Monday, October 26, 2009

We have walkers!!!! Both babies are walking now, and getting very good at it. They both walk much more than they crawl. Both fall, but get up and go again. Hudson did start first, but Hattie caught up quickly and has been walking for over two weeks now.

Teeth update - Hattie's 4th on the bottom is finally visible when she smiles.. still no teeth on the top. Her teeth are very small, like mine. She eats slow, but is a good eater. She still gets in trouble for dropping food on purpose and for rubbing her hands back in forth over her food, making it fly everywhere.. Hudson has 4 on top, and 3 on bottom. He has Ben's teeth. Hudson is a great eater. He shoves food in as quick as we put it on his tray. I don't know of anything that they won't eat. They both like breads and sweets the best.

I took Hudson to the doctor the other day, thinking he had an ear infection. He didn't.. he weighed 20 lbs, 8 oz. I tried to get the babies flu shots, but they are out of the medicine. I was able to get Wyatt the flu mist. So, at least one of us is vaccinated.

Ben and I have been able to get out a copy of times over the last few weeks. First, Mimi came in town and watched the three of them and Ben and I went to Marcus and Christina's. Then, last weekend we had a wedding out of town. Janice and Ed kept them from Saturday mid morning to Sunday around 3:00. Then, this past weekend, my parents came around noon and kept them while we went to Hermann! Ben and I needed the time together and were so appreciative of everyone's help! I think the kids were good for all of them! WHEW!!

Hattie and Hudson both say UH OH all the time. Both wave bye bye from time to time. Hudson shakes his head no when you say it. Hattie raises her hands over her head when you ask how big she is. Hattie still is the bruiser. She will love and kiss you one second and the next she is slapping you in the face. It is dangerous to lay on the floor next to her... Hudson is a screamer when he doesn't get his way. If something is stuck, or Hattie steals a toy, he just looks at you and screams. He gets so mad that he makes a fist and shakes.

Ben asked Wyatt the other day, "Isn't Hattie a pretty girl?" "Wyatt said "no, not really.". Ben said "Wyatt, that is not nice, that will hurt your sister's feelings!" Wyatt said, "she doesn't know that I am saying that". Ben explained that she would some day know and that would upset her. Wyatt said"Fine, she is pretty."

Ben told Wyatt the other day on the way to school that they would be home by themselves that night b/c I was going to dinner with the girls. Wyatt said "I want Mommy. She is the best Mommy in the whole wide world." Ben asked Wyatt "who is the best daddy?" Wyatt replied "I really don't know who the best daddy is." After a lot of coaxing from both Ben and I, Wyatt finally gave in and said "okay, then.. you are the best Dad"... poor Daddy..

We have a big week this week. I am preparing for a double "1st Birthday party" and a double baptism. I know.. I can't believe I put it off so long. Both activities are planned for Sunday. It is going to be crazy!

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