Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wyatt funnies...

Ben made Hot Dogs for dinner and Wyatt said he had them for lunch. Ben said he was sorry and he wished he would have known that and he could have fixed something else. Wyatt said "I don't care about anything, except that monsters aren't real.

Wyatt told us that the Daycare teachers wanted all new kids for Christmas, b/c all the kids there are bad, except him.

He ponders alot... like papa Dennis... one of his comments after sitting quietly was...What if a giant's watch fell on you, you couldn't move, but you would know what time it was.

He wanted to know if Santa and God were buddies, and wanted to know if God was a giant, b/c he knew Santa was just a little guy.

He asked why he had balls, and then said he knew why... to keep his dukus warm and to keep it soft inside.

He said he wanted to get big, but then asked if when he got big he would have hair all over like Dad and Hollywood (ha), and then decided he just wanted to be 11.

Hattie got in trouble with Ben for being a little terror... Ben made the comment that he was going to be beat her ass.. Wyatt said "are you going to beat Hudson's ass too?"

Wyatt and Ben were getting into bed and Ben said he was tired. Wyatt said "I am tired of those babies, and they were getting on his nerves". The next morning the babies started crying and Wyatt said "I am still tired of those babies.."
Holy Cow... It has been a while.. I can't even believe that it has been two months since I have been on here! Life is so full!!!!!!

We will start with Christmas... We started celebrating on the 17th, at Grandma and Grandpa Graham's. It has always been a tradition at our house to celebrate early.. We came home with two car loads of stuff, with the majority for the kids of course. Wyatt's favorite gifts were a battery operated scooter, a dinosaur tower, and a imaginext all-terrian vehicle. The babies got some cute riding toys, diapers, gift certificates and other toys. Rylee, Alyssa and Wyatt were excellent at waiting patiently for their time to open a gift and it was a great night.

The 18th was the daycare's annual Christmas program. This year Wyatt was Joseph and the babies were sheep. It was so cute. Wyatt did a great job of singing and doing the movements along with the songs. We were so proud of him! They had all of the hunger kids in a gated area as the animals. very creative and a good way of keeping the babies all happy. Mimi, Amy, Grandma Janice, Grandpa Ed, Grandma Bonnie and Papa Dennis were all there to watch.

We decided to take the babies to the doctor on Tuesday, the 22nd. The night before Hudson cried for an hour and a half right at bed time. I took him on a car ride and that didn't even work for long!! So, anyway, Ben picked up the kids and I met him at the doctor. Hudson ended up with a sinus infection and Hattie had a double ear infection. Hattie weighed 20 lbs 14 oz and Hudson weighed 22 lbs 12 oz. We asked for no refrigerated medicine and luckily, for once, they were both given the same thing with the same dosage. Makes life easier!!

Wednesday, the 23rd we celebrated Christmas with Ed, Janice, and the Herigons at our house. It is easiest for us to have it at our house so we can put the babies down when it is their bedtime. It was a change from years past as we usually celebrate Christmas with the Meldrum's on Christmas morning, right after we do our Christmas at our house. But, as our family has grown, we wanted to be able to actually slow down and visit and make a night of it. Wyatt's favorite gifts included light up (yes, light up and velcro, Mom and Dad's number one no-no) shoes, an mu outfit, and an imaginext boat (not ship, occording to Wyatt) that came with lots of men and little pieces. Hattie was given clothes, a pink purse with jewelry, and adorable boy and girl twins. Hudson received clothes and toys too!

Thursday was another ritual, and we had a house full on Christmas Eve. We have an open house and anyone is invited. The only problem this year was that Ben woke up feeling okay, but slowly felt worse. By the end of the night he was miserable and was in bed by 11:30, which is very early for him. He was drinking WATER!! Now, that means he was SICK! It was still a nice night and we had a great turn out and lots of good visiting. Thank God mom stayed and helped clean up the basement and Mimi Patti helped me make the breakfast cassaroles for the next morning and helped me wrap the rest of my gifts... We also made the last minute decision to put together Wyatt's 3 wheeler, so it would be sitting in front of the tree. What a mistake! This thing came with the worst directions!!!! We laughed so hard. It was after 1:00 when we finally called it a night... Then Ben got up sick two more times before 7:00, so it was a rough night of sleep.

The cutest thing was Wyatt. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT he falls asleep to the tv on, and has a melt down if I try to turn it off. Christmas Eve he was up at 11:00 and Mimi Patti reminded him that Santa would not come if he was not asleep. Wyatt quickly went to his room and called me in there. He said "Please turn off the light, I am going straight to sleep and not watching any tv, b/c I want Santa to come as soon as he can". And that was it! Too bad I can't use that every night!

Christmas morning was a lot of fun. As usual, Hattie was the first to rise and was up at 7:30. At around 8:00, Wyatt woke up. It took him a while to get going, but he eventually started tearing into the presents. He must have been good this year, because he unwrapped the Batman Cave (his main request this year), a Diego train (from us, as he found it under our bed a few months ago and I had to lie about it), a Diego rescue vehicle, ds games, a Guess Who game, little monsters that he LOVES - can't even remember what they are called, but they were just a little stocking stuffer, and Star Wars men and Star Wars legos. He said he didn't know what to play with first because he liked all of it.

Hattie opened a few gifts as Wyatt opened and finally they finished when Hudson got out of bed. He is definitely the later sleeper in the family! They opened some puzzles, books, a little people carnival, and some shampoo/soaps. Santa knew they didn't need much this year, just enough for Wyatt to not ask questions.

After we opened Santa presents we exchanged gifts with Mimi. It was great to have her there with us Christmas morning and I think she enjoyed it too. she got the kids a rocking horse that making noise and is big enough for Wyatt to ride for some time still. All three of them rode the horse for quite a while. The kids also all got clothes and games.

That afternoon we went to Missy and Brad's for the Hirschman Christmas. It was good to see everyone and to visit. The babies are really hard to keep a watch on when we go somewhere though and after a few hours I was ready to go home. Mimi Patti came with me and it was such a relief to get them back to their normal surroundings. They are happy, which makes me happy!!! Wyatt and Ben stayed and played Loaded Questions. Ben was amazed of how many things Wyatt knew during the game.

Saturday we had our last and final Christmas. It was the Graham get together at my aunt Debbie's. We did a white elephant type gift exchange as usual. We ended up with Wild Turkey and Jim Beam. Does that say something about us? Actually, I wanted a El Jimador gift card and a digital frame and had them both at one time, but they were evenutally stolen and Ben talked me in to the Wild Turkey. Wyatt loved the Jingo (Christmas Bingo) we played for most of the night. He also decided he now likes brownies. YIPPEE!!! Finally a reason to make chocolate other than for me!! I told him I would make some when we got home and of course we didn't have any. I made chocolate chip cookies and said he would like them if he liked brownies. He took one bite and said they were gross. Great... at least I have a brownie partner.

Today has been PJ day at the Meldrum household. It has been a nice enjoyable day. Besides the chaos of the toys, we were able to sit back and watch the kids play. They are all really playing alot better together, besides the occassional fight over toys. Ben is home for the next two days with the kids, as they don't go back to school until Wednesday. I have to go back to work tomorrow..... so... let's hope I am back sooner than later with the next update.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It has been as crazy as I thought it would be! The last week has been a busy one, but a good one... to recap:

Monday Ben had to go get Hattie from school after she threw up. She never did it again and seemed fine. She was congested, so we think it was her drainage that caused her to throw up.

Hattie did go to the doctor last Wednesday. She started to run fever Sunday evening and was just not her self. We saw Dr. Herrbold. She weighed 19 lbs, 110z. Dr. Herrbold said he had never seen such a big belly on a little girl! And so tight! I guess she is packing it on for the winter. She had a double ear infection. The medicine helped her quickly.

