Monday, November 17, 2008

2 week visit

Today we had our two week visit. All is well with the babies! Hudson is up to 6 lbs 7 oz and Hattie is up to 6 lbs 3 oz. Dr. Gordon is comfortable enough with their weight and doesn't need to see us until the two month appt.. GREAT NEWS! She has referred Hudson for a pt appt. When he fractured his clavicle, he picked up this positioning of his neck to the left side. When he gets in that position, he freezes and screams. You can tell it is very painful. Dr Gordon said the therapist could give us some exercises to do to prevent it from getting worse.

The bad news for the day is I have another mastitis. I had one during the first couple of weeks with Wyatt too.. It is very painful and I am running a fever of 103. I started last night to get the fever and can get it to come down with the 800 milligram of ibprofen. The problem is, I can only take it every 8 hours. I called my doctor today and they never called me back.. I called the hospital tonight and started crying when they told me that I needed to go to urgent care. I just want someone to call me in some medicine! Anyway, I have started taking Tylenol too and my fever is down to 101. It has been a rough day for me.. I was trying to take care of the babies the best I could and slept right with them when they slept!!

I promise to add some pictures soon. My days fly by and everything I mean to happen doesn't.. and now my fever really slowed me down.. Hattie and Hudson are SO DIFFERENT. They look different, eat different, act different.. Hattie is mellow and doesn't cry much. She eats very slow, burps good and has a tendency to spit up. She looks a lot like her momma.. Hudson eats fast and makes a complete mess, but is less likely to spit up. He has a temper and does not like diaper changes! I love them so much! I am proud of them!!!!

Wyatt is adjusting okay. He loves the babies and kisses them constantly. Problem is, he wakes them up and is too in their face.. He has been in trouble a lot with Ben and I.. He is definitely seeing what he can get away with.. we are constantly disciplining which is no fun! I am hoping it is over soon.. doesn't help that he is 3!

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