Thursday, October 9, 2008

10-9-08 Appt

I left the appt today with lots of photos, but nothing new.. thought I would share a picture from Saturday.. Wyatt painted the babies and we both painted his face...sorry if you are not into bare belly shots!

34 1/2 weeks down... who knows what to go! The appt today went very well.. the babies were both active, the nurse said it appeared they were having an argument.. If so, Hudson won.. he was kicking poor Hattie in the face! Hudson was actually probably the more active one today. His heartrate was 140, hers was 152 (I think that is right..) Hattie is still VERY head down, Hudson is still breech. They were looking more comfortable today, neither one too scrunched..

Next to monitoring.. they actually cooperated!!!! It was amazing! Actually this was a very entertaining part of the appt. The girl next to me, 21 years old, was pregnant with twins as well, but had 8 month old twins and a 4 year old at home.. And I think she was single. Can't imagine, don't want to... I knew I was having lots of contractions, but wasn't timing them...

On to Dr. Floyd.. he poked his head in and said I need to check your cervix, I asked why and he said my contractions were three minutes apart! didn't feel like they were that close.. anyway.. I am dilated to a 2-3 and 75% to 80% effaced. Based on this.. still on the procardia for another week to two weeks. he refilled it for 1 week for now, but made the comment that he doubted he would be refilling it again, saying he thinks I will go before then... he tells me to not watch my contractions b/c they will confuse me at this point, since I am having so many. He wants me to concentrate on the pressure I feel, or for fluid leaking, or for blood. I am supposed to come right away if any of those signs show up. He said Hattie's head is very, very low... says he is surprised I don't feel like her head is going to come out! NICE!

He still says I can go to someone else's house to rest for the next week, but doesn't want me up and about and doesn't want me driving b/c it could happen at any time..

so... here I am... freaking out about a couple things work related, house work, and preparing my hospital bag.. of course I could easily hold out for a few more weeks, I was dilated to a 2 and 100% effaced for 3 weeks I think with Wyatt. If I am still pregnant next Thursday, they will measure the babies again to find out their size. I will keep you posted!!!!!

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Steph said...

I bet you are freaking out! Thanks for the update, I was wondering about ya. We'll be praying for ya!