Friday was a big day for Hudson. First all the kids had their Halloween party at school and went to school in their costumes. They looked so cute! I then picked Hudson up and took him for his first haircut! He did very good and was entertained by his sucker. Then I took him with me to eat McDonalds with Grandpa Dennis and shopping for his bday. He then went to the doctor. He had been grouchy the whole week, but I kept giving it more time. Dr. Gordon said he did have some fluid in his ear, but she thought it was a sinus infection and gave us a prescription. He has really fought the medicine this go around. Usually it is Hattie that fights her medicine and Hudson loves it. This time, Hattie took her medicine easily and sucked it down. Hudson weighed 21 lbs, 2 oz.

Friday night I stayed home with the kids while Ben went for a while to Nick and Jessica's Halloween party. Saturday, Ben made the lasagna for Sunday's party and I tried to clean house. That is so impossible when everyone is up and making messes all day, and the babies cry every time they see me.

Saturday night Ben's brother Rob and girlfriend Amy came over. We dressed the kids in their costumes and loaded them up in the stroller and wagon.... plus loaded us a cooler! We walked through the neighborhood and trick or treated. The weather wasn't that bad in the beginning, but it did get pretty cold. After loading up on candy we came home. Hudson fell asleep in the stroller and Hattie was out shortly after that.

To back up a little, a few weeks ago I was on my way to town with the kids and Hattie was fussy. I wasn't really paying a ton of attention to the road and was quickly pulled over by the Cole County Sheriff in Wardsville. He said that I did not stop at the stop sign and rolled through it. I apologized, as I did not doubt it.. He ended up looking in the back seat and seeing the carload of kids and let me go on a verbal warning. Wyatt asked me if I was going to jail, and the officer told him that he tried not to take mommys and daddys to jail in front of their kids. Well, while we were trick or treating the same officer pulled up next to us and talked. Wyatt asked who that guy is, and I explained in front of everyone, how he was the officer that let mommy go and not take her to jail when she ran that stop sign. Everyone laughed and the sheriff smiled. Hopefully, if there ever is a next time, having three wild, screaming kids can get me out of another ticket!

Sunday morning we were able to set the clock back an hour which was perfect for our busy day. With lots of panic, we were able to get the kids dressed up and to church on time. Hudson was go good during church and baptism. Hattie was busy during church and had to spend half of mass in back. She then fell asleep and slept all the way through baptism. Heather and Nicole are their god mothers and Rob is their godfather. They looked so cute in their outfits!

We came home and changed clothes and blew up balloons and finished getting ready for the party. We had a bunch of people over and it was so nice. The weather was beautiful, so the big kids played outside all day. Ben's lasagna was great and we went through 3 big pans! The babies received a lot of nice gifts. Hudson didn't feel well and was so tired that he started to go down hill quickly. He ended up falling asleep right after he ate some cake. He woke up an hour later and had fever of right under 101. Poor guy..

of course I have to bring up the one mishap of the day. Uncle Rob spilled his glass of red wine on the carpet in the living room. It seemed to come up pretty good, but he got a lot of grief and had to drink out of a sippy cup for the rest of the afternoon... He won't live that one down for a while.

Hudson stayed home yesterday and it seemed to help. He is now fever free and can breathe a lot better. Mimi Patti stayed home with Hudson yesterday. I was in my room working yesterday morning on my laptop when Hudson came in to see me. Patti followed and we started to talk. We weren't watching Hudson until he heard a splash in the toilet. Hudson took my security token for access to my laptop and dropped it in the toilet. It died.... I had to call and request a new one to be shipped to me... so here I sit at home today waiting for the delivery...

Today is the babies' actual bday. The big ONE! They were on KRCG this morning and we are going to have cake and ice cream again tonight to celebrate. They took cupcakes to school. As I was reminicing this morning, I was dressing the kids. Once I had Hudson dressed I had to take a double look at him and realized I had put Hattie's clothes on him! That's was I get for thinking too much..

I cannot believe the year has passed... Last night Ben and I watched them and talked about big they are now, and how they are really acting more like toddlers and less like babies. It is so crazy how fast they grow up and change.

We are working on taking bottles away and working on going to milk alone and no more formula. Hattie still has a little breast milk to finish, but I stopped pumping a few weeks ago. I still have my pump, and plan on burning it for a final good bye. That is one thing I will never miss..

Monday, October 26, 2009

We have walkers!!!! Both babies are walking now, and getting very good at it. They both walk much more than they crawl. Both fall, but get up and go again. Hudson did start first, but Hattie caught up quickly and has been walking for over two weeks now.

Teeth update - Hattie's 4th on the bottom is finally visible when she smiles.. still no teeth on the top. Her teeth are very small, like mine. She eats slow, but is a good eater. She still gets in trouble for dropping food on purpose and for rubbing her hands back in forth over her food, making it fly everywhere.. Hudson has 4 on top, and 3 on bottom. He has Ben's teeth. Hudson is a great eater. He shoves food in as quick as we put it on his tray. I don't know of anything that they won't eat. They both like breads and sweets the best.

I took Hudson to the doctor the other day, thinking he had an ear infection. He didn't.. he weighed 20 lbs, 8 oz. I tried to get the babies flu shots, but they are out of the medicine. I was able to get Wyatt the flu mist. So, at least one of us is vaccinated.

Ben and I have been able to get out a copy of times over the last few weeks. First, Mimi came in town and watched the three of them and Ben and I went to Marcus and Christina's. Then, last weekend we had a wedding out of town. Janice and Ed kept them from Saturday mid morning to Sunday around 3:00. Then, this past weekend, my parents came around noon and kept them while we went to Hermann! Ben and I needed the time together and were so appreciative of everyone's help! I think the kids were good for all of them! WHEW!!

Hattie and Hudson both say UH OH all the time. Both wave bye bye from time to time. Hudson shakes his head no when you say it. Hattie raises her hands over her head when you ask how big she is. Hattie still is the bruiser. She will love and kiss you one second and the next she is slapping you in the face. It is dangerous to lay on the floor next to her... Hudson is a screamer when he doesn't get his way. If something is stuck, or Hattie steals a toy, he just looks at you and screams. He gets so mad that he makes a fist and shakes.

Ben asked Wyatt the other day, "Isn't Hattie a pretty girl?" "Wyatt said "no, not really.". Ben said "Wyatt, that is not nice, that will hurt your sister's feelings!" Wyatt said, "she doesn't know that I am saying that". Ben explained that she would some day know and that would upset her. Wyatt said"Fine, she is pretty."

Ben told Wyatt the other day on the way to school that they would be home by themselves that night b/c I was going to dinner with the girls. Wyatt said "I want Mommy. She is the best Mommy in the whole wide world." Ben asked Wyatt "who is the best daddy?" Wyatt replied "I really don't know who the best daddy is." After a lot of coaxing from both Ben and I, Wyatt finally gave in and said "okay, then.. you are the best Dad"... poor Daddy..

We have a big week this week. I am preparing for a double "1st Birthday party" and a double baptism. I know.. I can't believe I put it off so long. Both activities are planned for Sunday. It is going to be crazy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I made it back from Madison in one piece and no further injuries. I also came home with a repaired, primed and painted fender that I am so proud of! I never thought that would be something I would do... I was so excited to get home to see everyone. The day I was coming home I talked to all of the kids. I asked Wyatt if he missed me, and he said, "UH HUH, BAD!". When I talked to Hattie, she said "MaMa". Ben said Hudson smiled. I picked up El Jimador on the way home to celebrate, but the celebration was short when I got home b/c they forgot to include the cheese dip and Wyatt was devastated! Ben had been great at keeping up the routine and it was like I was never gone around the house.

