Friday, August 21, 2009

July 25th was Wyatt's 4th birthday. We celebrated it on the 23rd at Riverside Park. It was a great evening. The weather cooperated and, although a little too windy, it wasn't miserably hot. We wanted at the park so the kids could play at the playground, and I didn't have to clean house. It was a Batman themed party.. he was spoiled enough to have TWO cakes, one Batman and one Scooby Doo. I know, the perfect combination! He had a great night and got lots of goodies, including a DS from us, a mask and sword from the Kempkers, soccer stuff and a razor trike from Mimi, ds stuff from the Herigon's, batman stuff from the Steenburgen's, money from Mema and Bud and Grandma Ada, batman stuff and a ds game from grandma Bonnie & Papa Dennis.. Missy and Brad found all kinds of things batman, Rob got him more batman stuff! Grandma Janice and Papa Eddie got him a pair of shoes, shirt, watch and a bat and ball set that pitches to you.. SPOILED!!

The 24th of July we had our pictures taken. I had bribed Wyatt with another gift if he did good, and he did really good.. he had some very fake smiles, but that is normal for him right now! He tries so hard it looks like he is straining. Of course I still haven't had time to order pictures.. such a procrastinator!

That afternoon I took Wyatt to the pool with Christina and her boys at Eldon. We had a great time, it was hot out! I brought my camera and had a major catastrophe on my hands when I dropped it and the shutter button popped out. Problem was, I didn't know that it was gone until I was trying to take a picture. I looked for it for most of the afternoon and never found it. I finally broke down a week later and called Sony. They shipped the button to me and it is now back in working order.. Whew!

That night Janice watched the kids so Ben and I could go out. It was nice to get out again! Life has definitely changed since the babies came. It is really hard to find sitters for 3 kids!!!

The day of Wyatt's birthday was a bummer.. Hattie woke up with a fever and it just kept getting higher. I was home alone with all 3 kids. I planned on taking them somewhere for Wyatt's birthday, but nothing was working out. I finally ended up leaving Hudson with Heather and Mitch while Wyatt and I took Hattie to urgent care at 1:00 when they take their last appt at 1:30. I was flying, and lucky there were no cops on the road. I made Wyatt unbuckle as we pulled into the parking lot and we ran inside at exactly 1:30. When we got to the office, Hattie pooped everywhere.. mother of the year didn't bring a diaper bag inside so the nurse had to find me a diaper and I had to use napkins for wipes. They had to change rooms b/c the first room had crap everywhere and smelled awful!!!! The doctor looked at Hattie for all of 30 seconds and said she had a virus and it will have to run its course. I think she weighed 17 lbs 6 oz. As we were at the doctor, Wyatt started crying b/c his feet hurt. I looked at his feet and he had blisters on his feet, I guess from playing outside the night before. So, he decided he couldn't walk anymore... my blood pressure was probably off the charts. Wyatt said "well, this hasn't been a very good birthday". Of course that broke my heart, so when we left I took him to Target (with Hattie naked hiding under a blanket, b/c her clothes was covered in poop!) and he picked out a pirate kit. Of course I was mad then b/c it was the most ridiculous toy there.. he said everything I picked out was not cool. So, we finally got home and I was completed stressed, but still upset that Wyatt's bday sucked. I called Nicole and her and the kids came over and played.. I went into town to get El Jimador after the babies were asleep. WHAT A DAY.

I ended up taking Hattie back to the doctor on Tuesday b/c when I got to daycare on Monday night she had 102.8 fever. She had an ear infection. I feel like the urgent care doctor should have seen the infection, but was just ready for us to get out of the office on Saturday...

On August 2nd, we finally got together with Lance and Angie. This was the first time our twins got to meet. It was fun to seem all! I can't imagine having more than twins... wow.. Angie and Lance fixed a great dinner and it was a nice night.

