Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday Ben, the babies and I hung out. We went into town to eat at Oscar's. It was nice to have Ben with us. My dad picked Wyatt up at school for us. It was a great feeling to have the week behind us and not feel trapped at home any more.

Saturday, Wyatt and I went to see Kung Fu Panda, which I have seen so many times at home I had trouble staying awake. Then we went to walmart in the pouring rain. I got stuff to make margaritas, which Ben and I enjoyed Saturday while we watched the game.

Sunday we went to see Grandpa Ed and Grandma Janice. They watched all the kids while we ran a couple of small errands. Then we went to Rylee's birthday party. She is now 7! The babies were both laughing out loud when watching the kids play in the garage. It is so fun to hear them. Hudson really hates the car seat... seems to have gotten worse instead of better, maybe after a break from riding in one for several days. Wow. It is rough to ride anywhere!!!

Last Thursday Hudson had trouble pooping. Actually I think it had been going on for a few days, but I had been too busy to notice that he wasn't going. Well, he had one stuck... I was panicked! Luckily mom was there and helped.. or should I say did everything to help relieve him, I don't think I could have done it! His stools have been red since then, but I have verified with the pharmacist and the doctor's office that it is just the medicine, Omnicef. Hattie is on the same stuff, but no red stools. Her side effect is a diaper rash that I have been fighting for a week now.

Both babies chew on their hands like crazy! And Hudson will soak bibs all day long. I keep checking their gums. Nothing yet, but I don't imagine it will be much longer before we start to see something getting close!

Daddy, Wyatt and Hattie went to get the "slow boat" tonight from storage. I am so excited to get out on it this summer! I am glad that it is still several weeks away though, we need a little more of a routine for the babies before I try to get them to take naps on the boat.

I had my first interview today. It went well. I won't hear anything until next week. I have mixed emotions on leaving before the end of July b/c of the severance package, but feel I should not pass up a good opportunity. So, I of course would like an offer, but would be fine either way.

Tomorrow marks the one year mark from when we found out we were having twins! Amazing it has already been a year! I remember it all very well.

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