Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sad.. I have no idea where the days and weeks go... It feels like I just typed something in here and it looks like it has been two weeks!!! I will update the best I can...

Most importantly, Hudson is sleeping through the night. The night after my last blog he started sleeping through. I actually have heard him cry a couple of times here and there, but only for a short time and not hard. It has been wonderful! He is sleeping later too, so we haven't gotten up before 6:00 in a while now. Hattie is still sleeping great. All night, every night. She doesn't move all night either, still sleeps in her boppy. Hudson is all over his bed.

Wyatt on the other hand sleeps terrible. He dreams constantly about bad guys either putting him in a tub (a reaccurring one), or fighting him, or eating him ( his newest one). He cries out a lot and comes in our room a lot. He usually ends up at the bottom of the bed and never, ever sleeps with any covers on. WILD. But, he gets that honestly, I was the same way growing up.

Our second week of camping was SO MUCH better. The babies were both very good, and entertained themselves much more. Both babies slept all night long and Wyatt was locked in, so no trips out for him either.

Of course we were not without incident.. Saturday morning I had the babies playing on my bed while I was getting things organized and then getting myself ready. Ben was watching them while I was in the bathroom. I heard Ben talking to them and then heard him make a noise that made me think something wasn't right. I came running out to see him running out of the camper... HUDSON HAD FALLEN OUT OF THE CAMPER. The bed snaps are broke on the canvas, therefore leaving a gap behind the beds to the ground, about a 4 foot fall to the pavement below. There was no crying as we came out of the camper, the worst thing for me... as we got to Hudson he started to cry. He was laying in a twisted position with his face on the pavement. We picked him up and carried him inside, stripping all of his clothes off. He had marks on his head, a big bruise/red mark on his back and a bruise on his leg. We debated the er and gave him some tylenol to help calm him. Luckily my brother in law Scott is an emt and came over to check him out for us. He is fine now.... I was an emotional wreck... shaking like crazy. Ben and I realize how lucky we were. It could have been so bad. We actually think he fell on his butt and hit his back on the way down, which then caused him to hit his head a little. You better believe we are getting them fixed asap.

Our day on the water was nice. We took the easy up which was a great way to keep the sun off the babies. Both got in the water for a while. Wyatt loved the water and loved having Rylee and Alyssa there to play with.

We woke up that Sunday to rain and started packing up. Sunday night we went to Zach's tball game. It was a major social event!!! Crazy how all the people we used to party with are nowing gathering at tball games...

The babies are starting to eat crackers now. Hattie still will not eat baby food. I keep meaning to tape her trying it... we could probably win funniest home videos with it..

Within the last week, Hudson is officially starting to crawl. Starting last Sunday, he would actually drag himself to wear he would want to go. He is still slow, but he is mobile. No, Hattie is not even close! She cracks us up! She is so noisy, and loves to hit toys together. But she hardly ever even rolls any more, and definitely doesn't want to crawl...

Hudson now has two teeth. He second one came in while we were camping, on the 13th of June. So, he now has the two bottom teeth. Hattie is starting to seem fussy and her nose is running on top of her chewing on her hands.. so, she is either getting sick or getting teeth... I am hoping for the latter.

Last week and this week Wyatt has been in swimming lessons. Last week was not the best start. He was timid and wouldn't do what the instructors were asking him to do. Ben took him on Monday and came home aggravated. Tuesday was much worse and they called me on the way home b/c it was so bad. Wyatt was screaming and Ben was furious. Ben had told Wyatt that he could go swimming in the baby pool with Kendal after the lessons if he would jump in without assistance. Wyatt refused so Ben made him leave. Wyatt through himself on the ground and ended up throwing his shirt at Ben. As you know, Ben has no tolerance for that... So, we had a long talk once Wyatt was home. There was no TV as a consequence of his tantrum and he promised he would do better. Wednesday and Thursday he did much better. I brought the babies on Wednesday so we were all there to see him. On Thursday I took him while Janice and Missy watched the babies, as Thursday's are Dad's golf night.. This week has been good too. THANK GOD!!! I took some pictures and video... I will try to add them soon.

