Sunday, September 26, 2010

WOW! Really??6 months??

Well, lots of changes are going on in the Meldrum household.. Biggest change is where "home" is. We sold our house on August 23rd and have been renting a house in Jeff City since the beginning of August. We were lucky to find this house, it's huge for a rental.. and the owners didn't mind us bringing Hollywood. We have taken the past 2 months to get really settled, but things are finally calming down.

The summer was fun, but of course went quick.... let me think back on things that stand out..

first, Easter - Wyatt was sick the week of Easter. He was in my closet the night before Easter and found that the Easter Bunny left everything in my closest! How crazy is that?? he for some reason hid it in the back of the closet, none of us can figure out how he thought we would find it there.. luckily Wyatt was playing in the back and saw it... whew... Wyatt thinks it was great that the Easter Bunny brought it the night before so he could sleep in Easter morning since he has been sick. Also, Mr. Bunny brought a lot of crap this year, he must have been confused thinking it was christmas. There was a shirt for wyatt, Crabby Patties, swimming stuff, a sports thing that plugged into the tv, stuffed animals.. Crazy..

Wyatt had swimming lessons again and did AWESOME. He loved it. He couldn't wait until it was time to start and was sad when they were done. He jumped off the life guard stand, which is really unbelievable compared to last year. He didn't pass to the next class, but that was expected and normal. He is still little and hasn't grasped floating on his back or belly. He will get it next summer. We tried to bring the twins... that never went very well..

Wyatt also played T Ball.. Once again, I was so proud. He did great and gave it all he had. His running is something else... looks like in the movies where you can watch it in slow motion. I don't know what he is doing, b/c he really is a quick runner. Maybe he is trying to hard! anyway, he ran after every ball that was hit and really started to get the hang of it. He told Ben he wanted to practice with me instead of Ben, which comes down to patience.

Wyatt left Kidz Kingdom in July and now attends Early Childhood Program at St Stanislaus in Wardsville. This has been a good change for him and gives him a chance to make friends his own age before Kindergarten next fall at Blair Oaks. He is having fun and has met lots of boys and girls.

We have SO MANY compliments on Wyatt. He really is very polite and smart. He is fun to hang out with, and sounds like his friends think so too! We have had a couple of parents say that their children talk about Wyatt. We are so proud!

Hattie and Hudson are talking, fighting, and even starting to pee on the potty! Hattie started first and went several mornings in a row and would go for them at school several times too.. Then she stopped going as much and Hudson started! They both get so excited when they go, even when they just try... They come running out of the bathroom screaming "My PEE, My PEE"!!

Hudson is really talking alot and is getting very easy to understand. He loves to tattle on Hattie especially... then followed by Bubba and Hollywood. He loves to boss too. We all give in to Hudson way too much. He lets you and everyone else know when he isn't happy, and then no one is happy. I hear daddy acted the same way when he was a kid.. STILL DOES.. Oh did I say that?? Anyway, I have put Hudson in boot camp to learn rules and break his spoiled habits- so hopefully I will win and not give in when I know I should..

Hattie Lynn is the tough one.. she is always tackling someone or picking on someone. She has no patience for Hollywood or whatever she calls him. Wyatt says she is saying "fall" for Hollywood, but not sure what that is short for.. Hattie usually goes with the flow on most everything, but, when she is mad or upset, she can cry loud and forever..

We are excited to say that the twins are still in their baby beds. Wyatt was crawling out of his by about 20-21 months, so to be almost two and still in them is great for us! They go to bed at 8:00 and sleep until about 7:00 when they can sleep in. During the week Ben wakes me by 6:25 so I can get the babies up and fed, dressed and ready to leave by 7:00.

The babies LOVES Blues Clues. It is a major obsession for both of them. They cry when it is over and bring me the remote so I can start another episode. I think Ben, Wyatt and I know every episode by heart. Problem is, I have been trying to find Blues Clues birthday presents and there is nothing out there. I found some stuff on ebay, but it is so PRICEY!

Hattie LOVES the water - whether it be the pool, river or just the hose. Hudson is not so crazy about getting in a pool, lake or river, but usually warms up to the idea eventually. It was still tough this summer to take them out a lot... as we always state, next year will be easier....

Everywhere we go, we hear how much Hattie looks like me and Hudson looks like Wyatt. I think Wyatt looks just like my dad and Hudson looks like Ben. Hudson walks just like Uncle Rob! Hattie runs with one arm swinging and is quick!

all I have now... will brainstorm to see what else I am forgetting...

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