Monday, September 29, 2008

9-25-08 appt - 32 1/2 weeks

My appt went good!!! No measurements of the babies.. I was sad to hear that they only do that once a month. The ultrasounds are getting harder to read for us, b/c the babies are getting bigger and not so easy to pick out the body parts! The picture here is of Hudson sitting on Hattie's head.. You can see his leg profile and under his cheek you can see the white circle.. yep, that is Hattie.. They were both active... their fluid looked great around them. My cervix has changed, now measures approx 2.7. Dr. Floyd says that is fine, even though it was 3.7 last week. He said anything above a 2 is good. Next we went for the stress test. As usual, Hattie was SUPER wild. They could not get monitor to stay on her, actually had to hold the deal on her for the test.. she is going to need lots of spankings I think... she is lacking cooperation!!! She is still head down, actually really down.. Hudson still breach. I had lots of contractions while I was there.. he asked me questions about those.. stressing to come in if they get close and consistent.. I think Hattie was making me have them though.. b/c she would go crazy, then I would have one.. he said worst case scenario, if babies came that night, they would be fine.. no long term trouble.. wouldn't be able to come home right away, but they would be okay.. that was good to hear. Dr. Floyd did say that I need to take procardia for 15 more days, then I could stop.. so, that means at 34 1/2 weeks I won't have to take them. One more thing, he said at 34 weeks, I could go to a restaurant once a week for a nice dinner.. I was telling him I was really craving a good restaurant meal, so that is what he told me back. I am always negotiating...

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