Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I had to take Hattie back to the doctor on Sept 2 and she had another ear infection. Dr. Herrbold said it wasn't very bad, but it seems that Hattie has pretty low pain tolerance with them.. She was a bear and was running a fever. She weighed 18 lbs 7 oz.

A little over a week ago Ben and I had enough and decided it was time to split up the babies at night... Both of them were getting up several times a night for some reason and we were exhausted! They would wake each other up with any little movement/noise. We left Hudson in their room, moved Hattie to Wyatt's room, and moved poor Wyatt to a cot in our room. The first night I heard the babies crying some, but we stayed out and eventually they stopped. Since then, I haven't heard them cry! Either I am sleeping deep, or they aren't crying.. Wyatt has slept restless and always asks me to sleep on the cot WITH HIM.. just a tiny bit uncomfortable.. but, it is just while we get things straightetened out. I am trying to convince Ben that we just need to sell and get a bigger house..

Both babies are completely on table food and we have given all the baby food away. They are really good eaters. Hattie shows her attitude alot and slings her food everywhere, on purpose as she says "ut oh". Once we stearnly say "no no" she will eat a bite and then start slinging all over again. Hudson eats as quick as he can and half of it ends up in his lap, which we have to put back on his tray a couple of times each meal..

They both crawl every where and pull up to every thing. We have had several falls and several bruises. When you tell Hattie to get you, she will crawl up to you, stand up, and fall right on your chest while smiling and laughing.. she loves it. She also loves to pull hair, slap, and scratch. Hudson is the snuggler and smiles shyly while putting his chin in his chest. He has really started clinging to his Daddy while Hattie is turning in to a complete momma's girl.

I don't know if I have said before that we enrolled Wyatt in soccer this fall through the YMCA. Ben also volunteered to coach his team, something he said years ago he would do when Wyatt played... little did we know that Wyatt won't play!! He said it is boring to run and boring to kick the ball and that he isn't good.. I brought the babies to his first game and tried my best to encourage him to play.. nothing worked! He sat on the sidelines and talked to the babies. Once, I shamed him in to running and even kicking the ball ONE TIME, but then I and the lady next to me made the mistake of cheering and he started bawling his eyes out. Ben gets so frustrated with him at practice.... We have learned that Wyatt and Soccer are not meant to be.. He has another game tonight, so I am praying that he is playing.... I bribed him with a Monster Buster Club toy..

He says he wants to play baseball, but I can almost put money on that fact that he will cry with that too... let's hope I am wrong..

Wyatt has just started being a little onery with the babies.. He always wants them in the room with him, but has a terrible habit of taking the toys they grab and says he was playing with it. He does try to give them a toy in exchange, but we are trying to explain to him that it isn't right to take the toy they have.. We have threatened no new toys until he learns to share... He loves the computer right now and gets very upset when we tell him it is time to get off for the night. He asked me the other day if he ate alot if it would make his birthday come quicker and told me he ran so fast b/c he had 100 foods in his belly. He likes to pretend fight with swords and told me he was going to defeat me.

I am writing tonight from Madison, Wisconsin - here for training since Sunday. I left home at 9:30 on Sunday morning and won't be home til midnight on Friday night - A LONG TIME. I was nervous leaving, not that I don't trust the kids in Ben's care.. just nervous that the babies will forget me and Wyatt will miss me too much... so far, all is going okay. Ben says Wyatt has been good and the babies have slept well.. I am learning a lot and eating way too much. Only one incident.. today I was looking at different bumper covers on the creeper (rolling thing, as I like to call it) and I ran over my hair, which then became locked in the wheel.. I freaked out and two guys were trying to help me.. I eventually rolled off in panic and a huge section of my hair was pulled out!! I would guess like 200 strands was pulled out.. It HURT! I can see the tender spot where a lot of it came from. The instructor was looking at me like I was a freak! anyway, I am fine and luckily, I am not going bald any time soon..

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OMG jeni that was too funny i had tears in my eyes...only you.