I knew it would happen, and it did... Hattie fell down the first flight of our stairs. I didn't see it happen, but I heard her crying afterwards and came running. Wyatt was on the couch watching TV and told me he wasn't watching her b/c he was watching his show! The stairs are carpeted, there aren't that many of them and it didn't seem to hurt her any. I really think she was just mad that it happened and she couldn't see anyone. I am sure it won't be the last time that they fall down them. The gate goes up, but somehow it always gets taken down. I think Wyatt fell down them twice. GREAT PARENTS AREN'T WE???

I came in to the living room to the sweetest site the other day. I was in the babies' room with them and went to put a load of laundry in. When I came back, they had both made their way into the living room. Hudson was on his back and Hattie was sitting next to him. She would leap on him and scream and Hudson would crack up. This repeated about 5 times. I tried to get my camera, but I made a noise and they both spotted me. This was the first time I witnessed them playing together. They always stare/smile at each other and have stolen many of toys from each other, but this was actually playing.. I loved it!

Wyatt recently was staying home with Ben and Hudson while Hattie went to Aunt Heather's for a little bit when I was gone. Wyatt was upset that Hattie was leaving. I explained to him that he still had Hudson to play with and it would be fine. He said "Well, I won't have anyone to play with when Hudson is mean to me!" He has it rough..

Wyatt did really good this week at soccer practice and we were so proud. We had a game Tuesday night, and he did run, but it was just following the other kids, not chasing the ball. So, we are improving! He had quite the fan club. Hattie, Hudson, me, Heather, Mitch, Hunter, Zach, Grandma Janice, Grandma Bonnie and Papa Dennis.

Hudson is working on forming words, but nothing is coming together yet. He talks non stop and it sounds like he is really telling a story. Hattie says ut oh all the time, especially as she throws objects/food. I swear they both say bubba and I really think Hattie says "hereyougo" when she gives you something. They both do say mama and dada some.

The babies are getting on their feet alot and are getting fast with their walker cart things they push around. Hattie is quick at walking around the furniture. Hudson has taken one step several times now, and then falls.. so we are making progress!

Hattie is getting her fourth tooth on the bottom.. still none on the top. Hudson is working on getting his fifth and sixth tooth, on each side of his front top teeth. They have been grouchy this week and I am blaming teething. We have been laying Hattie down awake. She cries and usually wakes up Hudson, but we just let them go and they finally both go asleep..

I found out yesterday that I have more change ahead of me at work. I work at a vendor's building assessing total losses. We were informed that we will no longer be working with this vendor. I am hoping and have been told that I will have a job..... It looks like I will be working from my house and driving to see my assignments now instead of them being delivered to me. I should know more this month. I just want a stable, secure job. If that exists.

The kids and I are home by ourself tonight, like most Thursdays. This cool weather makes me anxious to put away all their summer clothes and spread out the fall/winter clothes, so that is our plans for tonight. Wyatt always wants crescent rolls for dinner when it is just us at home. Last Thursday I asked what he wanted if we didn't have any crescent rolls.. he said "uh, how about my favorite.... not eat.." He always has a comment..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ben called and said Wyatt did actually participate a little in soccer tonight.. Still didn't really play, but at least ran around! It is a start! He also said that Hattie said dada all night long and that neither of them have no idea who I am.. WHAT A TERD!
I had to take Hattie back to the doctor on Sept 2 and she had another ear infection. Dr. Herrbold said it wasn't very bad, but it seems that Hattie has pretty low pain tolerance with them.. She was a bear and was running a fever. She weighed 18 lbs 7 oz.

A little over a week ago Ben and I had enough and decided it was time to split up the babies at night... Both of them were getting up several times a night for some reason and we were exhausted! They would wake each other up with any little movement/noise. We left Hudson in their room, moved Hattie to Wyatt's room, and moved poor Wyatt to a cot in our room. The first night I heard the babies crying some, but we stayed out and eventually they stopped. Since then, I haven't heard them cry! Either I am sleeping deep, or they aren't crying.. Wyatt has slept restless and always asks me to sleep on the cot WITH HIM.. just a tiny bit uncomfortable.. but, it is just while we get things straightetened out. I am trying to convince Ben that we just need to sell and get a bigger house..

Both babies are completely on table food and we have given all the baby food away. They are really good eaters. Hattie shows her attitude alot and slings her food everywhere, on purpose as she says "ut oh". Once we stearnly say "no no" she will eat a bite and then start slinging all over again. Hudson eats as quick as he can and half of it ends up in his lap, which we have to put back on his tray a couple of times each meal..

They both crawl every where and pull up to every thing. We have had several falls and several bruises. When you tell Hattie to get you, she will crawl up to you, stand up, and fall right on your chest while smiling and laughing.. she loves it. She also loves to pull hair, slap, and scratch. Hudson is the snuggler and smiles shyly while putting his chin in his chest. He has really started clinging to his Daddy while Hattie is turning in to a complete momma's girl.

I don't know if I have said before that we enrolled Wyatt in soccer this fall through the YMCA. Ben also volunteered to coach his team, something he said years ago he would do when Wyatt played... little did we know that Wyatt won't play!! He said it is boring to run and boring to kick the ball and that he isn't good.. I brought the babies to his first game and tried my best to encourage him to play.. nothing worked! He sat on the sidelines and talked to the babies. Once, I shamed him in to running and even kicking the ball ONE TIME, but then I and the lady next to me made the mistake of cheering and he started bawling his eyes out. Ben gets so frustrated with him at practice.... We have learned that Wyatt and Soccer are not meant to be.. He has another game tonight, so I am praying that he is playing.... I bribed him with a Monster Buster Club toy..

He says he wants to play baseball, but I can almost put money on that fact that he will cry with that too... let's hope I am wrong..

Wyatt has just started being a little onery with the babies.. He always wants them in the room with him, but has a terrible habit of taking the toys they grab and says he was playing with it. He does try to give them a toy in exchange, but we are trying to explain to him that it isn't right to take the toy they have.. We have threatened no new toys until he learns to share... He loves the computer right now and gets very upset when we tell him it is time to get off for the night. He asked me the other day if he ate alot if it would make his birthday come quicker and told me he ran so fast b/c he had 100 foods in his belly. He likes to pretend fight with swords and told me he was going to defeat me.

I am writing tonight from Madison, Wisconsin - here for training since Sunday. I left home at 9:30 on Sunday morning and won't be home til midnight on Friday night - A LONG TIME. I was nervous leaving, not that I don't trust the kids in Ben's care.. just nervous that the babies will forget me and Wyatt will miss me too much... so far, all is going okay. Ben says Wyatt has been good and the babies have slept well.. I am learning a lot and eating way too much. Only one incident.. today I was looking at different bumper covers on the creeper (rolling thing, as I like to call it) and I ran over my hair, which then became locked in the wheel.. I freaked out and two guys were trying to help me.. I eventually rolled off in panic and a huge section of my hair was pulled out!! I would guess like 200 strands was pulled out.. It HURT! I can see the tender spot where a lot of it came from. The instructor was looking at me like I was a freak! anyway, I am fine and luckily, I am not going bald any time soon..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday I picked up the kids from daycare and surprised Wyatt with El Jimador carry out. He was so excited. I asked him if he had a good day and if he missed me. He said "Mom, I always miss you. I never want you to leave me and I never want to go away from you with anyone. Because I miss you too much." I hope he always loves me that much!!
So, I guess the babies have a little kitty cat in them, b/c they used one of their nine lives last night... they both started getting fussy at 7:30. I decided to take them outside for a short ride in their stroller. Wyatt stayed inside and watched his cartoons, so I just circled the cul de sac several times. As I walked by the house, I would pull any visible weeds. I then went onto the porch and turned around. As I went by our fish pond in front I saw a couple of weeds. As I was pulling them I heard this weird noise.. I turned around to see THE STROLLER AND STRAPPED -IN BABIES WERE FLYING DOWN THE HILL. they were going so fast it was the wheels making the noise I heard. I ran as fast as I could, but could not catch them. They hit the curb, went air-borne and somehow landed on the wheels, shaking back and forth. I was finally able to stop it... luckily they hit the curb straight on, and it is a double stroller, both of which must have helped it from flipping. Hattie was in front and was screaming her head off and tears streaming down her face, Hudson was in back, looking around like he was wondering what in the world had just happened. I had just given them a newspaper each to keep them busy. Hattie's flew out half way down the hill. Hudson was still clinging to his. I had the weakest knees ever....

