Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sickness Update

Everyone is feeling better finally and Ben has receovered from surgery and has been able to help like normal now.

Hattie has had some bad evenings of crying a lot, which is out of character for her. I am thinking it is still ear pain from the infection or an irrated belly from the medicine. she is on day 7 of the 10 day prescription. Hudson's crying is getting better. I hate to say that too loud, afraid to curse myself.

Hattie loves to watch people and can stare you down as you hold her. Hudson is much more entertained by the tv and really seems involved in cartoons. Wyatt will sit on the floor next to their bouncy and watch cartoons and touch the babies at the same time... He thinks that squeezing their face in the cheek area makes them happy.. He said it makes them smile.. Funny thing that the smile is usually followed by a cry. IMAGINE.

Thoughts of a 3 year old....

Many times a day, Wyatt says something funny... it is sad to think how they grow so quick and I won't be able to remember all the things he says today! Just wanted to note a couple things he has told us...

Ben recently took Wyatt to his first MU game. Ben said Wyatt did pretty well and only had one melt down. On the way home, Wyatt declares that he wants to be an MU tiger and wants mom and dad to come sit on the front row and watch him.. Ben was thrilled as Wyatt tells us all the time that he does not want to be a Blair Oaks Falcon b/c he does not want to play any sports. Ben asked "You really want to be an MU Tiger and play sports?". Wyatt replies "No, I want to be TRUMAN THE TIGER!! Priceless... and so Wyatt..

This morning, Ben and Wyatt are in the bathroom talking about a few things. Out of the blue and completely off the subject, Wyatt says "Do know what is disappointing? It is disappointing that you can jump on Heather and Mitch's trampoline and you might fall off..." He obviously has heard the word disappointing a few times recently... KIDS ARE SO SMART!

When Hudson cries, I have already noted that we have to use the vacuum. Wyatt will turn it on for us, but wants it off quickly. He shut the door the other day b/c he was "tired of hearing that". One day, I shut the vacuum off after finally Hudson calm. Hattie started crying. Wyatt, sighing big said "AAUUGGHH... turn the vaccum back on.." It was like he knew that is what we were going to do and was totally irrated at the thought of it. Cute.

Wyatt admits when he was bad somewhere when we get home and admits to what he did to be bad. And of course never knows why he was acted bad, always says "I don't know" and shrugs his shoulders.. He says that mom and dad are both nice, but mom can be a little bit mean and dad can be a lot mean.. he also says that Hattie and Hudson will never be bad and should never get spankens.. if only..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's Try This Again...

I am a terrible blogger... I can admit it.. but I want to be better! I keep thinking that I am going to wake up one day and my life will be calm, and the chaos will be gone.. NOT HAPPENING.

The babies will be 3 months old tomorrow! How crazy is that??? But such a relief. We survived the hardest part I think... things are already looking better compared to a few weeks ago...

I went back to work on January 5th. I was supposed to go back on the 12th, but came back a week early before I lost my mind. It was tough, I give kudos to those that can do it. Day care has been great for the babies, and good for me.. They have told me many times that they don't know how I did it by myself. Hudson is enough to keep anyone busy, and to throw Hattie in made me think I was going to have a break down. Work has been good for me. I can't wait to pick up the babies and Wyatt at night and I can actually eat my lunch at a nice, slow pace.

At their two month appt, Hudson weighed 11 lbs, 1 oz and Hattie weighed 10 lbs even. Both fell into the 25% range. Their appt went well. Dr. Gordon feels both have acid reflux and put both of them on Zantac. They both still spit up, but I do think it has improved. Hudson is still on formula - lactose free and Hattie is still on breatmilk. I have about 500 oz of breast milk in the freezer now, as I am hoping to some day give Hudson at least one breast milk bottle a day.

