Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday night Marcus and Christina (and the boys) and Nick and Jessica came over for fish. Wyatt was still at Mimi's. Everyone was tired so it was an early night. Sleep training did not go very well. Hudson laid down well and didn't cry, but then cried about an hour later for a few minutes. When I went to check on him before I went to bed, I noticed he had pooped.. after trying to decide what to do, I left him and got him up the first time he cried to change him. I think we got up twice.

Saturday the four of us went to breakfast and Wal-mart. After we got home, Kim, Ava and Deann came over for a visit. Saturday night Ben watched the babies while I went with Deann, Jen and Lesli to the lake. We went to Gap, then Chilis and then bowling. It was great to get out! I had some great laughs... Once again, sleep training wasn't the best, b/c Ben said he didn't get Wyatt to eat much of his bottle, which made me worry he was hungry.

Sunday Mom and Dad came over to help with yard work and Ben's parents came over to watch the babies. Hattie ended up getting fever of 100.7. We worked all day and we were all exhausted.....

Monday I decided we should take both babies to the doctor. Hattie still had fever on and off, but she also wasn't herself. Hudson still had his terrible cough. Ben took Hattie at 1:00, I took Hudson at 2:00. Hattie had an ear infection in her right ear, possibly the left as well. There was wax in the way and he couldn't see it. They tested her for rsv and influenza. When I got to Hudson's appt, they told me that Hattie did have influenza, and it would be assumed that Hudson had it too.. Hudson also had a double ear infection........... medicine was given for their ears, but there is nothing we can do for their influenza. He said it would get worse before it got better, and they are considered contagious for 7 days.. I was bummed because I had vacation scheduled for the rest of the week to get some cleaning done and prepare for a rummage sale. Oh well, we definitely need to get the babies healthy and not expose anyone else to them.. Hattie weighed 13 lbs, 2 oz and Hudson weighed 13 lbs, 9 oz.

It was a rough night, Hattie was up from 12:00 to 2:00, and I finally loaded her up for a car ride to get her to sleep. Today she has had some episodes. Hudson had a great day, but cried for quite a while when I laid him down tonight. I am praying for a better night b/c I am EXHAUSTED.

Wyatt is home!!! Ben and I were happy to see him!! So were Hattie and Hudson!!! He said he was glad to be home..

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