Monday, September 27, 2010

Couple more things from the last few months..

Ben and I went to Vegas for the Graham Family Reunion at the end of June, the first time we both simultaneously have spent any major time away from the kids. It was perfect b/c we went with my parents and had some good bonding time with them and my Grandma and a few other relatives. Ben and my parents fell in love with Arnold Palmer's drink of tea flavored vodka and lemonade. Mom spilled the 3RD $30 pitcher within seconds of them setting it in front of her. I, on the other hand, snuck my drinks down... I am CHEAP! Anyway, the kids stayed with Janice Thursday night and she got them to bed Friday, then Aunt Missy took over until Saturday, then Mimi Patti took over until Monday. It was nice to know the kids were in good hands in their own house and their own routine. Hattie called me Mimimommy for a few days, but all was back to normal otherwise as soon as we got home.

We did get to take our new camper out a couple of times this summer. The kids did well in it and seemed to enjoy the extra space. We still had the pack n play's out which took up a lot of the beds, but it was definitely still a necessity. The babies are so used to being laid down in their cribs I kept explaining to Ben that we would have been miserable without the pack n plays! He has swore that they will not be joining us next year and the kids will all be in the bunk beds.. a good thought... we will see.. Camping is something that will easily be something that gets easier and more fun as the kids grow.. lots of good memories to build!

The summer was cut short this year when we sold the house. We purchased 5 acres in an auction in May and were thinking about taking the house off the market for a few years while we paid for the lot. but, the week of Wyatt's birthday we showed the house to a couple moving here from Tennessee. They looked at it two times before making an offer the night of Wyatt's birthday party. With a few negotiations, it was sold by the end of the night. That led to a week of sleepless nights wondering where we would stay.. Thank god for Facebook, b/c a post from me asking for help got us this house.

Wyatt had a great birthday... He received money, clothes, shoes, and lots of other goodies.. On the day of his birthday, we went to Meadow Lake and went swimming. Daddy even came swimming once he was done golfing in the Meadow Lake Open. We went by the rental house on the way home and toured it, even paid our first month rent. I wanted to pay them quick, before they changed their mind! :)

Hudson story - he is OBSESSED with cups. Any cup, with any drink (besides chocolate milk - he hates that!!) He has melt downs when we try to limit his cups, or deny him one. He especially likes to have big people cups with no lids.

Hattie story - she does not like to be wet, but loves to point out things that ARE wet. she is VERY particular already about the clothes she wears, even more so on shoes. Hattie has been known to draw all over herself when left alone with any kind of writing tool..

They both like wash cloths, or poc pocs..
They both like naks, which is their word for snacks, which is short for popsicles.
Last weekend we went to Cory and Tricia Heislen's for dinner and us adults were sitting upstairs talking about parents and their kids when Wyatt came up and told me that Hudson had drawn all over the play thing that they had down stairs. I ran down stairs and freaked out seeing the crayon all over the slide and everywhere else.. Brook, Tricia's daughter, said she saw Hattie with the crayon and Wyatt said he saw Hudson. I asked Hudson if he did it and he said "no, Hattie do it". Then I asked Hattie and she said "Bubba did it". This went on for the rest of the night.. I still have no idea who did it.

Wyatt story - Sunday morning I was attempting to find a cartoon for him and he asked to watch the "building show" aka HGTV All American Handyman instead... He then said he wished we knew everyone in the world so we can go in there house and walk around. HE REALLY IS MY KID.

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