucked.. I was still dilated to 4 and 90 effaced. As soon as my epidural was done at shortly after 10:00 they broke Hattie's water. I quickly progressed to 5, so they held off on the potosin and gave my body time to progress on its own. At 11:00 I hadn't progressed so they started a low dose of potosin. My contractions picked up quickly and they then increased the dose of potosin. I had a room full of people - my parents, my sister, Ben's dad and step mom, Ben's mom and Ben's sister. I had a couple spells of low blood pressure where I felt like I was going to throw up and then faint. They had to give me something to counteract that. They checked me again around 1:00 and said I was ready to go! I dilated very quick! Hattie's head was at a 1 meaning she was ready to come out! I had 3 different people check me in a 5 minute period making sure I was fully dilated b/c they were surprised at the quickness of it. Ben was dressed and we were taken into the operating room..

Due to twins, delivery always occurs in the operating room, in case of the need of emergency csection. The room was crazy, with 10 -11 people in there besides Ben and I. There were many doctors in there. There had been much discussion about Hudson being breach. The doctors said that the hospital does not deliver breach babies anymore vaginally, but that policy did not apply with twins.

I pushed forever with Hattie.. felt like it anyway.. actually 26 minutes. I really couldn't feel anything and felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Some pushes were successful, others a complete waste. I blamed Dr. Floyd for my weakness for being on bedrest.

At 1:16, Hattie Lynn was born.. she looked so healthy to me, the second I got to see her. They let Ben cut the cord. Her right ear was folded over in half! She was then taken away and attention was focused on Hudson. The ultrasound machine was hooked up the entire time so they could see his position.. He was still breach.. The doctor reached up and grabbed and felt his hand. She found his feet and started to direct him out. I had to push a few times and they continued to guide him out. When they got to his arms I had to stop and they got them positioned. It was very quiet in the room, it seemed to be very tense. Everything was out but his head. Dr. Floyd was telling everyone was to do and some kind of forceps were used to go in and help pull his head out. At 1:19, Hudson Brooks was born. He came out looking so small.. They cut his cord and he was taken away. Ben and I both noticed his arm looked weird and Ben asked if that was normal. We were assured it was. I told Ben to go be with the babies as they were finishing things with me.

I could hear Ben asking lots of questions, questioning why they were doing the things they were. The babies were both given iv's - apparently just to be safe. They were given some liquids to perk them up? Hattie still has bruises on both hands as her veins were blown. The nurses came over and assured me everything was okay.

I was then taken to my room again to recover, as they prepared me for a csection just in case so there had to be some additional monitoring. They brought the babies in. I held both of them, but was so weak that I didn't want to hold them long. I was afraid I would drop them. Hattie stared right back at me when I held her. Hudson was quiet and had his eyes shut more. They were then taken away to get weighed and cleaned up. I ordered lunch and tried to build up my strength. Everyone, including the medical staff, was completely surprised to hear the weights. Hudson weighed 6.2 and Hattie weighed 5.15. Hattie looked much bigger to us! She measured 19 inches and Hudson measured 20 inches.

Ed immediately went and bought the babies the cutest little MU hats and Wyatt a big brother shirt. To be honest, things are really foggy after that for a while. I was exhausted, and so glad that delivery was behind us and they were both here and healthy.

Patty went and picked up Wyatt from daycare. They went to El Jimador and then came to meet the babies. Wyatt was great with the babies. The babies got him Diego stuff which he of course loved. He had one of his big brother shirts on. Everything was good until he had to leave.. he had a complete meltdown. It was hard for Ben and I to handle that..

We had lots of great visitors... of course our parents and sisters.. also Jen, Scott, Kelly, Kara, Adam, Karen, Tricia, Cory, Brooklyn, Traci, Mike, Michael, Teresa, Deann, Jason, Kathryn, Jim, Kyla, Buffy, Nina, Missy, Brad, Mema, Nick, Jessica, Aisha, Maurice, and Eddie.. I am sure I am missing some..

I was in the hospital for two nights. Both nights were sleepless, as Hudson cried a lot. We eventually called in the nurse both nights and asked for suggestions... We had great nurses.. our favorites were Carrie and Kari. Carrie was our night nurse, and she wrapped Hudson up tight and propped him on his side a little. We thought he was gassy. We got him a bink. Hattie was quiet and slept pretty good. Hudson was circumsized on Tueday. Wednesday when they were doing the babies exit exams they discovered that Hudson's right clavicle was fractured. They don't do anything for fractures on babies, but told us to not to move the arm and dress that arm first and take the arm out last of outfits. They told us that it would callus in about 2 weeks and that there were no long term complications. The fracture apparently happened in delivery. He said that due to how quick he was delivered, Hudson's body may not have had positioned correctly. We were sad about the fracture, but relieved they found it and found an answer to the crying. We felt terrible b/c we had moved his arm alot, having no idea of the fracture.. He was very hoarse by the time we left the hospital.... also, Hudson had a click in his hip. This can happen when babies are breach in the womb, as they don't move the leg as they would if head down. We have an appt at the University in December, at 6 weeks, to see if the click fixed itself or if something will need to be done, possibly a brace for a month or two. Obviously, the hope is that it will fix itself before the visit. We were ready to get home.. Wyatt stayed home the day we came home.. he and Patty had made dinner and cookies.. and had made a welcome home Hattie and Hudson sign...

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