Friday, August 21, 2009

July 25th was Wyatt's 4th birthday. We celebrated it on the 23rd at Riverside Park. It was a great evening. The weather cooperated and, although a little too windy, it wasn't miserably hot. We wanted at the park so the kids could play at the playground, and I didn't have to clean house. It was a Batman themed party.. he was spoiled enough to have TWO cakes, one Batman and one Scooby Doo. I know, the perfect combination! He had a great night and got lots of goodies, including a DS from us, a mask and sword from the Kempkers, soccer stuff and a razor trike from Mimi, ds stuff from the Herigon's, batman stuff from the Steenburgen's, money from Mema and Bud and Grandma Ada, batman stuff and a ds game from grandma Bonnie & Papa Dennis.. Missy and Brad found all kinds of things batman, Rob got him more batman stuff! Grandma Janice and Papa Eddie got him a pair of shoes, shirt, watch and a bat and ball set that pitches to you.. SPOILED!!

The 24th of July we had our pictures taken. I had bribed Wyatt with another gift if he did good, and he did really good.. he had some very fake smiles, but that is normal for him right now! He tries so hard it looks like he is straining. Of course I still haven't had time to order pictures.. such a procrastinator!

That afternoon I took Wyatt to the pool with Christina and her boys at Eldon. We had a great time, it was hot out! I brought my camera and had a major catastrophe on my hands when I dropped it and the shutter button popped out. Problem was, I didn't know that it was gone until I was trying to take a picture. I looked for it for most of the afternoon and never found it. I finally broke down a week later and called Sony. They shipped the button to me and it is now back in working order.. Whew!

That night Janice watched the kids so Ben and I could go out. It was nice to get out again! Life has definitely changed since the babies came. It is really hard to find sitters for 3 kids!!!

The day of Wyatt's birthday was a bummer.. Hattie woke up with a fever and it just kept getting higher. I was home alone with all 3 kids. I planned on taking them somewhere for Wyatt's birthday, but nothing was working out. I finally ended up leaving Hudson with Heather and Mitch while Wyatt and I took Hattie to urgent care at 1:00 when they take their last appt at 1:30. I was flying, and lucky there were no cops on the road. I made Wyatt unbuckle as we pulled into the parking lot and we ran inside at exactly 1:30. When we got to the office, Hattie pooped everywhere.. mother of the year didn't bring a diaper bag inside so the nurse had to find me a diaper and I had to use napkins for wipes. They had to change rooms b/c the first room had crap everywhere and smelled awful!!!! The doctor looked at Hattie for all of 30 seconds and said she had a virus and it will have to run its course. I think she weighed 17 lbs 6 oz. As we were at the doctor, Wyatt started crying b/c his feet hurt. I looked at his feet and he had blisters on his feet, I guess from playing outside the night before. So, he decided he couldn't walk anymore... my blood pressure was probably off the charts. Wyatt said "well, this hasn't been a very good birthday". Of course that broke my heart, so when we left I took him to Target (with Hattie naked hiding under a blanket, b/c her clothes was covered in poop!) and he picked out a pirate kit. Of course I was mad then b/c it was the most ridiculous toy there.. he said everything I picked out was not cool. So, we finally got home and I was completed stressed, but still upset that Wyatt's bday sucked. I called Nicole and her and the kids came over and played.. I went into town to get El Jimador after the babies were asleep. WHAT A DAY.

I ended up taking Hattie back to the doctor on Tuesday b/c when I got to daycare on Monday night she had 102.8 fever. She had an ear infection. I feel like the urgent care doctor should have seen the infection, but was just ready for us to get out of the office on Saturday...

On August 2nd, we finally got together with Lance and Angie. This was the first time our twins got to meet. It was fun to seem all! I can't imagine having more than twins... wow.. Angie and Lance fixed a great dinner and it was a nice night.

Wyatt went to Big Surf two times in the past few weeks. The first time was with my Mom, Nicole and the girls. The second time was with Janice, me, Hunter and his friend, and Zach. Wyatt LOVES the wave pool. I couldn't get him to try a slide for the life of me.. maybe next year.

Last weekend we went camping again. Mom and Dad, Nicole's family and Jen and her boys all went. This time Ben went down early to set up camp and I came later with the kids. I stopped and got Wyatt some fries and me a soda. Hattie started crying by the time we got to Eugene. Then Hudson started at the Lake. THEY BOTH CRIED THE REST OF THE TRIP. It was so stressful, I thought I was going to cry or scream or just lose it. I got out of the car and was shaking like crazy. To make it worse, I made a wrong turn and was in the car for an extra 20 minutes than necessary. Luckily, the rest of the weekend was nice. The babies liked to be on the ground, but kept trying to eat the rocks. That was a pain.. but the weather was nice and no major accidents besides Wyatt getting a huge knot on his head after tripping on the pavement. The way home was quiet, THANK GOD. I had to pull the boat home, my first time pulling anything. I was a little nervous afraid of repeating the trip there.

Wyatt told me the other night as we were going to my mom and dad's that he did not care if dad came there or not, b/c he does not care about anything, except there being a fire.. then he immediately said that he would try a chocolate candy bar again b/c he may like them now. Then he said there is a lot of food in his stomach, and we have to eat to get big like dad and God. He is always thinking!!! All of that going on in his mind in a few minute conversation...

Wyatt has now picked up saying "You make my heart dead" when his feelings get hurt. I am not sure where he picked up on that.. His favorite shows right now are Monster Buster Club and Johnny Test.

Wyatt and I recently had a dentist appt. He was such a big boy... he didn't even need me in his room... they cleaned our teeth at the same time. When he was done, he came back to my room and watched me finish up.. Good news is, no cavity for him. Bad news is... I had to schedule for a filling. I got it a few days later and tried to faint... They had to put a wet cloth on me, fan me and give me a sugary drink. Why, after having 3 children, am I still such a wuss with needles????

About a week after my last entry, or several weeks ago, Hattie officially started crawling. She is everywhere now! They both are! They pull up on furniture and go get whatever they want. Hattie likes to crawl and carry her toys.

They are both eating table food now, and neither one will eat baby food. So far they seem to like most everything. Hattie doesn't eat quite as much as Hudson, but both eat good. What messy little turds.. I don't remember Wyatt being so messy!!!!

Hattie now says "ut oh" ALL THE TIME. She started two weeks ago and is all about it. She is getting more of the hang of it on when it is appropriate and likes to "drop" things on purpose just to see me pick it up. She is still mean... beating up on Hudson and slapping us when we hold her. If you try to give her her bottle when she doesn't want it, she will just slap it right out of your hands. and she loves to scratch your face with her fingernails. She has been standing up in her bed alot now and wakes WAY TOO EASY to Hudson crying during the night. She is an early bird and never sleeps past 6 am.

