Monday, November 17, 2008

First Days at Home

As I said, we were released to come home on Wednesday. We were both exhausted and ready to just unwind some. I was trying to nurse, but having trouble with my milk coming in and on getting both of them to latch.

Thursday, the following day, we had our followup appt with Dr. Gordon. At that appt, Hattie weighed 5.45 and Hudson weighed 5.9. They were both showing signs of jaundice so we had to go to the lab. Their levels were 10 for Hattie and 13 for Hudson. Dr. Gordon wanted to make sure they were both eating every 2-3 hours and to supplement formula if I had to. That night was long and I did have to give each of them a little formula, due to problems with them latching on.

Friday we had to go back to the doctor for a weight check. At this appt, Hudson weighed 5.11 and Hattie weighed 5.5. It was at least a gain instead of a loss and Dr. Gordon was happy with that. Hudson had to have additional blood work. His biliruben level was at 15 and Dr. Gordon prescribed the billi blanket for the weekend. We had to take him to Capital Region on Saturday for additional blood work. His level had decreased to 12 something, so that was the improvement they were looking for. Their stools were also looking good..

The weekend was full with lots of visitors. Lesli and Sarah came on Saturday morning, followed by the daycare owners, then Marcus, Kim, Jen and the boys and Tricia and Brook. Wyatt was not feeling the best and found himself in lots of trouble. I tried to nurse both babies all day. I felt like I was constantly feeding one of them. Sunday Grandma Graham, Debbie, Sandy, Sheila, Isabelle, Mema, Missy and Dalton came to visit.

Monday we had to go back to the doctor for weight check, jaundice check. Hudson looked much better, losing his yellow color. Hudson weighed his birth weight of 6.2 and Hattie weighed 5.65. All else looked good!

Grandma Bonnie has spent lots of nights with us. That helps Mommy alot, b/c I was trying to let Ben get as much sleep as possible since he went back to work. We figured out that he would sleep good if he slept on your chest, so we took turns sleeping in the recliner.

This past weekend was deer season. Ben went all weekend, but no deer.. Grandma Janice stayed with us on Friday night and Grandma Bonnie stayed on Saturday night. Traci and Deann came over on Sunday and watched the babies for a few hours while I ran Wyatt to town to meet Ben to go to deer camp and I went to Wal-mart. Betsy came over for a visit when I returned, as did Heather, Mitch and the boys.

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Steph said...

Congratulations Jeni! I am glad all went well, the pictures you sent were adorable!