Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This picture was from a few mornings ago. Wyatt always complains that it is too bright in the mornings and he doesn't like the lights/tv on. Hudson was in the bouncy seat watching Handy Manny. Wyatt didn't say anything but went into his room.. He came out wearing these goggles and was then able to watch tv! They are both involved in the tv and didn't notice me and the camera..
Both babies eating cereal. They neither one seem to really like it.. I am going to pick up some veggies and see if they take them any better.

Hudson has to sleep in his car seat some nights b/c of congestion. The morning of this picture, Wyatt went straight from his bed and climbed into Hudson's bed when he heard him wake up before I heard him. I could hear Wyatt in Hudson's room talking to him in the receiver.. It was sweet.

What a beautiful day! The weather was awesome! After work we spent a little time outside. Deann came over to visit and help with the babies. I had prepared myself on the way home that tonight would be the night I let Hudson "cry it out" to get to sleep. He has horrible sleeping habits and something has to give... Well, tonight he was so tired we couldn't keep him awake! He ate only one bottle and was falling asleep at 7:20. I purposely kept talking to him and tried to lay him down awake... he fell asleep as soon as I laid him down and slept for about 1 hour. Then, he cried for 25 straight minutes.. then fell asleep for about 20 minutes.. then woke to cry for about another 10 minutes. He has been back asleep for about 45 minutes now.. I am prepared for a rough night...... I just don't know when I will give in. I am sure he will be hungry since he didn't eat much before he fell asleep. I am hoping to hold him off until 4:00?? let's see how much will power I have. Ben and Wyatt are sleeping in Wyatt's bed already and I am keeping Hattie in the pack and play in our room with me.

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