Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last night Hattie went from being on her belly to sitting! I was glad to see her do it a couple of times b/c I was doubting it the first time, thinking maybe I had set her down without remembering doing it. I tried to make her crawl, but that just made her really mad.

We had a pretty good night last night, which was a surprise. Daycare said Hudson had a really rough day and called me once b/c he had been crying for a couple of hours. We just sat on the floor last night and played with them. Even did an oven pizza for dinner to keep it easy. Ben took Hudson outside for over a 1/2 hour giving them some good time together without Mom in sight. If Hudson sees me, he needs me..

Wyatt is getting very good at math! We have been practicing some in the evenings. He has to use his fingers with some of them, but he is getting it!

Hattie is such a rough little thing! She loves to hit toys together and can be pretty mean to other kids. I have to separate the babies by at least one foot b/c Hattie will try to reach over and get Hudson. If she can reach him, he will be crying within seconds. she usually scratches his head or just slaps him in the face... but she also is known to pinch and head butt. I have a picture that I will download some time soon.. it speaks for itself... Wyatt calls Hattie his sweet mean girl. Sometimes he won't play with her b/c he says she is too mean.

Wyatt likes to watch the weather forecast. He checks for rain and sun. The other day I told him he probably wouldn't be going outside that day at daycare. He said, rather annoyed, "I know Mom.. I saw the news..." EXCUSE ME!!

Poor Hollywood... he just doesn't get the attention he used to get. And when he is getting attention, it isn't always pleasant. But Wyatt loves him, most of the time. When Hollywood was outside last week he disappeared for a while. Wyatt went out to look for him and came back in very calm and said "Well, I guess we don't have a dog any more.."

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