Friday, October 31, 2008

10-30-08 Appt

My appt went fine.. nothing new which was disappointing.. I am still dilated to 4 and 90% effaced. Dr. Floyd hugged me two different times, I guess proud that I made it this far. He asked what these babies are waiting for? I said I have no idea, but I am ready for them to start listening to me.. He said they were waiting on him.. in that case, this weekend will probably be pretty uneventful and they will come on Monday... I have to be there at 6:30, but he says he is betting the babies won't be here until 2:00, definitely not before noon... but he says as soon as he said that, they will probably prove him wrong! The good news is, he says since I have already progressed so much I can have the epidural right away. I wonder if the epidural will take away all of my other complaints... :( I got a flu shot.. babies heart rates were in 140's - Hudson's was higher. Hudson was still, Hattie was going crazy.

I didn't sleep well at all.. last night I was up 3 straight hours, from 1-4, then up again at 5:30 for a little bit, then up at 6:57 when Wyatt woke me.. wanting to know if it was a stay-home day.

Wyatt's update - his surgery went very well. We had to be there at 8:15. We let him sleep until 7:50, so there was little time to want anything to drink or eat. He was very well behaved. Actually asked several times when they were going to take him back so he could blow up the balloon that they promised. The surgery took an hour. Dr. McDonald said that he had a sinus infection and that his adenoids were very large. His left ear has some side effects from having so much fluid for so long, something has been pushed really far back, but the good thing is - it was pushed back in a good way and not a damaging way. His adenoids were removed, or shaven, and the tubes were put in. He said we need these tubes to stay in a while so lets hope for the best. We went back there and he was crying, very out of it. He would roll his eyes and fall back to sleep, did that several times. He had an iv in, which as a parent is hard to see.. luckily he was back asleep when they took it out. We left there at 11:30 and stopped at Schulte's for jello. He slept until we got home and watched Diego. After Diego he wanted some jello and apple juice. Then chicken and chips.. two helpings... (so much for the liquid and soft food diet). He slept for several hours after eating and then woke up wanting El Jimador. We took advantage of it b/c once the babies come we won't be going for a while... On the way there Wyatt told Ben to drive faster b/c he was so hungry and said that his throat hurt b/c he didn't have his chicken taco in his mouth. Needless to say, he is back to normal today and watching Mickey Mouse while I type this. We are going to his Halloween party and then going to McDonalds with papa Dennis.

I will get one more belly shot update. I have gained almost 50 POUNDS. I am a hog.

So... I will have my computer Monday and my cell phone. I will update when I can. 3 more nights of miserable sleep, then just sleepless nights which will be a lot more rewarding...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

37 weeks!

Yesterday marked the end of week 37. I have very quickly went downhill, and cannot wait until Monday gets here.. I have now added indigestion to my list of complaints including swelling, arthritis in my knee, hand, elbow, tight/miserable stomach stretched beyond belief.. and that is not all of them but I doubt anyone wants to hear about the rest.. I feel 90.. at the youngest..

Today is my last day of work. Bright and early tomorrow morning we are taking Wyatt in for surgery. He is getting a second set of tubes in his ear and then getting his adenoids removed. Not the best timing, but he is having trouble with ear infections again, like magic after his last set fell out. Tomorrow afternoon I have an appt, so mom is taking me while Ben stays home with Wyatt. Friday Ben and I are both off, and will probably take Wyatt in to his Halloween party at school. Friday night we are staying home welcoming any visitors trick or treating.. Ben is planning on taking Wyatt around in the neighborhood.. I hope he feels up to it. I have heard a wide range on the recovery time for adenoids removed, up to 2 weeks... yuck.

