Monday, May 4, 2009

I took a break from blogging for the last few weeks to get myself back on track with everything. In the mean time I had a big rummage sale, found a job, tried to switch out winter/summer clothes and spent lots of time with the family...

First off, the babies are doing great.... Two weeks ago yesterday, Ben and I were commenting on the obvious... Hudson was finally a happy, normal baby! No more crying, no more screaming.. just lots of smiles and the ability to self entertain.. it was a wonderful thought. We haven't used the vacuum in probably 1 and 1/2 months now (to keep him quiet, I promise I still clean every once in a while). Hattie is still being laid back, except when she is hungry. You better be able to get a bottle to her within 2 minutes of her getting hungry, or you are going to be in big trouble. That girl can scream!!!!!

Food.. Hattie will eat if forced.. she prefers just to drink her bottle, and prefers to be propped to eat... my fault probably.. I never could feed her b/c of her attention hog brother, so I always had to prop her. MOTHER OF THE YEAR! Hudson loves his food - his favorites seem to be squash and peas. I will probably introduce fruit soon. Oh, Hudson loves ice cream!!! He actually whines while eating it b/c he thinks I take too long between bites!

Both babies are rolling both ways pretty easily now. Hudson will actually roll across the floor if you give him time. Hattie doesn't care enough to roll much. They are also both sitting up. Hattie was better at first... she would lean way forward but could hold herself.. Hudson would just fall to the side immediately. Now, Hudson sits up for a couple minutes at a time and very straight. Hattie will sit, but still leans forward. You would think she would sit really good, with her belly resting on her chubby legs to balance!

Within the last 3 or so weeks the babies have started holding their toys. They like the rattles, the soft books, and pretty much anything else. Hattie is a toy stealer!

I did have a rummage sale a couple of weeks ago as well - the 23, 24 and 25 of April. It was great - I sold a lot of maternity clothes and baby clothes.. I also got rid of the bouncy seats, portable swings, and the play mats... All the stuff that you get sick of moving from one side of the room to the other.. I have SO MUCH MORE to get rid of.

Last weekend we went to Marcus and Christina's for dinner on Friday.. their basement is getting finished and looks awesome! Saturday we worked around house after the rummage sale and then went to my coworkers for a fish fry. Sunday Ben went golfing with his dad. I pleaded with Wyatt to go for McDonalds for lunch (isn't that backwards??? what kid would turn down McD's?) Then I decided I would take the kids to the park. The babies were sleeping in their stroller, but Hattie woke up pretty quickly. It was sunny and windy but I tried to keep her covered up. DIDN'T WORK.. She got her first sunburn. Poor girl. It peeled a little this week.. The park was fun. Ed, Ben and Janice joined for there. On the way to El Jimador for dinner, Wyatt and I stopped at Petco and bought 12 fish for our pond outside. One fish has since died, which Wyatt said he loved that fish, b/c he liked to play with it when it was dead... nice.

I applied for a job within American Family in the physical damage unit. I had my phone interview on the April 22nd.. after my phone interview I went and job shadowed someone doing the job I applied for... the 23rd, at 10:00 (yes, the first day of the rummage sale - thanks mom, Carol and Charles for holding down the fort) I had my face to face interview. After some long, wondering days, I found out last Tuesday that I got the job!!!! I will be working at the vehicle inspection center in Columbia, and will be settling total losses. It will be a dusty/muddy job, but I will be working on my own and get to wear jeans. Eventually there will be a good chance of me working from home.. should know what the future holds later this year.

I start training for this job this week. I am going to meet my new unit on Wednesday in St. Louis at the unit meeting. I am spending the night and going to the vehicle inspection center in St. Louis on Thursday for some hands on training. I am excited and nervous... My first time being away from the babies overnight!

Last Tuesday night I let Hudson cry during the night and didn't get up with him until 5:30. I did it for several nights. He kept getting better for the first 4 nights. Since then, he has cried for up to an hour and I have eventually went in to feed him. Once he eats, he goes back to sleep. I wish I could get him to sleep all night! Hattie sleeps all night most nights. Sometime she will wake up at 4:00 and want to eat.

I noticed this weekend that Hudson has some teeth trying to come in on bottom, in front. I don't know how soon they will be here - you can just see the white top of them under the gum. He drools so much. I have to send a couple of bibs with him to keep him dry. Hattie's gums still have ridges in them. They don't look like teeth will be in any time soon.

Hattie has CRAZY hair. She has a comb over that I like to shape into a mohawk. The rest of her head has some new growth, but it will be a while before it looks anything but wild. Hudson has a fuzz on top of his head. I like to rub it for good luck.

Wyatt is good as usual. He loves to help with the babies and won't stay out of their face, as I am sure all of you have witnessed. He tells them the sweetest and silliest things. He told Hudson that he was his bestest, bestest friend in the whole wide world every day since he came to live with us.. he also told Hudson that Thomas (the fish in his room) would not miss them while they were at school b/c he loves the water.. and he has the best whistle which is actually a high pitched scream. We get lots of compliments after his behavior and manners. We are so proud of him! He is getting good at coloring in the lines with crayons, but says he prefers markers. He counts to ten in spanish and knows a lot of his numbers and letters. Thank God for day care, b/c I don't have the time to teach him that stuff at home. He loves Scooby Doo And Phineas and Ferb. He loves blueberry muffins with jelly on them and cresent rolls.

Weekend review... Friday night Janice and Ed watched the kids while Ben and I went to Longhorn for dinner and then Knights for a drink. Jess/Nick and Jason/Audra joined us.. Saturday morning we went camper shopping.. We found a camper that will be perfect for our family. We are excited and looking forward to our first outing. Camping is something we can all do together and something that will make many lasting memories... can't wait to see what they will be!!!! Saturday afternoon Tricia, Brook and Bret came over to play. I asked Wyatt if Brook was still his girlfriend.. He said she was still his friend, but not his girlfriend b/c she wouldn't let him play with some toy... unconditional love... Ben watched the kids Saturday evening while I went with Deann, Kim, Jen, Lesli and Stacey to El Jimador, Winery and Gumbo Bottoms, which meant I went from margaritas, to wine, to whiskey... headache waiting to happen. We had lots of fun and lots of laughs. We don't get to do that enough.. Yesterday was Michael's first communion. We went to her house to celebrate.. she looked so pretty and so grown up!

Today's weather was beautiful. Ben and I took the kids for a walk. Hoping that we can get out lots of evenings this week. We came in and it was already bed time. Hudson had 10 oz and Hattie had 12 oz.. Oinkers!

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