Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, 9-29-08

Just checking in.. Yep, still in bed, watching Bonnie Hunt show and keeping up with work stuff. Ben and I are working on getting a couple more things done/organized before the babies come. He built some much-needed shelves in the garage for clothes storage this weekend and I wiped down the car seats and got the breast pump stuff organized. (yes, all while sitting down, no lectures!!!!)

I have spent the weekend getting used to lots of hip/pelvis/back pain.. feeling about 3 times my age.. I am still having contractions, much like I was in the month before I went to the hospital. I am taking my procardia and keeping the fluids down.

Couple of cute stories of Wyatt.. he got a new shirt from "aunt Cole" (Nicole) and it says only child which is scratched through, then has Big Brother under that. He wore it to bed the night she gave it to him and tried to wear it to school today.. He says that he will wear it when Daddy, Mommy and he goes to the hospital and wait for the babies to "pop" out... but he is sure to tell you that they will give me medicine. The other night the babies were very active as Wyatt was feeling my belly.. He said I think they are kicking me b/c they like me! I said that is definitely why they are kicking you!!!!

When you come to our house and look at the ultrsound book, Wyatt will be sure to show you the picture of the "dukus" - Hudson's boy part... he says that he will hold the brother, anyone else can hold the sister... and... he will get the diapers but he will not change the babies, b/c they will poop and it will stink and that will be gross....

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Steph said...

Your looking great Jeni, love the kids rooms, so creative! Wyatt's going to be a great big bro!