Hudson... he is still pretty quiet, but makes up with it physically. he can stand by himself for about 15 to 20 seconds at a time. He doesn't want to really walk yet, but can stand up from sitting in the middle of the room. He just refuses to sleep all night. He will do good for a few nights, then it is back to square one. I have trouble letting him cry it out b/c he now wakes Hattie, then they are both up. And Hattie doesn't stop crying with some lovin'.

Hattie and Hudson had their 9 month appts on 8-17-09. Dr. Gordon was suprised to see how physically active they were, and surprised that they would say mama, dada.. It was a good appt... Hattie weighed 17 lbs, 10 oz (25%), was 26 1/2 inches (15%) and her head was in the 6oth%. Hudson weighed 18 lbs, 12 oz (20%), 28 inches long (30%) and his head was in the 75%!

I am still pumping twice a day... SO READY TO QUIT. I am not sure when I officially will, but it is getting close. Hattie is taking formula too, so I am slowly switching her. Hudson is still on formula only.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last night Hattie went from being on her belly to sitting! I was glad to see her do it a couple of times b/c I was doubting it the first time, thinking maybe I had set her down without remembering doing it. I tried to make her crawl, but that just made her really mad.

We had a pretty good night last night, which was a surprise. Daycare said Hudson had a really rough day and called me once b/c he had been crying for a couple of hours. We just sat on the floor last night and played with them. Even did an oven pizza for dinner to keep it easy. Ben took Hudson outside for over a 1/2 hour giving them some good time together without Mom in sight. If Hudson sees me, he needs me..

Wyatt is getting very good at math! We have been practicing some in the evenings. He has to use his fingers with some of them, but he is getting it!

Hattie is such a rough little thing! She loves to hit toys together and can be pretty mean to other kids. I have to separate the babies by at least one foot b/c Hattie will try to reach over and get Hudson. If she can reach him, he will be crying within seconds. she usually scratches his head or just slaps him in the face... but she also is known to pinch and head butt. I have a picture that I will download some time soon.. it speaks for itself... Wyatt calls Hattie his sweet mean girl. Sometimes he won't play with her b/c he says she is too mean.

Wyatt likes to watch the weather forecast. He checks for rain and sun. The other day I told him he probably wouldn't be going outside that day at daycare. He said, rather annoyed, "I know Mom.. I saw the news..." EXCUSE ME!!

Poor Hollywood... he just doesn't get the attention he used to get. And when he is getting attention, it isn't always pleasant. But Wyatt loves him, most of the time. When Hollywood was outside last week he disappeared for a while. Wyatt went out to look for him and came back in very calm and said "Well, I guess we don't have a dog any more.."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here we go again. I need my butt kicked. Today I was thinking about all the funny things that Wyatt says and how I need to remember them to tell him someday and then I thought of my blog... seriously... June 23rd was my last entry????????????????????

lets think back on the last month....

We found out that Wyatt did have strep, which is his second time this year already. So, I suppose he will get that easily. I have never had strep in my life... Wyatt throws up with his strep, something I will have to remember in the future... he barely complains of his throat, but more his head and his stomach.

Wyatt finished swim lessons and passed!!! He ended up completely enjoying it. He goes under water without holding his nose and can stay down for 4 to 5 seconds. It is a good start!!! He is still not fond of the big pool.. we will work on that next year. Weird thing is, he loves the river and lake!! You would think the big pool is a lot less scarier than either of those, but not the case for Wyatt.

On June 27th I was walking by Hudson's video monitor when I saw him standing up in his crib, leaning over the side! I ran so fast to his room... Needless to say it was time to lower his bed...

July 4th weekend was different this year, but very nice... We actually hung out as a family, all 5 of us. Friday the 3rd we went to DJ Thrash's going away party and then to Kelly and Scott's for some fireworks. Wyatt was doing a sparkler when one of the sparks landed on his leg and burned him. He is now completely scared of them... Sheila and James invited us to their get together on Saturday and it was a great time! Hattie and Hudson slept in the car, so their first experience was pretty boring!! Wyatt couldn't decide if he liked the noise this year or not and ended up watching alot of them from inside.

Deann, Lesli and I went out on July 6th. We were going to watch a movie, but ended up deciding to go to El Jimador and drink instead... we all needed it... I don't know why it is so hard to plan time with the girls.. Their friendship means so much to me and life is way too short!!! We promised to try to get together more often........ I hope we stick to that promise!

Wyatt left for mimi's again on July 8th. He didn't get home until Monday the 13th. He had a great time and made some new friends. girls, but he assures me they are not GIRLFRIENDS.. (although he did tell me this morning that he dreamed that I met one of them, Emily... but his says he still wants me to meet her for real..) He came home and ran to the babies and asked them if they missed their bubba. He was in a little trouble later in the night and I asked why he was being so bad, b/c I was so glad that he was home.. He said "well, I am not glad to be home". simple as that.

I took Hudson to the doctor on the 10th thinking he had an ear infection, b/c he was fussy and was pulling on his ears. As I was waiting for Dr. Gordon to come in, I discovered why he was fussy. He is getting his front top teeth! The top right one had broke the skin on each side and the left one was close. He weighed 18 lbs, 2 oz... and no ear infection... just teething..

I went to my office's closing party on July 10th. It was a lot of fun. They had dinner, Elvis, dancing and a casino area. Gambling was so fun!!!! It is sad that the office is closing this week.. Friday is the last day. I hope everyone is able to find jobs. You just assume that you will always work with the same people and it is weird to think that I may never see some of them again..

Hudson and Hattie are both saying Mama, Dada and baba ( I think Bubba??) Hudson really says mama all the time, every time I try to walk away from him. He is SO SPOILED!! The other day he said mamabababa. Wyatt stood up and said "Good boy Hudson!!! Mom, Hudson just said Mommy, Bubba has a booboo" and he pointed to his scab on his leg. I laughed..

Hattie is getting both bottom teeth now too! The right one has broke through and the left doesn't feel to far behind.

My new job is great. I actually think I am really going to like it. Only thing is, I am either slow or busy.. doesn't seem to be any of the in between.. Right now I am sitting here waiting for 4 vehicles to arrive and nothing to do until they get here... well, there is always something to do, but nothing that I want to do more than update my blog!

Last weekend we went camping again. We went with mom and dad, Nicole, Scott and their kids. We left Friday evening and arrived at Pomme De Terre just as it was getting dark. It is always stressful setting up camp and keeping the kids all happy.... we did get our snaps fixed, so I can happily say we won't have any babies falling out of the beds anymore!! As I have said before, we can't camp without incident. Saturday, after just finding our "spot" on the water, Nicole kicked a piece of driftwood in the water. A chunk broke off underneath her toenail, far... her toenail was lifted up... makes me sick thinking about it... she had to go to the emergency room and 3 shots to numb, a tetnus shot and lots of digging under her nail, she was back at camp. She was in a ton of pain... I feel weak.. I better stop talking about it. Sunday we had to pack up pretty early b/c I had to work at Wardsville picnic. The kids were SO FUSSY, so we were ready to get on the road anyway..

The weather has been completely awesome. We lucked out camping.. Mid 80's for Mid July is almost unheard of!!!

Last week Hattie finally started eating babyfood.. she is not eating much, but every little bit counts! She definitely prefers fruit, while Hudson seems to prefer veggies. They both like the baby cheetos and banana cookies too.