Last Friday I was off and took Wyatt to the Eldon Pool with Traci, Michael and Kendal. Wyatt kept getting out and laying down on his towel and falling asleep. Mom of the Year thought he was tired, never thought about him being sick, even after he told me his legs hurt b/c they weren't home... DUH. I finally figured it out after we stopped on the way home to see Ben and he said he felt like he was burning up. I took his temp and it was 102.2. We ended up taking him to urgent care on Saturday. His strep test was negative, but they treated him for that anyway b/c of his symptoms. He weighed 36 pds.

Saturday night Ben watched the kids while I went with a bunch of the Graham family and my friends to see Footloose. It was very good! We then went for a few drinks since we already had babysitters. It was a nice night.

Sunday was Father's Day. We went to breakfast with Ben's family at American Legion and then to Mema's and Bud's. Ben received a golf shirt from the kids! Then we all went home to take naps... everyone except Wyatt! Sunday night we went to Ed and Janice's for brats.

I am still in training for my new job. I am just about ready to get started and so nervous about that! It still feels so foreign to me... but, I think I will not really feel comfortable with it until I just start doing it. I am going back to St. Louis this Thursday and Friday.. Today was MISERABLE in the heat.. I was not meant to work in it.. I won't have to be out much once I am trained, just to inspect a vehicle... but now I am standing out in it.. turns me in to a whiner real quick.

My parents came over to dinner tonight and were supposed to help hang a new mirror I ordered.. BUT, IT WON'T WORK.. the old mirror is freaking nail glued to the wall????????? Who in the heck does this??? Apparently a lot of people these days.. but it is completely ridiculous.... I am so mad!!! Ben has been mouthing me all night for jumping the gun and ordering it.. I am mouthing him for not telling me before now that it could be a problem.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

May 30th was Ben and I’s 6 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated it on Friday night, the 29th, and went to a 60th birthday party. My mom and dad came over and watched the kids for us. Saturday, the 30th, Ben actually played in a golf tournament and the kids and I hung out. Hudson started sitting from a crawling position. He did it a couple of times. He is still not crawling, but close. He rocks back in forth on all fours, but then gets down and kinda drags himself forward. Sunday we went to the river with Scott, Kelly, Mike, Traci, Brad and Krissy and all of the kids. It was a nice day.. I was tired from Hudson keeping me up. He slept terrible the night before!!! We went to El Jimador after the river.

Ben and I were both off on Monday, the 1st. We would pick a very hot day to take off to do yard work!! We did get a lot accomplished though, which was a great feeling. It has been impossible to get anything done at the house with the babies home, especially yard work. I had weeds everywhere. We stopped at 2:00 and came inside to rest for a while before picking up the kids. We have to be on our toes when they are home!

Tuesday morning Ben drove me to Linn to meet one of my coworkers. I helped him to go get his new company car in Sullivan. I had to ride in the back seat because he had his portable desk in the front seat. I get very car sick, very easy… this was a rough ride down curvy roads.. makes my head spin thinking about it. The good news is, I get to drive his old car for work purposes for now. Very excited about that!

Finally, on Tuesday night, I decided I was going to let Hudson cry it out again. I have been exhausted lately, as that kid will wake up 2 to 3 times a night, and has only slept through the night 2 times in his life. Tuesday night he cried for 1 hour and 45 minutes straight, only stopping for about 30 seconds here and there to catch his breath. I went in a couple of times, which, looking back, probably only made it worse.

Wednesday, June 3rd, I took the day off and went with Sheila and Deann to Lee Summit to see Kim. We had a nice trip, but it seemed so short! We did some shopping and ate lunch while we were there. We did get some visiting in too! Hudson cried Wednesday night for 1 hour and 15 minutes straight… a sign of improvement!