Dr. Gordon now has it in writing that Hudson has colic and I have finally decided to agree. You don't want to ever be a parent with a colic baby, but we have tried everything to keep him happy and nothing has worked!! The good thing is, colic does pass, and Hudson is showing signs of improvement. The vacuum used to run in our house for hours every night (the only thing that stops Hudson's crying spells) and during the night. We are down to about 30 to 45 minutes a day.. He is doing much better in the mornings and the fits don't start until late afternoon. For the last month he has been going to bed at 8:00 and waking up an average of 2 times every night, then wakes around 6 to 6:30. The night feedings are getting better, sometimes only a 1/2 hour of being awake... He sleeps on his belly, which I know isn't good.. We are using an angel care monitor that monitors movements. It makes me feel comfortable with him on his belly and he sleeps so much better. Hudson and I have figured out a good routine, making it harder for others to help me. He is a momma's boy already. Hudson is not a binkie baby. If he does take one, it is the ugly one from the hospital. It is his favorite!

Hattie is really a perfect baby. She hardly ever fusses and for the past month has slept all night long. She goes to bed usually between 9 and 10, and doesn't wake until at least 5:30. Then, she eats and falls back asleep, sometimes until 11:00 a.m! I am sad b/c I don't get to spend near the time I would like with her. Ben takes care of her for the most part b/c I have Hudson. She is going to have Ben wrapped around her little finger... actually, she already does... Hattie loves her pacifier.. you definitely want to know where it is at all times.. Hattie sleeps on her back, but in her boppy. She likes to be elevated, not flat. She also likes the cover to be right in her face when she goes to sleep.

Both of the babies love the bouncy seat and one or both of them are usually sitting in their seat at the table when we attempt to eat together! We also finally got a full size swing that goes back and forth and side to side. We should have had that from the beginning. Both of them will fall asleep in the swing and sleep for a few hours.. NICE. The swing plugs into the wall.. why don't they make all accessories like that??? I change the bouncy seat batteries constantly, especially when Wyatt uses it for his stuffed animals when the babies aren't in there!

The last week was quite the treat. Wyatt went to the doctor on Wednesday and had a sinus infection, Hudson went on Thursday and had an ear infection in the left ear and Hattie went to the doctor on Friday with an ear infection in the right ear. All three were given prescriptions. Then Ben had his surgery (no more babies for us) on Thursday, so he has been recovering from that. I honestly didn't feel very good either, but there was no time for me to think about that! Hudson weighed 11 lbs, 9.5 oz at his appt, and Hattie weighed 10 lbs 10.5 oz at her appt.

Dr. Herrbold saw Hudson last week and added to his list of conditions. He stated that he had a slight tongue tie, where his tongue doesn't come out quite as much as it should. He said it wasn't bad enough to do anything about, but probably contributes to him eating so messy still.. he soaks a burp cloth with every feeding. He also said he has trach______, something where the tissue around the trach flaps, cutting off the air sometimes. This would explain the noises he makes at times, especially when he is crying... This boy has had a long list of things! Broken clavicle, jaundice, clicking hip, colic, blocked tear duct, sensitive skin, and now this.

Wyatt is the best big brother... I am so proud of him. He has not once shown an signs of jealousy and tries to help as much as he can with the babies. He gets burp cloths and diapers and will watch them for us when we need to leave the room for a second. He calls himself bubba.. and calls Hattie Sweetie Pie, Hattie Lynn, or Sweet Girl.. obviously listens to us talking to her! He loves his brother and is always right in his face.. He just calls him Hudson.. or bubba... He makes them promises of taking care of them or not letting them fall, or not letting mean animals getting them.. so sweet to hear him talk to them. He asked Hattie what she wanted to be when she got older the other night.. cracked me up.

Everyone loves bath time. The babies both have seats, but I also get in the tub with them sometimes and let them float in the water freely.. They love that. They both scream when it is time to get out, especially Hudson, imagine that!

I know this entry is long. I actually downloaded 500 pictures to my computer this morning, so sometime in the very near future I should have pictures. And I will post again soon, my promise is by the end of this week!