Monday, May 11, 2009

Ben did great with the kids Wednesday night. Hudson actually slept over 7 hours for the first time. I was thrilled for Ben and Hudson, not sure why that can't happen when I am home! Thursday morning went well for him too. He was able to get each of the kids up and ready before getting the next up. He called and tried to trick me that he had overslept...

I slept good too! I couldn't believe when the alarm went off and it was 6:45. I never sleep that late!!! Or I guess never have the opportunity!

Work went fine too. I became acquainted with their location there and got to know my new boss better. I think we will get along great!

I picked up some fruit for the babies and was excited for them to try it on Thursday evening. I first gave some to Hudson and he of course liked them. He likes everything!!! I tried to give a bite to Hattie and she immediately started gagging. She gagged three times and then threw up everywhere... she REALLY hates baby food...

Friday I took the babies to their 6 month pictures. They actually were neither one crying!! I will upload some pictures from it, hopefully tomorrow... I wish we would have taken more. and I wish I would have taken Wyatt.

Friday night Mom and Dad came over and kept the kids while I went to bunko at Redfield and Hayden's surprise adoption shower. He is a lucky little boy to be coming here with the best parents!!! I can't wait to meet him! It was good catching up with the girls but the night flew. I hope the next gathering isn't too far away!!

Saturday and Sunday we worked around the house. Saturday was beautiful outside. We cleaned the camper, which took most of the day. Sunday we did more things around the house. It was Mother's Day and I was reminded all day of what it means to be a mother. The babies were both needy, especially Hattie!! They are both working on getting their two front bottom teeth. Hattie wouldn't let me sit her down. Ben kept telling me Happy Mother's Day every time I tried to complain. Sunday night we had my parents, Nicole and the kids and Ed over for pork loin. Even buzzed up Ben is an awesome cook..... if he asked me once he asked me 20 times if I liked my twice baked potato...

Hattie is sitting up really straight now. She still falls every once in a while. She is also beating her toys on stuff. Hudson is so smiley. He puts everything in his mouth and still drools bucket loads.

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