Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here we go again. I need my butt kicked. Today I was thinking about all the funny things that Wyatt says and how I need to remember them to tell him someday and then I thought of my blog... seriously... June 23rd was my last entry????????????????????

lets think back on the last month....

We found out that Wyatt did have strep, which is his second time this year already. So, I suppose he will get that easily. I have never had strep in my life... Wyatt throws up with his strep, something I will have to remember in the future... he barely complains of his throat, but more his head and his stomach.

Wyatt finished swim lessons and passed!!! He ended up completely enjoying it. He goes under water without holding his nose and can stay down for 4 to 5 seconds. It is a good start!!! He is still not fond of the big pool.. we will work on that next year. Weird thing is, he loves the river and lake!! You would think the big pool is a lot less scarier than either of those, but not the case for Wyatt.

On June 27th I was walking by Hudson's video monitor when I saw him standing up in his crib, leaning over the side! I ran so fast to his room... Needless to say it was time to lower his bed...

July 4th weekend was different this year, but very nice... We actually hung out as a family, all 5 of us. Friday the 3rd we went to DJ Thrash's going away party and then to Kelly and Scott's for some fireworks. Wyatt was doing a sparkler when one of the sparks landed on his leg and burned him. He is now completely scared of them... Sheila and James invited us to their get together on Saturday and it was a great time! Hattie and Hudson slept in the car, so their first experience was pretty boring!! Wyatt couldn't decide if he liked the noise this year or not and ended up watching alot of them from inside.

Deann, Lesli and I went out on July 6th. We were going to watch a movie, but ended up deciding to go to El Jimador and drink instead... we all needed it... I don't know why it is so hard to plan time with the girls.. Their friendship means so much to me and life is way too short!!! We promised to try to get together more often........ I hope we stick to that promise!

Wyatt left for mimi's again on July 8th. He didn't get home until Monday the 13th. He had a great time and made some new friends. girls, but he assures me they are not GIRLFRIENDS.. (although he did tell me this morning that he dreamed that I met one of them, Emily... but his says he still wants me to meet her for real..) He came home and ran to the babies and asked them if they missed their bubba. He was in a little trouble later in the night and I asked why he was being so bad, b/c I was so glad that he was home.. He said "well, I am not glad to be home". simple as that.

I took Hudson to the doctor on the 10th thinking he had an ear infection, b/c he was fussy and was pulling on his ears. As I was waiting for Dr. Gordon to come in, I discovered why he was fussy. He is getting his front top teeth! The top right one had broke the skin on each side and the left one was close. He weighed 18 lbs, 2 oz... and no ear infection... just teething..

I went to my office's closing party on July 10th. It was a lot of fun. They had dinner, Elvis, dancing and a casino area. Gambling was so fun!!!! It is sad that the office is closing this week.. Friday is the last day. I hope everyone is able to find jobs. You just assume that you will always work with the same people and it is weird to think that I may never see some of them again..

Hudson and Hattie are both saying Mama, Dada and baba ( I think Bubba??) Hudson really says mama all the time, every time I try to walk away from him. He is SO SPOILED!! The other day he said mamabababa. Wyatt stood up and said "Good boy Hudson!!! Mom, Hudson just said Mommy, Bubba has a booboo" and he pointed to his scab on his leg. I laughed..

Hattie is getting both bottom teeth now too! The right one has broke through and the left doesn't feel to far behind.

My new job is great. I actually think I am really going to like it. Only thing is, I am either slow or busy.. doesn't seem to be any of the in between.. Right now I am sitting here waiting for 4 vehicles to arrive and nothing to do until they get here... well, there is always something to do, but nothing that I want to do more than update my blog!

Last weekend we went camping again. We went with mom and dad, Nicole, Scott and their kids. We left Friday evening and arrived at Pomme De Terre just as it was getting dark. It is always stressful setting up camp and keeping the kids all happy.... we did get our snaps fixed, so I can happily say we won't have any babies falling out of the beds anymore!! As I have said before, we can't camp without incident. Saturday, after just finding our "spot" on the water, Nicole kicked a piece of driftwood in the water. A chunk broke off underneath her toenail, far... her toenail was lifted up... makes me sick thinking about it... she had to go to the emergency room and 3 shots to numb, a tetnus shot and lots of digging under her nail, she was back at camp. She was in a ton of pain... I feel weak.. I better stop talking about it. Sunday we had to pack up pretty early b/c I had to work at Wardsville picnic. The kids were SO FUSSY, so we were ready to get on the road anyway..

The weather has been completely awesome. We lucked out camping.. Mid 80's for Mid July is almost unheard of!!!

Last week Hattie finally started eating babyfood.. she is not eating much, but every little bit counts! She definitely prefers fruit, while Hudson seems to prefer veggies. They both like the baby cheetos and banana cookies too.

Hattie is getting a tiny bit closer to crawling... she actually pulls herself in a circle and sometimes gets on all 4's and rocks back and forth. She hasn't been sleeping as late as she was, and has been getting up at 5:30. BUMMER!!! of course her first noise wakes Hudson up too, so then we are all up!! Hudson is EVERYWHERE now. He crawls quickly and can stand up at anything. Hattie likes to stand up, but you have to help her get there. She stands at her Leap Frog standing thing for at least an hour a night. I have two walking toys and they both have used them a couple of times. still not good at them, but I am sure that will be chaning in the next few weeks.

Hudson went to the doctor yesterday. Had an ear infection in his left ear. He is throwing up and having some weird stools. Not sure if he has a virus, or if the weak stomach is from the ear infection, which I hear could be possible. He weighed 17 lbs, 14 oz yesterday.

As I started by saying, Wyatt is cracking us up and saying/asking the silliest things.. of course I can't remember them now to document... he did ask me this morning if everyone had germs. I said they did. He said well, why did you make me give Alyssa a drink of my milk then if she had germs??

We signed Wyatt up for soccer this fall and Ben volunteered to coach. Wyatt is already balking.. he wants no part of playing. I am already planning on the first few times to be a complete wreck... I will be praying for cooperation..

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