Wyatt went to Big Surf two times in the past few weeks. The first time was with my Mom, Nicole and the girls. The second time was with Janice, me, Hunter and his friend, and Zach. Wyatt LOVES the wave pool. I couldn't get him to try a slide for the life of me.. maybe next year.

Last weekend we went camping again. Mom and Dad, Nicole's family and Jen and her boys all went. This time Ben went down early to set up camp and I came later with the kids. I stopped and got Wyatt some fries and me a soda. Hattie started crying by the time we got to Eugene. Then Hudson started at the Lake. THEY BOTH CRIED THE REST OF THE TRIP. It was so stressful, I thought I was going to cry or scream or just lose it. I got out of the car and was shaking like crazy. To make it worse, I made a wrong turn and was in the car for an extra 20 minutes than necessary. Luckily, the rest of the weekend was nice. The babies liked to be on the ground, but kept trying to eat the rocks. That was a pain.. but the weather was nice and no major accidents besides Wyatt getting a huge knot on his head after tripping on the pavement. The way home was quiet, THANK GOD. I had to pull the boat home, my first time pulling anything. I was a little nervous afraid of repeating the trip there.

Wyatt told me the other night as we were going to my mom and dad's that he did not care if dad came there or not, b/c he does not care about anything, except there being a fire.. then he immediately said that he would try a chocolate candy bar again b/c he may like them now. Then he said there is a lot of food in his stomach, and we have to eat to get big like dad and God. He is always thinking!!! All of that going on in his mind in a few minute conversation...

Wyatt has now picked up saying "You make my heart dead" when his feelings get hurt. I am not sure where he picked up on that.. His favorite shows right now are Monster Buster Club and Johnny Test.

Wyatt and I recently had a dentist appt. He was such a big boy... he didn't even need me in his room... they cleaned our teeth at the same time. When he was done, he came back to my room and watched me finish up.. Good news is, no cavity for him. Bad news is... I had to schedule for a filling. I got it a few days later and tried to faint... They had to put a wet cloth on me, fan me and give me a sugary drink. Why, after having 3 children, am I still such a wuss with needles????

About a week after my last entry, or several weeks ago, Hattie officially started crawling. She is everywhere now! They both are! They pull up on furniture and go get whatever they want. Hattie likes to crawl and carry her toys.

They are both eating table food now, and neither one will eat baby food. So far they seem to like most everything. Hattie doesn't eat quite as much as Hudson, but both eat good. What messy little turds.. I don't remember Wyatt being so messy!!!!

Hattie now says "ut oh" ALL THE TIME. She started two weeks ago and is all about it. She is getting more of the hang of it on when it is appropriate and likes to "drop" things on purpose just to see me pick it up. She is still mean... beating up on Hudson and slapping us when we hold her. If you try to give her her bottle when she doesn't want it, she will just slap it right out of your hands. and she loves to scratch your face with her fingernails. She has been standing up in her bed alot now and wakes WAY TOO EASY to Hudson crying during the night. She is an early bird and never sleeps past 6 am.

Hudson... he is still pretty quiet, but makes up with it physically. he can stand by himself for about 15 to 20 seconds at a time. He doesn't want to really walk yet, but can stand up from sitting in the middle of the room. He just refuses to sleep all night. He will do good for a few nights, then it is back to square one. I have trouble letting him cry it out b/c he now wakes Hattie, then they are both up. And Hattie doesn't stop crying with some lovin'.

Hattie and Hudson had their 9 month appts on 8-17-09. Dr. Gordon was suprised to see how physically active they were, and surprised that they would say mama, dada.. It was a good appt... Hattie weighed 17 lbs, 10 oz (25%), was 26 1/2 inches (15%) and her head was in the 6oth%. Hudson weighed 18 lbs, 12 oz (20%), 28 inches long (30%) and his head was in the 75%!

I am still pumping twice a day... SO READY TO QUIT. I am not sure when I officially will, but it is getting close. Hattie is taking formula too, so I am slowly switching her. Hudson is still on formula only.

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