Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thoughts of a 3 year old....

Many times a day, Wyatt says something funny... it is sad to think how they grow so quick and I won't be able to remember all the things he says today! Just wanted to note a couple things he has told us...

Ben recently took Wyatt to his first MU game. Ben said Wyatt did pretty well and only had one melt down. On the way home, Wyatt declares that he wants to be an MU tiger and wants mom and dad to come sit on the front row and watch him.. Ben was thrilled as Wyatt tells us all the time that he does not want to be a Blair Oaks Falcon b/c he does not want to play any sports. Ben asked "You really want to be an MU Tiger and play sports?". Wyatt replies "No, I want to be TRUMAN THE TIGER!! Priceless... and so Wyatt..

This morning, Ben and Wyatt are in the bathroom talking about a few things. Out of the blue and completely off the subject, Wyatt says "Do know what is disappointing? It is disappointing that you can jump on Heather and Mitch's trampoline and you might fall off..." He obviously has heard the word disappointing a few times recently... KIDS ARE SO SMART!

When Hudson cries, I have already noted that we have to use the vacuum. Wyatt will turn it on for us, but wants it off quickly. He shut the door the other day b/c he was "tired of hearing that". One day, I shut the vacuum off after finally Hudson calm. Hattie started crying. Wyatt, sighing big said "AAUUGGHH... turn the vaccum back on.." It was like he knew that is what we were going to do and was totally irrated at the thought of it. Cute.

Wyatt admits when he was bad somewhere when we get home and admits to what he did to be bad. And of course never knows why he was acted bad, always says "I don't know" and shrugs his shoulders.. He says that mom and dad are both nice, but mom can be a little bit mean and dad can be a lot mean.. he also says that Hattie and Hudson will never be bad and should never get spankens.. if only..

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