Hattie is getting a tiny bit closer to crawling... she actually pulls herself in a circle and sometimes gets on all 4's and rocks back and forth. She hasn't been sleeping as late as she was, and has been getting up at 5:30. BUMMER!!! of course her first noise wakes Hudson up too, so then we are all up!! Hudson is EVERYWHERE now. He crawls quickly and can stand up at anything. Hattie likes to stand up, but you have to help her get there. She stands at her Leap Frog standing thing for at least an hour a night. I have two walking toys and they both have used them a couple of times. still not good at them, but I am sure that will be chaning in the next few weeks.

Hudson went to the doctor yesterday. Had an ear infection in his left ear. He is throwing up and having some weird stools. Not sure if he has a virus, or if the weak stomach is from the ear infection, which I hear could be possible. He weighed 17 lbs, 14 oz yesterday.

As I started by saying, Wyatt is cracking us up and saying/asking the silliest things.. of course I can't remember them now to document... he did ask me this morning if everyone had germs. I said they did. He said well, why did you make me give Alyssa a drink of my milk then if she had germs??

We signed Wyatt up for soccer this fall and Ben volunteered to coach. Wyatt is already balking.. he wants no part of playing. I am already planning on the first few times to be a complete wreck... I will be praying for cooperation..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sad.. I have no idea where the days and weeks go... It feels like I just typed something in here and it looks like it has been two weeks!!! I will update the best I can...

Most importantly, Hudson is sleeping through the night. The night after my last blog he started sleeping through. I actually have heard him cry a couple of times here and there, but only for a short time and not hard. It has been wonderful! He is sleeping later too, so we haven't gotten up before 6:00 in a while now. Hattie is still sleeping great. All night, every night. She doesn't move all night either, still sleeps in her boppy. Hudson is all over his bed.

Wyatt on the other hand sleeps terrible. He dreams constantly about bad guys either putting him in a tub (a reaccurring one), or fighting him, or eating him ( his newest one). He cries out a lot and comes in our room a lot. He usually ends up at the bottom of the bed and never, ever sleeps with any covers on. WILD. But, he gets that honestly, I was the same way growing up.

Our second week of camping was SO MUCH better. The babies were both very good, and entertained themselves much more. Both babies slept all night long and Wyatt was locked in, so no trips out for him either.

Of course we were not without incident.. Saturday morning I had the babies playing on my bed while I was getting things organized and then getting myself ready. Ben was watching them while I was in the bathroom. I heard Ben talking to them and then heard him make a noise that made me think something wasn't right. I came running out to see him running out of the camper... HUDSON HAD FALLEN OUT OF THE CAMPER. The bed snaps are broke on the canvas, therefore leaving a gap behind the beds to the ground, about a 4 foot fall to the pavement below. There was no crying as we came out of the camper, the worst thing for me... as we got to Hudson he started to cry. He was laying in a twisted position with his face on the pavement. We picked him up and carried him inside, stripping all of his clothes off. He had marks on his head, a big bruise/red mark on his back and a bruise on his leg. We debated the er and gave him some tylenol to help calm him. Luckily my brother in law Scott is an emt and came over to check him out for us. He is fine now.... I was an emotional wreck... shaking like crazy. Ben and I realize how lucky we were. It could have been so bad. We actually think he fell on his butt and hit his back on the way down, which then caused him to hit his head a little. You better believe we are getting them fixed asap.

Our day on the water was nice. We took the easy up which was a great way to keep the sun off the babies. Both got in the water for a while. Wyatt loved the water and loved having Rylee and Alyssa there to play with.

We woke up that Sunday to rain and started packing up. Sunday night we went to Zach's tball game. It was a major social event!!! Crazy how all the people we used to party with are nowing gathering at tball games...

The babies are starting to eat crackers now. Hattie still will not eat baby food. I keep meaning to tape her trying it... we could probably win funniest home videos with it..

Within the last week, Hudson is officially starting to crawl. Starting last Sunday, he would actually drag himself to wear he would want to go. He is still slow, but he is mobile. No, Hattie is not even close! She cracks us up! She is so noisy, and loves to hit toys together. But she hardly ever even rolls any more, and definitely doesn't want to crawl...

Hudson now has two teeth. He second one came in while we were camping, on the 13th of June. So, he now has the two bottom teeth. Hattie is starting to seem fussy and her nose is running on top of her chewing on her hands.. so, she is either getting sick or getting teeth... I am hoping for the latter.

Last week and this week Wyatt has been in swimming lessons. Last week was not the best start. He was timid and wouldn't do what the instructors were asking him to do. Ben took him on Monday and came home aggravated. Tuesday was much worse and they called me on the way home b/c it was so bad. Wyatt was screaming and Ben was furious. Ben had told Wyatt that he could go swimming in the baby pool with Kendal after the lessons if he would jump in without assistance. Wyatt refused so Ben made him leave. Wyatt through himself on the ground and ended up throwing his shirt at Ben. As you know, Ben has no tolerance for that... So, we had a long talk once Wyatt was home. There was no TV as a consequence of his tantrum and he promised he would do better. Wednesday and Thursday he did much better. I brought the babies on Wednesday so we were all there to see him. On Thursday I took him while Janice and Missy watched the babies, as Thursday's are Dad's golf night.. This week has been good too. THANK GOD!!! I took some pictures and video... I will try to add them soon.

Last Friday I was off and took Wyatt to the Eldon Pool with Traci, Michael and Kendal. Wyatt kept getting out and laying down on his towel and falling asleep. Mom of the Year thought he was tired, never thought about him being sick, even after he told me his legs hurt b/c they weren't home... DUH. I finally figured it out after we stopped on the way home to see Ben and he said he felt like he was burning up. I took his temp and it was 102.2. We ended up taking him to urgent care on Saturday. His strep test was negative, but they treated him for that anyway b/c of his symptoms. He weighed 36 pds.

Saturday night Ben watched the kids while I went with a bunch of the Graham family and my friends to see Footloose. It was very good! We then went for a few drinks since we already had babysitters. It was a nice night.

Sunday was Father's Day. We went to breakfast with Ben's family at American Legion and then to Mema's and Bud's. Ben received a golf shirt from the kids! Then we all went home to take naps... everyone except Wyatt! Sunday night we went to Ed and Janice's for brats.

I am still in training for my new job. I am just about ready to get started and so nervous about that! It still feels so foreign to me... but, I think I will not really feel comfortable with it until I just start doing it. I am going back to St. Louis this Thursday and Friday.. Today was MISERABLE in the heat.. I was not meant to work in it.. I won't have to be out much once I am trained, just to inspect a vehicle... but now I am standing out in it.. turns me in to a whiner real quick.

My parents came over to dinner tonight and were supposed to help hang a new mirror I ordered.. BUT, IT WON'T WORK.. the old mirror is freaking nail glued to the wall????????? Who in the heck does this??? Apparently a lot of people these days.. but it is completely ridiculous.... I am so mad!!! Ben has been mouthing me all night for jumping the gun and ordering it.. I am mouthing him for not telling me before now that it could be a problem.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

May 30th was Ben and I’s 6 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated it on Friday night, the 29th, and went to a 60th birthday party. My mom and dad came over and watched the kids for us. Saturday, the 30th, Ben actually played in a golf tournament and the kids and I hung out. Hudson started sitting from a crawling position. He did it a couple of times. He is still not crawling, but close. He rocks back in forth on all fours, but then gets down and kinda drags himself forward. Sunday we went to the river with Scott, Kelly, Mike, Traci, Brad and Krissy and all of the kids. It was a nice day.. I was tired from Hudson keeping me up. He slept terrible the night before!!! We went to El Jimador after the river.

Ben and I were both off on Monday, the 1st. We would pick a very hot day to take off to do yard work!! We did get a lot accomplished though, which was a great feeling. It has been impossible to get anything done at the house with the babies home, especially yard work. I had weeds everywhere. We stopped at 2:00 and came inside to rest for a while before picking up the kids. We have to be on our toes when they are home!