Thursday, June 4th….. A day of firsts!!!!! Hudson got his first tooth! It is on the bottom, the left of the front ones. The right one is right there and ready to get break through any day. Hattie came home in her first pig tails! Daycare put them in, and they were so cute. What a big girl! Both babies also started to stand on their own while holding on to something that night too. They can’t stay up for more than 10 to 30 seconds, but they can do it!!! And HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT! Hattie has started screaming, just for fun. SHE IS SO LOUD! She gets a red face from screaming so much. I guess she just likes to hear herself. It is funny and cute!

Friday we left for camping. It was our first outing in the camper and our first with the babies. We went with Nick and Jessica. We got to the camp site around 6:00. The babies did good on the ride there and slept most of the way there. Things were hectic though, because Ben was busy doing the camping and dinner stuff while I was trying to entertain the kids. I was burnt out and needed a drink. I never got one b/c by the time I had all three of them asleep I was ready for bed. I tried to let Hudson cry it out when he woke during the night, but it was too close of quarters and I couldn’t take it. He woke up two times. Saturday we went out on the Lake for 4 or 5 hours. Wyatt had a great time in his little boat and the babies were pretty good too. I worried about them getting sunburned and tried to keep them under this stupid umbrella that constantly fell or collapsed with the wind… Saturday night we fixed dinner and I planned to drink once the kids were asleep. However, I fell asleep with Wyatt and never made it back to the camp fire. I had the shock of my life during the night though… I woke up about 3:00 to the sound of crying outside. I knew that it was Wyatt crying.. I yelled Ben’s name a couple of times and ran outside. Wyatt was sleep walking and was outside the camper!!!!!!!!!!! I picked him up and carried him back inside. He wanted apple juice and finally calmed down. When I laid he back down he asked me why I was outside. I told him I wasn’t until I went to get him. So, apparently he thought I was outside in his dream and went to get me. I can’t believe I didn’t hear him b/c he was sleeping very close to me… but I didn’t hear a thing until he was crying…. Scary, because our campsite was next to the water.. Sunday we got up early and started packing up to come home.

Sunday afternoon we went to Chace’s birthday party. He turned one on the 4th. He dug into his cake! It was cute! Sunday night I let Hudson cry it out again. He did pretty good! He probably only cried for no more than ½ hour. Last night he did good too! I think he only cried for 10 minutes or so. We are getting closer!!!! Of course on the nights that Hudson does good, Hattie doesn’t do as well! She woke up at 4:00 to eat.

Dinner time has really calmed down around the house finally.. I have Hattie and Hudson entertained with biter biscuits. Hudson eats most of his.. Hattie just beats the crap out of hers and makes a huge mess.

Wyatt has been moved to the big kid group at daycare. I could tell almost the same day just because he is talking about different things now. He knows the days of the week in order and is getting pretty good at the months. He is more aware of what letter some words start with and has even talked about some small math additions. The other day he was very serious as he explained to Ben that even though Hattie has little boobies, she is a girl and is just a baby. He told me the other day on the way home that “Hollywood has brothers in Canton, in Mimi’s world”. When we got home from camping, Wyatt told me “Mommy, I missed home and glad to be home. I missed my toys, my bouncy balls, everything.” He asks after almost anything we say, "How you know that?". He asked Ben something the other day and Ben said he didn't know. Wyatt told him, "well, that is because you don't listen very well." - guess he told him! He still has lots of trouble saying his s's.. which I had to go to speech class to correct. He says "sink" for "think".. love that.. so cute. Wyatt is SO PROTECTIVE of the babies. He worries about them choking on legos... he gets mad at one of them if they are mean to the other, he hugs them, talks to them... and he gets so proud of them when they do new stuff. Right now he is always in the back seat telling them how proud he is and how big they are when they try to sit up or pull their head up in their seats..