A couple of recent stories on Wyatt... He was in the bath one night the week before last when he said "ah, look" and held his thumb down by his "dukus". "Their TWINS! You have twins in your belly, and my dukus and thumb are twins!" Nice.. I wasn't sure how to react!!! Wyatt also has told several people that he just wants to keep Hudson, not Hattie... oh well, I am sure next week he will love her just the same as Hudson.. he constantly kisses my belly and wants to feel them kick. He asked me the other day if they were going to "pop out" at home or in the car! I explained that I hoped neither and that the doctor would need to help them... come out of my belly button of course!!

So, if nothing happens before Monday, we will be there at 6:30 to get this show on the road.... anxious to meet the babies and know that they are here safely. I will update tomorrow after my appt.

Friday, October 24, 2008

10-23-08 Appt

Well, bummer.... I am back at home... swelling is pretty bad, especially in my right foot, leg, knee, even into my thigh. left side isn't much better... so, Dr. Floyd says no more work. The good news is, I am not on bedrest, he just doesn't want me sitting all day, says I need to lay down with my feet high some...

The babies looked great! Hattie's heart rate was 128, Hudson's was 138. For a change, Hattie was very cooperative, actually a little too still.. Hudson was all over the place. He was in a ball, with his feet extending to Hattie's side of the stomach. Hattie's head is still low, with her feet right under my ribs, so she seems to be stretched out! Hudson is still breech and it is obviously unlikely he will change. the ultrasound tech said she wouldn't put it past him yesterday, since he was being so onery. He was kicking constantly. Same when monitoring their heart rates during the stress test, Hattie was good, Hudson acted up.

I am dilated to 4 and 90% effaced. Could be any day! Or, could be all the way til November 3rd! I have gotten him to agree to induce at 6:30 a.m. on November 3rd! Still over a week away, but something to count down to! If I made it that far, I would be 38 weeks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

10-16-08 appt

Just a quick note to say my appt went great! I will update it more completely this afternoon... this morning I am getting a haircut and running an errand or two... dr. floyd was sick and wasn't able to give me any instructions.... so I am releasing myself from bed rest!!!! no phone calls today to change my mind.. The babies looked awesome!!!! hattie weighed 5 lbs 14 oz and hudson weighed 5 lbs 13 oz!!! Much bigger than I expected!!!! the only bad news, Hudson's head is freakin huge.. measured like two weeks bigger than the rest of him/hattie.... GREAT.. he is still breech. my contactractions were 5 1/2 minutes a part there. I am out of contraction medicine. they were going to send dr. floyd a message to see if I needed a renewal... I can't imagine him extending it!!!!! I am 35 1/2 weeks now!!! both had hair, Hattie more than Hudson, which is good since his head is so darn big.. not sure I will deliver him breech, with a huge head... little concerned about that...........

Thursday, October 9, 2008

10-9-08 Appt

I left the appt today with lots of photos, but nothing new.. thought I would share a picture from Saturday.. Wyatt painted the babies and we both painted his face...sorry if you are not into bare belly shots!

34 1/2 weeks down... who knows what to go! The appt today went very well.. the babies were both active, the nurse said it appeared they were having an argument.. If so, Hudson won.. he was kicking poor Hattie in the face! Hudson was actually probably the more active one today. His heartrate was 140, hers was 152 (I think that is right..) Hattie is still VERY head down, Hudson is still breech. They were looking more comfortable today, neither one too scrunched..

Next to monitoring.. they actually cooperated!!!! It was amazing! Actually this was a very entertaining part of the appt. The girl next to me, 21 years old, was pregnant with twins as well, but had 8 month old twins and a 4 year old at home.. And I think she was single. Can't imagine, don't want to... I knew I was having lots of contractions, but wasn't timing them...

On to Dr. Floyd.. he poked his head in and said I need to check your cervix, I asked why and he said my contractions were three minutes apart! didn't feel like they were that close.. anyway.. I am dilated to a 2-3 and 75% to 80% effaced. Based on this.. still on the procardia for another week to two weeks. he refilled it for 1 week for now, but made the comment that he doubted he would be refilling it again, saying he thinks I will go before then... he tells me to not watch my contractions b/c they will confuse me at this point, since I am having so many. He wants me to concentrate on the pressure I feel, or for fluid leaking, or for blood. I am supposed to come right away if any of those signs show up. He said Hattie's head is very, very low... says he is surprised I don't feel like her head is going to come out! NICE!

