Friday, March 27, 2009

Well, Tuesday night was worse than Monday night. I was up with Hattie until 2:30 and then Ben was up the rest of the night with her. She was miserable you could tell... she liked her stomach rubbed and wanted her pacifier.

Wednesday and Thursday my mom came over and helped me during the day. That was a nice break and I even got a 1 hour nap in on Wednesday! Wednesday night was good and last night was even better.

Last night I lost my mind and told Ben he should go golfing and watch the MU game.. i was a very busy night and I was very relieved when everyone fell asleep. I asked Wyatt several times to entertain Hattie as I was feeding Hudson. Wyatt finally told me he just wanted to play. He said I still love Hattie, but right now I just want to play. Then he told me that Hattie was hungry because he heard her stomach "grumplin". I cracked up b/c this noise was actually Hattie filling her pants.

Today Ben is staying home with us to help out.

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