Tuesday morning Ben drove me to Linn to meet one of my coworkers. I helped him to go get his new company car in Sullivan. I had to ride in the back seat because he had his portable desk in the front seat. I get very car sick, very easy… this was a rough ride down curvy roads.. makes my head spin thinking about it. The good news is, I get to drive his old car for work purposes for now. Very excited about that!

Finally, on Tuesday night, I decided I was going to let Hudson cry it out again. I have been exhausted lately, as that kid will wake up 2 to 3 times a night, and has only slept through the night 2 times in his life. Tuesday night he cried for 1 hour and 45 minutes straight, only stopping for about 30 seconds here and there to catch his breath. I went in a couple of times, which, looking back, probably only made it worse.

Wednesday, June 3rd, I took the day off and went with Sheila and Deann to Lee Summit to see Kim. We had a nice trip, but it seemed so short! We did some shopping and ate lunch while we were there. We did get some visiting in too! Hudson cried Wednesday night for 1 hour and 15 minutes straight… a sign of improvement!

Thursday, June 4th….. A day of firsts!!!!! Hudson got his first tooth! It is on the bottom, the left of the front ones. The right one is right there and ready to get break through any day. Hattie came home in her first pig tails! Daycare put them in, and they were so cute. What a big girl! Both babies also started to stand on their own while holding on to something that night too. They can’t stay up for more than 10 to 30 seconds, but they can do it!!! And HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT! Hattie has started screaming, just for fun. SHE IS SO LOUD! She gets a red face from screaming so much. I guess she just likes to hear herself. It is funny and cute!

Friday we left for camping. It was our first outing in the camper and our first with the babies. We went with Nick and Jessica. We got to the camp site around 6:00. The babies did good on the ride there and slept most of the way there. Things were hectic though, because Ben was busy doing the camping and dinner stuff while I was trying to entertain the kids. I was burnt out and needed a drink. I never got one b/c by the time I had all three of them asleep I was ready for bed. I tried to let Hudson cry it out when he woke during the night, but it was too close of quarters and I couldn’t take it. He woke up two times. Saturday we went out on the Lake for 4 or 5 hours. Wyatt had a great time in his little boat and the babies were pretty good too. I worried about them getting sunburned and tried to keep them under this stupid umbrella that constantly fell or collapsed with the wind… Saturday night we fixed dinner and I planned to drink once the kids were asleep. However, I fell asleep with Wyatt and never made it back to the camp fire. I had the shock of my life during the night though… I woke up about 3:00 to the sound of crying outside. I knew that it was Wyatt crying.. I yelled Ben’s name a couple of times and ran outside. Wyatt was sleep walking and was outside the camper!!!!!!!!!!! I picked him up and carried him back inside. He wanted apple juice and finally calmed down. When I laid he back down he asked me why I was outside. I told him I wasn’t until I went to get him. So, apparently he thought I was outside in his dream and went to get me. I can’t believe I didn’t hear him b/c he was sleeping very close to me… but I didn’t hear a thing until he was crying…. Scary, because our campsite was next to the water.. Sunday we got up early and started packing up to come home.

Sunday afternoon we went to Chace’s birthday party. He turned one on the 4th. He dug into his cake! It was cute! Sunday night I let Hudson cry it out again. He did pretty good! He probably only cried for no more than ½ hour. Last night he did good too! I think he only cried for 10 minutes or so. We are getting closer!!!! Of course on the nights that Hudson does good, Hattie doesn’t do as well! She woke up at 4:00 to eat.

Dinner time has really calmed down around the house finally.. I have Hattie and Hudson entertained with biter biscuits. Hudson eats most of his.. Hattie just beats the crap out of hers and makes a huge mess.

Wyatt has been moved to the big kid group at daycare. I could tell almost the same day just because he is talking about different things now. He knows the days of the week in order and is getting pretty good at the months. He is more aware of what letter some words start with and has even talked about some small math additions. The other day he was very serious as he explained to Ben that even though Hattie has little boobies, she is a girl and is just a baby. He told me the other day on the way home that “Hollywood has brothers in Canton, in Mimi’s world”. When we got home from camping, Wyatt told me “Mommy, I missed home and glad to be home. I missed my toys, my bouncy balls, everything.” He asks after almost anything we say, "How you know that?". He asked Ben something the other day and Ben said he didn't know. Wyatt told him, "well, that is because you don't listen very well." - guess he told him! He still has lots of trouble saying his s's.. which I had to go to speech class to correct. He says "sink" for "think".. love that.. so cute. Wyatt is SO PROTECTIVE of the babies. He worries about them choking on legos... he gets mad at one of them if they are mean to the other, he hugs them, talks to them... and he gets so proud of them when they do new stuff. Right now he is always in the back seat telling them how proud he is and how big they are when they try to sit up or pull their head up in their seats..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weird to see me in some pictures!!! Ben was behind the camera!

Wyatt early in the ride and then on the way home.. he was out!

The floor of the boat makes a great playpen for the kids.

It was a great first kids day at the river!

My mom is a camera freak
I will smile as long as you give me ALL of your attention
Get me outta here!

Hudson is concerned he has his mom's squinty eyes

Chase is going have girls chasing after him some day..

I couldn't get Hattie to smile for nothing here..
Chase and Hudson in the tub

Grandma Bonnie and Hudson
Papa Eddie and Ben

Aunt Nicole teaching Hattie noises..
Rylee, Alyssa and Wyatt on Mother's Day
Grandma Bonnie, Hudson and Chase
Papa Dennis and Hattie
Wyatt fell asleep with his costume on.. yes, from last Halloween
Who isn't happy naked?

The next Tony Hawk
I love Hattie's smile on this one
Wyatt and "Sissy"
Hudson and his Daddy

These two look nothing alike!

I forgot to talk about the babies' 6 month follow-up, which was May 14th. I took them by myself, which I think worried the nurses and doctors... not sure why, maybe b/c of the shots, but everyone commented that I was brave to come by myself. While we were waiting for the doctor, the babies destroyed the paper that covered the table. It was in tiny pieces everywhere!! I let them do it, it was good entertainment. I was kept busy keeping it out of their mouths. The nurse and Dr. Gordon were surprised that they sat up so well and so straight. Hattie weighed 15 lbs, 2 oz (25% on her charts) and Hudson weighed 15 lbs, 12 oz (10% on his charts). Hudson was almost 2 inches longer than Hattie, putting him in the 25% and Hattie in the 10% percent. Hattie screamed when they had to clean some wax build up in her ear and again with the 3 shots. She had enough and was ready to get the heck out of there. Hudson also had a little wax and cried with his shots. Dr. Gordon was considering diagnosing Hudson with prescribed amoxicillin. The good news is that both babies ears looked good. She was a little concerned that Hudson is still leaking so much when he eats, she said she would keep an eye on everything as he began to talk.

Tuesday night the babies woke Ben up 3 times during the night, but everything went pretty well. I slept like a baby in the hotel and was surprised when the alarm went off at 6:45 a.m. Ben said Wyatt was quiet and he asked him why. He said are you tired? He said "Yeah, but I just miss Mom a little bit." Ben said he was really questioning why I was gone again and why I wasn't sleeping at home. When I picked him up at daycare on Wednesday he ran over to me and told me that he missed me. Before I picked him up I bought some ice cream for shakes. He was so excited. He wanted to go right home and make them and asked about 10 times if it was time. First I made eat dinner, then I told him I had to get the babies asleep. He was in his room watching cartoons. Once I got the babies calmed down for bed I made the shakes and told him it was time for the shakes. When he never came, Ben went to check on him and found him sound asleep. I was sad he missed out on shakes.... I put it in the fridge in case he woke up and asked about them. I missed him so much I slept with him and attempted to cuddle with him. Attempted is the key word... he is just like I used to be. He was all over the bed and even fell out once. I was kicked probably 10 times.

