Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It has been as crazy as I thought it would be! The last week has been a busy one, but a good one... to recap:

Monday Ben had to go get Hattie from school after she threw up. She never did it again and seemed fine. She was congested, so we think it was her drainage that caused her to throw up.

Hattie did go to the doctor last Wednesday. She started to run fever Sunday evening and was just not her self. We saw Dr. Herrbold. She weighed 19 lbs, 110z. Dr. Herrbold said he had never seen such a big belly on a little girl! And so tight! I guess she is packing it on for the winter. She had a double ear infection. The medicine helped her quickly.

Friday was a big day for Hudson. First all the kids had their Halloween party at school and went to school in their costumes. They looked so cute! I then picked Hudson up and took him for his first haircut! He did very good and was entertained by his sucker. Then I took him with me to eat McDonalds with Grandpa Dennis and shopping for his bday. He then went to the doctor. He had been grouchy the whole week, but I kept giving it more time. Dr. Gordon said he did have some fluid in his ear, but she thought it was a sinus infection and gave us a prescription. He has really fought the medicine this go around. Usually it is Hattie that fights her medicine and Hudson loves it. This time, Hattie took her medicine easily and sucked it down. Hudson weighed 21 lbs, 2 oz.

Friday night I stayed home with the kids while Ben went for a while to Nick and Jessica's Halloween party. Saturday, Ben made the lasagna for Sunday's party and I tried to clean house. That is so impossible when everyone is up and making messes all day, and the babies cry every time they see me.

Saturday night Ben's brother Rob and girlfriend Amy came over. We dressed the kids in their costumes and loaded them up in the stroller and wagon.... plus loaded us a cooler! We walked through the neighborhood and trick or treated. The weather wasn't that bad in the beginning, but it did get pretty cold. After loading up on candy we came home. Hudson fell asleep in the stroller and Hattie was out shortly after that.

To back up a little, a few weeks ago I was on my way to town with the kids and Hattie was fussy. I wasn't really paying a ton of attention to the road and was quickly pulled over by the Cole County Sheriff in Wardsville. He said that I did not stop at the stop sign and rolled through it. I apologized, as I did not doubt it.. He ended up looking in the back seat and seeing the carload of kids and let me go on a verbal warning. Wyatt asked me if I was going to jail, and the officer told him that he tried not to take mommys and daddys to jail in front of their kids. Well, while we were trick or treating the same officer pulled up next to us and talked. Wyatt asked who that guy is, and I explained in front of everyone, how he was the officer that let mommy go and not take her to jail when she ran that stop sign. Everyone laughed and the sheriff smiled. Hopefully, if there ever is a next time, having three wild, screaming kids can get me out of another ticket!

Sunday morning we were able to set the clock back an hour which was perfect for our busy day. With lots of panic, we were able to get the kids dressed up and to church on time. Hudson was go good during church and baptism. Hattie was busy during church and had to spend half of mass in back. She then fell asleep and slept all the way through baptism. Heather and Nicole are their god mothers and Rob is their godfather. They looked so cute in their outfits!

We came home and changed clothes and blew up balloons and finished getting ready for the party. We had a bunch of people over and it was so nice. The weather was beautiful, so the big kids played outside all day. Ben's lasagna was great and we went through 3 big pans! The babies received a lot of nice gifts. Hudson didn't feel well and was so tired that he started to go down hill quickly. He ended up falling asleep right after he ate some cake. He woke up an hour later and had fever of right under 101. Poor guy..

of course I have to bring up the one mishap of the day. Uncle Rob spilled his glass of red wine on the carpet in the living room. It seemed to come up pretty good, but he got a lot of grief and had to drink out of a sippy cup for the rest of the afternoon... He won't live that one down for a while.

Hudson stayed home yesterday and it seemed to help. He is now fever free and can breathe a lot better. Mimi Patti stayed home with Hudson yesterday. I was in my room working yesterday morning on my laptop when Hudson came in to see me. Patti followed and we started to talk. We weren't watching Hudson until he heard a splash in the toilet. Hudson took my security token for access to my laptop and dropped it in the toilet. It died.... I had to call and request a new one to be shipped to me... so here I sit at home today waiting for the delivery...

Today is the babies' actual bday. The big ONE! They were on KRCG this morning and we are going to have cake and ice cream again tonight to celebrate. They took cupcakes to school. As I was reminicing this morning, I was dressing the kids. Once I had Hudson dressed I had to take a double look at him and realized I had put Hattie's clothes on him! That's was I get for thinking too much..

I cannot believe the year has passed... Last night Ben and I watched them and talked about big they are now, and how they are really acting more like toddlers and less like babies. It is so crazy how fast they grow up and change.

We are working on taking bottles away and working on going to milk alone and no more formula. Hattie still has a little breast milk to finish, but I stopped pumping a few weeks ago. I still have my pump, and plan on burning it for a final good bye. That is one thing I will never miss..

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