Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holy Cow... It has been a while.. I can't even believe that it has been two months since I have been on here! Life is so full!!!!!!

We will start with Christmas... We started celebrating on the 17th, at Grandma and Grandpa Graham's. It has always been a tradition at our house to celebrate early.. We came home with two car loads of stuff, with the majority for the kids of course. Wyatt's favorite gifts were a battery operated scooter, a dinosaur tower, and a imaginext all-terrian vehicle. The babies got some cute riding toys, diapers, gift certificates and other toys. Rylee, Alyssa and Wyatt were excellent at waiting patiently for their time to open a gift and it was a great night.

The 18th was the daycare's annual Christmas program. This year Wyatt was Joseph and the babies were sheep. It was so cute. Wyatt did a great job of singing and doing the movements along with the songs. We were so proud of him! They had all of the hunger kids in a gated area as the animals. very creative and a good way of keeping the babies all happy. Mimi, Amy, Grandma Janice, Grandpa Ed, Grandma Bonnie and Papa Dennis were all there to watch.

We decided to take the babies to the doctor on Tuesday, the 22nd. The night before Hudson cried for an hour and a half right at bed time. I took him on a car ride and that didn't even work for long!! So, anyway, Ben picked up the kids and I met him at the doctor. Hudson ended up with a sinus infection and Hattie had a double ear infection. Hattie weighed 20 lbs 14 oz and Hudson weighed 22 lbs 12 oz. We asked for no refrigerated medicine and luckily, for once, they were both given the same thing with the same dosage. Makes life easier!!

Wednesday, the 23rd we celebrated Christmas with Ed, Janice, and the Herigons at our house. It is easiest for us to have it at our house so we can put the babies down when it is their bedtime. It was a change from years past as we usually celebrate Christmas with the Meldrum's on Christmas morning, right after we do our Christmas at our house. But, as our family has grown, we wanted to be able to actually slow down and visit and make a night of it. Wyatt's favorite gifts included light up (yes, light up and velcro, Mom and Dad's number one no-no) shoes, an mu outfit, and an imaginext boat (not ship, occording to Wyatt) that came with lots of men and little pieces. Hattie was given clothes, a pink purse with jewelry, and adorable boy and girl twins. Hudson received clothes and toys too!

Thursday was another ritual, and we had a house full on Christmas Eve. We have an open house and anyone is invited. The only problem this year was that Ben woke up feeling okay, but slowly felt worse. By the end of the night he was miserable and was in bed by 11:30, which is very early for him. He was drinking WATER!! Now, that means he was SICK! It was still a nice night and we had a great turn out and lots of good visiting. Thank God mom stayed and helped clean up the basement and Mimi Patti helped me make the breakfast cassaroles for the next morning and helped me wrap the rest of my gifts... We also made the last minute decision to put together Wyatt's 3 wheeler, so it would be sitting in front of the tree. What a mistake! This thing came with the worst directions!!!! We laughed so hard. It was after 1:00 when we finally called it a night... Then Ben got up sick two more times before 7:00, so it was a rough night of sleep.

The cutest thing was Wyatt. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT he falls asleep to the tv on, and has a melt down if I try to turn it off. Christmas Eve he was up at 11:00 and Mimi Patti reminded him that Santa would not come if he was not asleep. Wyatt quickly went to his room and called me in there. He said "Please turn off the light, I am going straight to sleep and not watching any tv, b/c I want Santa to come as soon as he can". And that was it! Too bad I can't use that every night!

Christmas morning was a lot of fun. As usual, Hattie was the first to rise and was up at 7:30. At around 8:00, Wyatt woke up. It took him a while to get going, but he eventually started tearing into the presents. He must have been good this year, because he unwrapped the Batman Cave (his main request this year), a Diego train (from us, as he found it under our bed a few months ago and I had to lie about it), a Diego rescue vehicle, ds games, a Guess Who game, little monsters that he LOVES - can't even remember what they are called, but they were just a little stocking stuffer, and Star Wars men and Star Wars legos. He said he didn't know what to play with first because he liked all of it.

Hattie opened a few gifts as Wyatt opened and finally they finished when Hudson got out of bed. He is definitely the later sleeper in the family! They opened some puzzles, books, a little people carnival, and some shampoo/soaps. Santa knew they didn't need much this year, just enough for Wyatt to not ask questions.

After we opened Santa presents we exchanged gifts with Mimi. It was great to have her there with us Christmas morning and I think she enjoyed it too. she got the kids a rocking horse that making noise and is big enough for Wyatt to ride for some time still. All three of them rode the horse for quite a while. The kids also all got clothes and games.

That afternoon we went to Missy and Brad's for the Hirschman Christmas. It was good to see everyone and to visit. The babies are really hard to keep a watch on when we go somewhere though and after a few hours I was ready to go home. Mimi Patti came with me and it was such a relief to get them back to their normal surroundings. They are happy, which makes me happy!!! Wyatt and Ben stayed and played Loaded Questions. Ben was amazed of how many things Wyatt knew during the game.

Saturday we had our last and final Christmas. It was the Graham get together at my aunt Debbie's. We did a white elephant type gift exchange as usual. We ended up with Wild Turkey and Jim Beam. Does that say something about us? Actually, I wanted a El Jimador gift card and a digital frame and had them both at one time, but they were evenutally stolen and Ben talked me in to the Wild Turkey. Wyatt loved the Jingo (Christmas Bingo) we played for most of the night. He also decided he now likes brownies. YIPPEE!!! Finally a reason to make chocolate other than for me!! I told him I would make some when we got home and of course we didn't have any. I made chocolate chip cookies and said he would like them if he liked brownies. He took one bite and said they were gross. Great... at least I have a brownie partner.

Today has been PJ day at the Meldrum household. It has been a nice enjoyable day. Besides the chaos of the toys, we were able to sit back and watch the kids play. They are all really playing alot better together, besides the occassional fight over toys. Ben is home for the next two days with the kids, as they don't go back to school until Wednesday. I have to go back to work tomorrow..... so... let's hope I am back sooner than later with the next update.

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