Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16th, 2009



Alyssa, Rylee and Wyatt

Scott, Chase, Alyssa, Dad, Ben, Hattie and Wyatt

Well, I was going to post a picture of Ben and I with our fish we caught today, but, we didn't catch a single one! You would know the weather/water would have made for a bad crappie catchin' day. But, we have fun together and it was relaxing, at least after I finally figured out how to cast. Ben was losing his patience with me early in the day... Ben is sunburnt. I must have been focusing too much and had my head down..

We came back in town to pick the kids up at daycare and went to my mom and dad's for dinner. Fried chicken.. it was awesome. The kids got to play outside for a while. The pictures above are from the evening.
Bonnie at daycare told me that they now call Hudson pickle. I didn't ask why, but I can only guess why. Last night that little booger had me up for a few hours during the night. I would lay him down sound asleep and then get into my bed, and he would start crying. miserable. I was so tired this morning that we forgot to pack the diaper bag with ALL of the bottles, so I had to run them in quickly. By the time I got there Hudson was screaming.

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