Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9-16-08 appt - 31 weeks

The first ultrasound was done while I was admitted to the hospital on 9-12. It shows Hudson's boy parts, right in poor Hattie's face! Second picture was taken on 9-16 and you can see Hattie's face in the background on the right side. the lower left is Hudson's body.

9-16-08 I had another appt today. Everything was great!!! Hattie is still baby a and head down.. Hudson is still b and breech. The crazy thing is the doctor says that does not matter, as long as Hattie is first and head down... once she is out he will reach in and get Hudson, and he will come out whichever way he is, possibly feet first.. he does not suspect that I will have a c section! that is, unless Hattie decides to flip.. the ultrasound tech said her head is really down there.. They are growing fast! Hudson weighs approx 3 lbs 13 oz, Hattie weighs 3 lb 9 oz. Big!!! They are both right on track, measuring right at or a little over 31 weeks, which is what I am officially today..

If you haven't heard, I am on bed rest and will remain there for quite some time, possibly the whole time. I was admitted to the hospital last Thursday with contractions 3 to 7 minutes apart and released on Saturday. Contractions have slowed, I am only having one or so every hour, which he feels is fine. I am on a medicine to stop the contractions. My cervix has not shortened (a good thing he says) although at the hospital I was 70% effaced and dilated just a little, no more than a 1. He said for the next 3 weeks there will be no changes. I am to be home in bed besides to go to the bathroom or fix a sandwich, not to lift over 5 lbs, and no driving.. at 34 weeks, I can travel to someone else's house and lay down, not sure about driving then.... At 36 weeks, I may be able to negotiate small errands, but no work.. I don't know why, but he stressed that to me several times.. Oh well, I will see what else I can talk him into at my next appt! Yes, I will do whatever is best for the babies!!!!!

They did a stress test again and everything seemed to be okay. Hattie is always a little shy and doesn't perform as they want her to. But, then they use this noisy vibrating thing and that makes her kick.. that is what they want to see.. they are both "practice breathing", Hudson more than Hattie today. They need to have this down pat so they are ready when they do come out. I did get the steroid shots in the hospital to help develop their lungs, just in case we can't keep them in there as long as they are supposed to.

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