Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wyatt funnies...

Ben made Hot Dogs for dinner and Wyatt said he had them for lunch. Ben said he was sorry and he wished he would have known that and he could have fixed something else. Wyatt said "I don't care about anything, except that monsters aren't real.

Wyatt told us that the Daycare teachers wanted all new kids for Christmas, b/c all the kids there are bad, except him.

He ponders alot... like papa Dennis... one of his comments after sitting quietly was...What if a giant's watch fell on you, you couldn't move, but you would know what time it was.

He wanted to know if Santa and God were buddies, and wanted to know if God was a giant, b/c he knew Santa was just a little guy.

He asked why he had balls, and then said he knew why... to keep his dukus warm and to keep it soft inside.

He said he wanted to get big, but then asked if when he got big he would have hair all over like Dad and Hollywood (ha), and then decided he just wanted to be 11.

Hattie got in trouble with Ben for being a little terror... Ben made the comment that he was going to be beat her ass.. Wyatt said "are you going to beat Hudson's ass too?"

Wyatt and Ben were getting into bed and Ben said he was tired. Wyatt said "I am tired of those babies, and they were getting on his nerves". The next morning the babies started crying and Wyatt said "I am still tired of those babies.."

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