Friday, March 20, 2009

Another sleep update.

Last night I laid Hudson down at 8:15ish. He did not make a peep! I was thrilled!!! I do remember him crying a time or two during the night, and at 3:00 I actually got up and made a bottle. But, before I had it finished he was quiet again. I left the bottle on the counter b/c I knew it would not take long for him to wake back up. At 4:00 he was back awake and drank only a few ounces. I laid him back down and he flipped his head around a little and that was it. Slept until 7:00 when we woke him. I am so excited!!!! I can actually start imagining an all night babysitter!!!!

Hattie did good as well, and as normal. She went to bed at the same time Hudson did. She cried twice b/c her pacifier fell out. I went and put it in and she put herself asleep and slept until 6:00. Always a good girl!

The babies both tried green beans last night. Hudson seemed to like them and really ate quite a bit. Hattie didn't care for them at all. Made lots of funny faces and then started screaming.. She had enough of it..

Wyatt left this morning to go to mimi's house again. He said yesterday that he didn't want to go anymore, said he was "just tricking" when he said he would.... But, a few hours later I told him I had him packed and needed to know what he wanted to do.. He said "I guess I will just go..." so he called mimi and told her he was coming.. and told her what all she needed to bring when she picked him up. apple juice, fruit snacks, several toys... He cracks me up. He loves to go b/c he gets all mimi's attention...

Last night he had his goggles on and was having trouble seeing (duh) He said "these goggles wear me out". I laughed.. I am constantly telling him he is wearing me out with his whining.

I have been meaning to mention that Hudson has begun to laugh out loud.. It is so stinkin cute... I have tried to catch in on camera, but it hasn't worked yet.. It is usually at his brother only, but he did laugh at me the other day..

Hattie will talk your leg off.. she just sits and stares and talks. Everyone makes fun of the back of her head.. she has no hair back there...

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