Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Olivia, Hudson, Michael and Hattie at Michael's first communion

Wyatt and Kendal

Me, Michael and Ryan - we are Michael's god parents
Grandma Ada and Hudson
All of Papa Dennis and Grandma Bonnie's Grandkids..

Monday night, May 11th, Wyatt and I went to Rylee's soft ball game. She is playing slow pitch for the first year. She did really good! She is so tiny compared to the rest of her team. Wyatt and Alyssa had a great time playing in the stands. I bought them ring pops. The pictures show how they wore as much of them as they ate!

Wyatt acting like Ben :)
Ben watched the babies at home and he said it was stressful. Wyatt and I got home just in time to help get everyone in bed. HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!! It was the first time for that. I woke up and ran to his bed. I didn't sleep all night b/c Hattie picked that night to wake up once and Wyatt didn't sleep the best either. BUT HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!

May 12th was Hollywood's 8th birthday! The day he was born just happened to be Nicole and Scott's wedding day. Poor dog... he went from being the love of Ben and I's lives to no attention besides getting yelled at. He is very good with the kids. Wyatt loves him. The babies just stare at him. They aren't scared of him, but I don't think they love him yet.

Nicole's family and Mom and Dad left for Gulf Shores that Tuesday. Mom and Dad left a little earlier and stopped in Tunica. They spent the night there, and Nicole, Scott and the kids came there for a few hours of sleep as well. After an interesting ride there, (GPS was set on the shortest way, not the quickest - big difference) they had an awesome time. Dad was ready to get home b/c the waves were too loud... if you know Dad that comment won't surprise you! The kids all had fun. I asked Rylee and Alyssa what their favorite part was of the trip. They both said the pool, then Rylee added Grandma's cooking, especially breakfast. I hope next year we can take our family on a trip, besides the Osage River!

Friday Wyatt left for mimi's house. She picked him up from school. He played some golf with uncle Rob and picked up tees from the ground. He ate well and slept lots. He had plenty of stories for us when we met them on the following Tuesday. He was so excited to see the babies. He said he really missed me. He admits to being Mommy's boy and told Ben that Hudson could be Daddy's boy!

Saturday, the 16th Ben and I went to the Cardinal's game with Jason Pecaut and Gene Fairfax. It was a noon game. Heather and Mitch watched the babies for us while we went. It was a good game even though we left. It was nice to sit and relax. I drank on the way there and the way home, but was too cheap to drink at the game. GOOD GOD! There should be gold in every cup they sell there. We had some good laughs.

Sunday Ben and I went to breakfast with the babies and went to Adrian Russell's graduation party from high school. This picture is from there posing with Ava.

Monday, the 18th.... HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT AGAIN!!! Once again, I didn't get to sleep all night, but HUDSON SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!

Friday Ben and I took the family to Travis and Jessie's for a fish fry. Their new house is awesome. Makes me want to sell and build. They have a great location too with privacy.... hmmm... maybe someday we can have that. There were tons of kids at the party, probably more kids than adults. It is always nice to have plans that involve the kids.

Saturday was the ADULT day at the river. Janice agreed to watch the kids for us. Traci, Mike, James and Sheila went with us. It was the first day we took out MY boat. Ben doesn't claim the deck boat, his is the gator, which I want to sell.. We tied up with a ton of boats in the Maries. It was fun. Lots of pictures, but not all appropriate.... we untied eventually and took a boat ride. On our way home, we came across a boat that needed towed. It took forever and we didn't get off the water until 9:30. We came back with pretty empty coolers...

Traci, Sheila and Dawn
Traci and I
Sunday, per Wyatt, it was kid day at the river. Ben and I neither one felt like going, but we had promised Wyatt and were anxious to see how the babies would do. It was a cloudy day. It was relaxing though and eventually Mike, Traci and the girls joined us. Wyatt enjoyed playing at the back of the boat. At one point he fell in and was crying. Ben ran across the boat, threw off his glasses and jumped in to get him. Luckily he had his life jacket on but the current was moving pretty good. It scared all of us. It was a good reality check of why the life jacket is a must at all times. Wyatt cried so hard b/c he dropped his prized bobber (yep, I said bobber -he found it at the river a different day) when he fell. We had a heck of a time negotiating the boats over with the current to save bobber.. thank goodness he is now home with us where he belongs.. We left to get home in time for Ben to meet the boys to go fishing and the kids and I went to Christina's for a while to see the basement....which is awesome.... again, I want to build... if I go to one more new house I am likely to put a sign in our yard... I better stay home for a while. WE HAVE THREE IN DAYCARE!!!

Yesterday the babies, especially Hudson, were not good. Apparently they are teething. Hudson cannot keep his hand out of his mouth and would not sleep. And had to be held all day. I was convinced since he had SLEPT ALL NIGHT for two mondays in a row that he would again this Monday. WRONG.... HE DID NOT SLEEP ALL NIGHT.

Today I was back in St. Louis for training and am now in the hotel room enjoying some down time. I am going home tomorrow afternoon and have to be back here on Thursday morning, staying again Thursday night and coming home Friday. Hopefully the kids are being good for Ben. I told him I would enjoy my time a lot more if I knew that everything was going well for him there...

Wyatt update. I over heard Wyatt tell Hattie this weekend "Hattie, you're beautiful, and I love you.". I wanted to cry... what a sweetie. Wyatt also told me the other day that he needed something in the car. I told him I would get it at the next stop sign. He said you mean Octogon? I couldn't answer! I had to wait for the next stop sign and count the sides... He is smarter than me! Wyatt was helping entertain Hudson the other day and Hudson kept crying and wasn't satisfied. Wyatt told him "Hudson, you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit. I gave you this toy, now stop throwing a fit." Way to take charge. The other day he told me that if I wanted to see the Jump Arounds I would need to go to their dot com. That just cracked me up. One more... last night we were laying in bed and I told him thanks for being so good. I reminded him that he had only gotten in trouble one time, for flushing rocks down the toilet when I told him not too. He thought for a minute and reminded me that no, he had done another thing bad. He took his vitamin when I told him to wait, and he wasn't listening. It is good to know that even when he pushes all of my buttons, he really does know what is right and what is wrong.. and that he loves to tell me the truth..

Hudson is getting very close to crawling. He gets up on all fours now and rocks. He also is getting into things, like the diaper bag and the toy cube. He actually tries to pull himself some too. I expect him to be moving around pretty soon. He smiles at everyone and loves any attention he can get. He is still drooling. He actually makes the "m" sound alot, and Ben and I swear he is saying Mom. Hudson snorts alot!

Hattie likes to hit things and likes to repeat the same movements over and over. If you pull her toward you, she will keep doing it, smiling the entire time. she grunts at everything, even grunting when she laughs. Still doesn't like to eat food. She likes to crab things with all of her might and can pinch hard enough that it hurts.

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