He still says I can go to someone else's house to rest for the next week, but doesn't want me up and about and doesn't want me driving b/c it could happen at any time..

so... here I am... freaking out about a couple things work related, house work, and preparing my hospital bag.. of course I could easily hold out for a few more weeks, I was dilated to a 2 and 100% effaced for 3 weeks I think with Wyatt. If I am still pregnant next Thursday, they will measure the babies again to find out their size. I will keep you posted!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

10-2-08 Appt

Another good appt! My sister-in-law took me to my appt yesterday afternoon. As usual, we first had our ultrasound. The babies looked great!!!! And at risk to sound like I am repeating myself weekly, Hattie was a wild child, with her head very low. Hudson is still breach, and was active as well! Hattie was more stretched out, with her legs crossed. Hudson is folded in half, with his head and feet by each other - doesn't look at all comfortable! Hattie did have the higher heartrate for once.. Neither of them stopped long enough for good pictures...

Next was the stress test. Hattie was just a tad more cooperative than last week. They used that noisy thing again on both of them to get their heart rates to increase.. Dr. Floyd tells me this is nothing to worry about, but that is easier said than done. Hudson seems so much more laid back... if he comes out and is the higher maintenance baby, I will be completely surprised. Hattie kept pushing against the monitor, hard enough that it was difficult to hold it in place..

Lastly, we met with Dr. Floyd. He is very happy with where we are at... He asked about my contractions I was having and I said I had a couple while they were monitoring me. He said a couple? Looks like they were non stop! He left the room to get the measurements of my cervix, I think worried about what it was. But, it was 2.5 cm which he was thrilled with. He measured my uterus again, it was 41. He said that these babies have progressed beautifully throughout my pregnancy and he is not worried.. He thinks they weigh about 4 1/2 lbs a piece right now.

Yep, I am still negotiating with him. Tuesday is the big 34 week mark!!! BIG DEAL!!! I can start going to other houses and resting there, and can go out to eat once a week!!! Then at 36 weeks, he said I can do what I want!!! I asked if that includes going back to work, he was like "why?". I told him I am not one meant to be home.. I need to get back to my routine until the babies come.. He said if I really want to, I can!!! So, if I am still pregnant at 36 weeks, you will see me everywhere.. so many errands I would love to run. He did say again that next week I will come off the procardia, which is supposedly slowing the contractions. Heather asked if he thought I would make it to 36 weeks. He said if I keep going the way I am going I could make it.. but, things could change once I stop the medicine. He is fine with the a babies coming after 34 weeks.. He said they may need to stay a little longer in the hospital just to make sure they have good weight and breathing well, but more as a precaution.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10-1-08 Update

Just an update... I have been having lots of contractions over the past 24 hours... I wasn't watching the clock as close as I probably should have been yesterday, but today they are about every 15 minutes.. but, they very in intensity, none of them painful, more of just tightening and uncomfortable. I have called the doctor, at the urging of my own personal doctor, Ben, and he feels I am fine until my appt tomorrow, unless my contractions get closer or start hurting..

Thanks to all my visitors over the past several days!!! Heather and Sheri brought pizza last week, Saturday brought Lesli, Deann and Kim (and their groups) over, mom, dad and Ed came Sunday, then Monday Sheri and Tricia came over for a play date!!! Lots of fun! Last night mimi spent the night, Wyatt always enjoys that and so do we!

I have a lot of very important people (Mom, Dad, Jen and Traci) out of town this weekend.. these babies have to stay where they are for a while!!!! The doctor said before he didn't want them coming at least before 34 weeks! I was 33 yesterday....