Friday, October 3, 2008

10-2-08 Appt

Another good appt! My sister-in-law took me to my appt yesterday afternoon. As usual, we first had our ultrasound. The babies looked great!!!! And at risk to sound like I am repeating myself weekly, Hattie was a wild child, with her head very low. Hudson is still breach, and was active as well! Hattie was more stretched out, with her legs crossed. Hudson is folded in half, with his head and feet by each other - doesn't look at all comfortable! Hattie did have the higher heartrate for once.. Neither of them stopped long enough for good pictures...

Next was the stress test. Hattie was just a tad more cooperative than last week. They used that noisy thing again on both of them to get their heart rates to increase.. Dr. Floyd tells me this is nothing to worry about, but that is easier said than done. Hudson seems so much more laid back... if he comes out and is the higher maintenance baby, I will be completely surprised. Hattie kept pushing against the monitor, hard enough that it was difficult to hold it in place..

Lastly, we met with Dr. Floyd. He is very happy with where we are at... He asked about my contractions I was having and I said I had a couple while they were monitoring me. He said a couple? Looks like they were non stop! He left the room to get the measurements of my cervix, I think worried about what it was. But, it was 2.5 cm which he was thrilled with. He measured my uterus again, it was 41. He said that these babies have progressed beautifully throughout my pregnancy and he is not worried.. He thinks they weigh about 4 1/2 lbs a piece right now.

Yep, I am still negotiating with him. Tuesday is the big 34 week mark!!! BIG DEAL!!! I can start going to other houses and resting there, and can go out to eat once a week!!! Then at 36 weeks, he said I can do what I want!!! I asked if that includes going back to work, he was like "why?". I told him I am not one meant to be home.. I need to get back to my routine until the babies come.. He said if I really want to, I can!!! So, if I am still pregnant at 36 weeks, you will see me everywhere.. so many errands I would love to run. He did say again that next week I will come off the procardia, which is supposedly slowing the contractions. Heather asked if he thought I would make it to 36 weeks. He said if I keep going the way I am going I could make it.. but, things could change once I stop the medicine. He is fine with the a babies coming after 34 weeks.. He said they may need to stay a little longer in the hospital just to make sure they have good weight and breathing well, but more as a precaution.

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