Sunday, April 12, 2009

I finally have an evening with a little time before I go to bed to update. It has been a busy week!!!

The babies and I met Deann last Saturday and went to see Kim, Lesli, Emma Jean and Ava at their rummage sale. I am one of the weirdos of the world that like to work a rummage sale, so I did manage to help with a few sales! We took the babies - all three of them- to see Grandma Emma next door. She couldn't believe how big they all were! It was a nice day. The weather was beautiful! Saturday night we went to Kelly and Scott's for dinner. It was a nice time. the babies didn't cooperate for us to play any games, but I can't say that I really expected them to! Sunday was cold!

While we are visiting with grandma, Hattie rolled over! She rolled from her stomach to her back. She did it a couple of times while we were there. She actually hasn't done it since, but at least I know she could if she wanted. Hudson has rolled a few times from his stomach to his back, but rolls constantly from his back to his stomach. Hudson snorts all the time! It is funny! Hudson smiles, Hattie talks!!! She seems to sing along with her toys. Hattie is turning into a total thumb sucker. Both are chewing with their hands! I don't feel a tooth in either of their mouths, but they can't be far away. Hudson is a drooler, going through several bibs a day.

Ben's uncle Mick fell last weekend and broke his hip. He was admitted to Capital Region on Sunday and surgery was done on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday evening, Janice went by to see Mick. He complained of a headache. After Janice left, around 12:30 Thursday morning, Mick passed away. He was 56. He was a smart, nice man who will be greatly missed. His twin brother died in December of 2007 of cancer. Sad to see both of them have to die so young. Although it is not definite, it is likely that Mick died of a result of a blood clot. The memorial servie is Tuesday.

I found out Thursday that I did not get the job at Farm Bureau. Sounds weird, but it was a relief! I had trouble sleeping a few nights considering what meant more to me. Having a job, or having the severance pay. The severance pay kept winning out! I learned that I need to stop applying for jobs until June.. I do have a small interview with Department of Insurance on Tuesday. It is just to meet the director and deputy regarding a job that I really have no chance of getting, but I am hoping to make an impression and maybe they will find another job for me!

Wyatt went to his first Cardinal game on Thursday. He went with Janice, Ed, Heather, Mitch, Hunter and Zach. Apparently he in the middle of the 3rd inning asked if the game had started yet and fell asleep before the game was over... but, he says he had fun and is so proud of his new hat!

Wyatt.. he is still very funny. The other day Hattie and Hudson were laying by each other and Hattie was grabbing Hudson's face. Hattie's finger was in Hudson's mouth and Hattie was trying to get it out. Wyatt panicked b/c he could tell it was hurting Hudson. Hudson started crying. Wyatt told Hattie she was a bad girl. He told her if she did it again, he won't call her sissy anymore!! He was so serious about it!

This evening, Wyatt was showing Ben and I, using his thumb and pointer finger, how big his balls were. And one again, just as serious as can be.

The Easter Bunny came to our house last night. He brought Wyatt a deigo and dinosaur set, Handy Manny set, sunglasses, fruit snacks, and a dry erase board.. Easter Bunny forgot that she needs a job. The babies got a fischer price animal thing.. they love to watch the animals go in circles.

I am hoping that tomorrow brings a healthy family. Hattie has not been feeling well.. She has been crying a lot and sleeping very little. She is having a ton of dirty diapers and last night puked in her bed. Wyatt slept from 8 to 8 last night and laid around this morning for quite a while. Then, when Ben's family came over for Easter, Wyatt laid in his bed. If you know Wyatt, you know this is not like him! He says his throat hurts. He actually told me that for several days, so I think I am going to take him in tomorrow. I keep asking if he is tricking, but he says it actually hurts.. who knows..

Well, I have lots of pictures from the last week, but I think I will save them for tomorrow night b/c I am ready to call it a night and my camera is in the other room...

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