I had the alarm set for 5:00 this morning and planned on being on the road by 6:15. Well, the alarm was actually set after all and Ben woke up at 6:00, startled by the time.. at least we all slept pretty good. The babies didn't wake until 6:15, which is so unusual.. especially Hudson. And he only woke up once during the night. whew... wish every night was like that!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Olivia, Hudson, Michael and Hattie at Michael's first communion

Wyatt and Kendal

Me, Michael and Ryan - we are Michael's god parents
Grandma Ada and Hudson
All of Papa Dennis and Grandma Bonnie's Grandkids..

Monday night, May 11th, Wyatt and I went to Rylee's soft ball game. She is playing slow pitch for the first year. She did really good! She is so tiny compared to the rest of her team. Wyatt and Alyssa had a great time playing in the stands. I bought them ring pops. The pictures show how they wore as much of them as they ate!

Wyatt acting like Ben :)
Ben watched the babies at home and he said it was stressful. Wyatt and I got home just in time to help get everyone in bed. HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!! It was the first time for that. I woke up and ran to his bed. I didn't sleep all night b/c Hattie picked that night to wake up once and Wyatt didn't sleep the best either. BUT HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!

May 12th was Hollywood's 8th birthday! The day he was born just happened to be Nicole and Scott's wedding day. Poor dog... he went from being the love of Ben and I's lives to no attention besides getting yelled at. He is very good with the kids. Wyatt loves him. The babies just stare at him. They aren't scared of him, but I don't think they love him yet.

Nicole's family and Mom and Dad left for Gulf Shores that Tuesday. Mom and Dad left a little earlier and stopped in Tunica. They spent the night there, and Nicole, Scott and the kids came there for a few hours of sleep as well. After an interesting ride there, (GPS was set on the shortest way, not the quickest - big difference) they had an awesome time. Dad was ready to get home b/c the waves were too loud... if you know Dad that comment won't surprise you! The kids all had fun. I asked Rylee and Alyssa what their favorite part was of the trip. They both said the pool, then Rylee added Grandma's cooking, especially breakfast. I hope next year we can take our family on a trip, besides the Osage River!

Friday Wyatt left for mimi's house. She picked him up from school. He played some golf with uncle Rob and picked up tees from the ground. He ate well and slept lots. He had plenty of stories for us when we met them on the following Tuesday. He was so excited to see the babies. He said he really missed me. He admits to being Mommy's boy and told Ben that Hudson could be Daddy's boy!

Saturday, the 16th Ben and I went to the Cardinal's game with Jason Pecaut and Gene Fairfax. It was a noon game. Heather and Mitch watched the babies for us while we went. It was a good game even though we left. It was nice to sit and relax. I drank on the way there and the way home, but was too cheap to drink at the game. GOOD GOD! There should be gold in every cup they sell there. We had some good laughs.

Sunday Ben and I went to breakfast with the babies and went to Adrian Russell's graduation party from high school. This picture is from there posing with Ava.

Monday, the 18th.... HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT AGAIN!!! Once again, I didn't get to sleep all night, but HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!

Friday Ben and I took the family to Travis and Jessie's for a fish fry. Their new house is awesome. Makes me want to sell and build. They have a great location too with privacy.... hmmm... maybe someday we can have that. There were tons of kids at the party, probably more kids than adults. It is always nice to have plans that involve the kids.

Saturday was the ADULT day at the river. Janice agreed to watch the kids for us. Traci, Mike, James and Sheila went with us. It was the first day we took out MY boat. Ben doesn't claim the deck boat, his is the gator, which I want to sell.. We tied up with a ton of boats in the Maries. It was fun. Lots of pictures, but not all appropriate.... we untied eventually and took a boat ride. On our way home, we came across a boat that needed towed. It took forever and we didn't get off the water until 9:30. We came back with pretty empty coolers...

Traci, Sheila and Dawn
Traci and I
Sunday, per Wyatt, it was kid day at the river. Ben and I neither one felt like going, but we had promised Wyatt and were anxious to see how the babies would do. It was a cloudy day. It was relaxing though and eventually Mike, Traci and the girls joined us. Wyatt enjoyed playing at the back of the boat. At one point he fell in and was crying. Ben ran across the boat, threw off his glasses and jumped in to get him. Luckily he had his life jacket on but the current was moving pretty good. It scared all of us. It was a good reality check of why the life jacket is a must at all times. Wyatt cried so hard b/c he dropped his prized bobber (yep, I said bobber -he found it at the river a different day) when he fell. We had a heck of a time negotiating the boats over with the current to save bobber.. thank goodness he is now home with us where he belongs.. We left to get home in time for Ben to meet the boys to go fishing and the kids and I went to Christina's for a while to see the basement....which is awesome.... again, I want to build... if I go to one more new house I am likely to put a sign in our yard... I better stay home for a while. WE HAVE THREE IN DAYCARE!!!

Yesterday the babies, especially Hudson, were not good. Apparently they are teething. Hudson cannot keep his hand out of his mouth and would not sleep. And had to be held all day. I was convinced since he had SLEPT ALL NIGHT for two mondays in a row that he would again this Monday. WRONG.... HE DID NOT SLEEP ALL NIGHT.

Today I was back in St. Louis for training and am now in the hotel room enjoying some down time. I am going home tomorrow afternoon and have to be back here on Thursday morning, staying again Thursday night and coming home Friday. Hopefully the kids are being good for Ben. I told him I would enjoy my time a lot more if I knew that everything was going well for him there...

Wyatt update. I over heard Wyatt tell Hattie this weekend "Hattie, you're beautiful, and I love you.". I wanted to cry... what a sweetie. Wyatt also told me the other day that he needed something in the car. I told him I would get it at the next stop sign. He said you mean Octogon? I couldn't answer! I had to wait for the next stop sign and count the sides... He is smarter than me! Wyatt was helping entertain Hudson the other day and Hudson kept crying and wasn't satisfied. Wyatt told him "Hudson, you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit. I gave you this toy, now stop throwing a fit." Way to take charge. The other day he told me that if I wanted to see the Jump Arounds I would need to go to their dot com. That just cracked me up. One more... last night we were laying in bed and I told him thanks for being so good. I reminded him that he had only gotten in trouble one time, for flushing rocks down the toilet when I told him not too. He thought for a minute and reminded me that no, he had done another thing bad. He took his vitamin when I told him to wait, and he wasn't listening. It is good to know that even when he pushes all of my buttons, he really does know what is right and what is wrong.. and that he loves to tell me the truth..

Hudson is getting very close to crawling. He gets up on all fours now and rocks. He also is getting into things, like the diaper bag and the toy cube. He actually tries to pull himself some too. I expect him to be moving around pretty soon. He smiles at everyone and loves any attention he can get. He is still drooling. He actually makes the "m" sound alot, and Ben and I swear he is saying Mom. Hudson snorts alot!

Hattie likes to hit things and likes to repeat the same movements over and over. If you pull her toward you, she will keep doing it, smiling the entire time. she grunts at everything, even grunting when she laughs. Still doesn't like to eat food. She likes to crab things with all of her might and can pinch hard enough that it hurts.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Papa and the gang - minus the babes
Rylee, Wyatt and Alyssa - Wyatt is not normal

Team Photo - Wyatt is Papa's mini me

Wyatt seems to have forgotten how to smile right - Alyssa pretty as usual

the team in action..